18 Tips On How To Treat A Hoarse Voice Fast & Naturally

Your voice might be hoarse if you sing, yell, or talk for a long time. A hoarse voice means that your voice gets change and you cannot have smooth vocal sounds as usual. Your voice will change in volume and pit and people at every age can get this problem. Some reasons of a hoarse voice are allergies, alcoholic beverages, smoking, living in dry places, coughing, GERD, laryngitis, throat cancer, sore throat, etc. In this article, VKool.com will show you top 18 useful tips and tricks how to treat a hoarse voice naturally and effectively at home. The writing is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor if the problem lasts long.

How To Treat A Hoarse Voice Fast, Naturally And Effectively

There are many ways that can help you stop a hoarse voice and here are top 18 treatments to treat your problem simply at home:

Now keep reading the article and learn how to treat a hoarse voice with simple ingredients at home.

1. Ginger

how to treat a hoarse voice-ginger

Ginger is one of the best ingredients that can help you treat a hoarse voice. It can soothe the mucous around the voice box and eliminate the inflammation. This ingredient can prevent the infections very effectively and here are some ways to use ginger for healing the hoarseness.

  • Method 1: You can eat some fresh ginger slices to get rid of a hoarse voice shortly. You can add some lemon juice or salt to have better taste.
  • Method 2:
  • Prepare a tablespoon of chopped ginger.
  • Add it into a cup of hot water and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Strain and add some honey.
  • Drink the tea for 3 times each day.
  • Method 3: You also can get ginger candy to get rid of the problem quickly.

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2. Honey

how to treat a hoarse voice-honey

Honey is not only a healthy food for human health, but it is also an effective ingredient for healing a hoarse voice. This ingredient can soothe and help you deal with irritated throat and decrease inflammation caused by the hoarseness. How to treat a hoarse voice fast with honey? Let follow the instruction as below:

  • Method 1: You can eat a tablespoon of organic honey for several times daily. This method will moisturize your throat and treat a hoarse voice naturally.
  • Method 2:
  • Mix a pinch of black pepper powder and some tablespoons of honey in a cup of warm water.
  • Drink it several times each day.
  • Method 3: mix basil juice with some honey to eat for 3 times each day.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to treat a hoarse voice-apple cider vinegar

In order to get comfort and reduce pain from a hoarse voice, you should use apple cider vinegar into daily diets. This ingredient has the antimicrobial property that can treat laryngitis and get rid of infection very well. Here are some tips on how to treat a hoarse voice with apple cider vinegar:

  • Method 1: Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Drink it several times daily.
  • Method 2: you combine some water with apple cider vinegar to gargle twice per day.

4. Salt Water

how to treat a hoarse voice-salt water

Salt water is an useful remedy for sore throat as well as a hoarse voice. This ingredient can restore your voice to usual and it will get rid of mucus and reduce throat irritation successfully. Salt includes antiseptic property that can prevent infection in the throat well. You just need to follow the instruction like this:

  • Put a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water.
  • Stir well and gargle it 2-3 times each day.

5. Steam

how to treat a hoarse voice-steam

Dryness in the throat might cause your voice raspy and hoarse. To add more ways on how to treat a hoarse voice, you should steam at home to get comfort from the solution. You can add some essential oil for more the effective result.

  • Boil some water.
  • Add some thyme, chamomile, lavender essential oils.
  • Use a towel to cover your head and inhale the steam.
  • Do it twice every day.
  • You also take a warm bath every day to moist the throat and clear a hoarse voice.

6. Cayenne Pepper

how to treat a hoarse voice-cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can alleviate throat infection, reduce swelling, pain, and soothe the irritated throat. If you want to learn how to treat a hoarse voice fast with cayenne pepper, you should follow these directions:

  • Method 1: combine a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of the cayenne pepper powder. Eat the mixture every day.
  • Method 2: you can combine some lemon juice with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with a cup of warm water. Drink it every day.

7. Lemon

how to treat a hoarse voice-lemon

Lemon is a perfect ingredient to relieve sore throat as well as a hoarse voice. This ingredient can moisturize your throat and reduce inflammation, soreness. Lemon is high in vitamin C that can control the growth of throat infection.

  • Method 1: combine some lemon juice, honey with a glass of lukewarm water. Then you sip it for several times per day.
  • Method 2: add some lemon juice into a glass of warm water and gargle it twice per day. You also can add some salt to this mixture.
  • Method 3: you can sprinkle the pepper, salt, and lemon. Then lick it slowly to get the highest result.

How to treat a hoarse voice with natural ingredients? Keep reading the article and you will get more useful treatments.

8. Garlic

how to treat a hoarse voice-garlic

Garlic is a common spice in your kitchen. This ingredient has a lot of benefits as it can relieve your inflammation, pain, and support the healing process.

  • Method 1:
  • Cut a garlic clove in half and put each half of the clove in your mouth.
  • Suck on the juice to increase healing and slow down the irritation.
  • Method 2: You also can add some garlic oil into a cup of warm water to gargle twice daily.

