17 Ways On How To Treat Chlamydia At Home You Should Know

how to treat chlamydia

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that caused by a bacterium named Chlamydia Trachomatis. This disease often has influence on cervix and uterus in women and on the urethra in the penis in men. In some case, it may lead to eye, throat or lungs infection. People can get chlamydia by make love with other infected person without using any protective method. There are some symptoms of chlamydia that you should pay attention to such as burning feeling during urination, pain in the lower abdomen, abnomal bleeding between periods in women. In some cases, its symptoms can lead to infection in the throat.

Top 17 Ways On How To Treat Chlamydia At Home You Should Know

how to treat chlamydia

Besides using some drugs to treat chlamydia such as antibiotics, many people would like to find some home remedies for how to treat chlamydia naturally at home because most of them are rather safe and effective. They also don’t worry about its side-effect when using medicine. This writing includes 8 remedies for how to treat chlamydia naturally at home that are suitable for your requirements. They are:

1. Olive Tree Extract

how to treat chlamydia - olive tree extract

The extract of an olive tree is loaded with oleuropein that is a strong agent helping to fight against inflammation and kill bacteria. Besides, the olive tree extract also has the ability to boost the immune system. You can found olive tree extract in many forms such as capsules, a powder, a liquid concentrate, dried tea leaf or a salve. This, in turn, provides you with many options to use olive tree extract as one of the natural ways on how to treat chlamydia. Even if you choose any of above ways to take olive tree extract, it will ensure the same results because olive oil extract is comprised of antibacterial protections which are capable of hastening the treatment process as well as killing off the bacteria.

To apply it, you simply consume the olive tree extract or rub it directly on your infected areas for two to four times on a daily basis within a week.

You will see the expected result if you apply it regularly.

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2. Usnea

how to treat chlamydia - usnea

Commonly called as ‘Old Man’s Beard’, usnea is a strong anti-viral agent and is able to cure several infections. In fact, usnea is a natural herb which is a combination of moss and algae. Both moss and algae are loaded with rich antiseptic agents, which make it become a successful way on how to treat chlamydia. Usnea can not only kill the bacteria causing infection but also have the ability to get rid of the threat of fungal and viral infections. Besides, this herb will aid in boosting the immune system as well as fighting the infection, which will stimulate the quick recovery.

You can prepare the usnea tea to consume or have an intake of the usnea capsules. To make the usnea tea, you take 500 mg of Usnea leaves and grind them well.

After that, you add the grinded leaves to the boiling water and allow it to steep for 2 to 4 minutes.

You should consume this usnea tea without milk or sugar 3 times daily within one week. The antiseptic and anti-viral properties content in usnea will act quickly to help you reduce the symptoms of chlamydia.

3. Neem

how to treat chlamydia - neem

Both crushed neem seeds and neem oil are comprised of antibacterial properties. Creams from neem are a popular option to reduce symptoms and treat chlamydia. A study carried out a survey on vaginally infected patients. These patients were given a naturally based cream to apply to their infected areas. This based cream was comprised of 3 active natural materials: saponins that are extracted from the Sapindus mukorossi pericarp, purified neem seed extract, and quinine hydrochloride. Vaginally infected patients were asked to rub 5 ml of this cream topically on their affected areas every night within 2 weeks. After the first week, swabs which were taken from patients participating in this survey indicated that C. trachomatis was removed completely from their cervicovaginal areas. This means that the powerful antichlamydial properties of this based cream have the positive effect on vaginally infected patients.

Apart from applying the helpful neem based creams, you may also prepare neem tea to consume or make a neem mixture for douching. If you are in severe case of chlamydia and want to make the neem tea, you will have to consume 2 cups of neem tea every day during a week. This neem tea has the ability to help you fight against the bacteria. In case you want to get rid of the bacteria by using a douche, you simply combine steep 50 neem leaves to boiled water and use this water every day during 10 days. This solution will work as a strong bactericide to help you remove bacteria completely.

No matter which way you choose to apply on how to treat chlamydia, neem will provide you with a relief from your symptoms as well as assist your body in curing infections.

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4. Yogurt

how to treat chlamydia - yogurt

This is another effective way on how to treat chlamydia because yogurt is high in probiotics which can be able to get rid of all the germs. In addition, yogurt also aids your body in balancing the good bacteria contained in it. The lactobacillus contained in the yogurt is responsible for inhibiting the thrush growth in your body and clearing the infection. Besides, yogurt is also useful for keeping the yeast multiplication in your genital area at bay.

Moreover, the itchy and burning sensation is decreased immensely. Therefore, you should consume yogurt in as an important part of