9. Slippery Elm

how to treat a hoarse voice-slippery elm

Among helpful herbs for your voice, slippery elm is highly recommended because it can cut out hoarseness and the mucous efficaciously. Now, follow the directions to treat a hoarse voice with slippery elm:

  • Method 1:
  • Mix some tablespoons of slippery elm powder in some cups of hot water.
  • Steep it for 5 minutes.
  • Drink the liquid for several times per day.
  • Method 2: You can use slippery elm lozenges.
  • Warning: Pregnant women should not use slippery elm.

10. Cardamom

how to treat a hoarse voice-cardamom

Do you know that cardamom is usually used in healing a hoarse voice? It can help you soothe the mucous membranes and fight inflammation naturally. How to treat a hoarse voice without taking any drug? Let follow these directions:

  • Method 1: Simply, you chew some cardamom to moisturize your throat.
  • Method 2: Combine some crushed cardamom seeds with a tablespoon of honey and get it immediately.
  • Method 3: You can mix a teaspoon of cardamom and a teaspoon of cinnamon into a cup of hot water. Strain and gargle it twice daily.

11. Roasted Grams

how to treat a hoarse voice-roasted grams

Another way on how to treat a hoarse voice is roasted gram. This ingredient can reduce hoarseness and soothe the irritated throat efficiently. Simply, you can eat a handful of roasted grams before sleeping at night. After that, you should drink a cup of warm water to get the better relief.

12. Onion Juice

how to treat a hoarse voice-onion juice

Onion is an excellent food for health and it is really helpful for your sore throat or hoarseness. To use it for a hoarse voice, you can follow the direction as below:

  • Cut some onions and put them in a vessel including water.
  • Boil the water until it is syrupy.
  • Strain and add some tablespoons in a cup of lukewarm water.
  • Add some lemon juice and honey to taste.
  • Drink the juice to relieve the hoarse voice.
  • Drink it at least twice daily.
  • Along with drinking onion juice, you can use onion to make delicious dishes. I think that almost of your family members will enjoy them.

13. Turmeric

how to treat a hoarse voice-turmeric

Being high in antibacterial property, turmeric is a helpful ingredient to eliminate viral and bacterial infections in your throat. In addition, turmeric has antiseptic property that can stimulate the healing process quickly. Specifically, you can add some turmeric powder in a cup of hot milk and drink it twice daily. You also can add turmeric into your daily diets to get its benefits for health and for treating a hoarse voice.

14. Lozenges

how to treat a hoarse voice-lozenges

Lozenges are very good if you want to treat a hoarse voice naturally. You can opt a lozenge into your mouth, suck the juice until you feel the better result. Also, using lozenges also prevents your throat dryness. As the result, you should bring some lozenges along with you to use. Let try it to relieve the inconvenience from the hoarseness.

15. Breathing

how to treat a hoarse voice-breathing

Dryness in your throat can cause the hoarseness, so you should moisturize your mouth as soon as possible. You can breathe deeply through the nose frequently. Breathing is not only necessary for survival, but it also helps you get rid of the blockages in the airways and keep your throat moist. It will be a significant treatment for your hoarseness. You can find a peaceful place and do some yoga poses; meditation is also a good option to choose.

16. Change Your Habits

how to treat a hoarse voice-change your habits

Your habits or lifestyle might be the factor that causes a hoarse voice more serious.

  • You need to avoid shouting, singing, or yelling for a long time. Instead, you should speak softly.
  • Also, you need to avoid talking too much. Using medicines for a long time also can cause a hoarse voice.
  • Avoid smoking when you get the hoarseness. Moreover, you should stay away from smokers.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because it can make your throat dry.
  • Let rest your voice when it is ill.
  • Avoid dust and avoid living in a dry place.
  • Avoid using decongestants, which can dry out and irritate your throat.

17. Treat Cold Completely

how to treat a hoarse voice-treat cold completely

Cold or sore throat will lead to a hoarse voice easily. Therefore, you should soothe the cold completely before finding how to treat a hoarse voice tips. Actually, you can treat cold or sore throat effectively with natural ingredients at home. Whenever you reduce other problems that can cause hoarseness, you will have a better chance to treat a hoarse voice.

18. Drink A Lot Of Water

how to treat a hoarse voice-drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water is a great solution to soothe your cold, sore throat, and a hoarse voice. The reason is that water can keep your vocal chords moist and it will reduce the hoarseness effectively. You should drink enough water every day and do not addict to caffeine and alcohol, which make your throat dry and make the hoarseness worse. You totally can drink warm water through the day to get rid of the hoarse voice naturally. Furthermore, you can add more water by eating fruits, vegetables, liquid in your meals.

To know more about other health problems & effective homemade treatment solutions, go to our main How To page. After reading the writing of top 18 tips on how to treat a hoarse voice fast, I hope that you have learned some useful treatments to get rid of the symptoms effectively at home. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any home remedy. If you have any question, please leave them below.

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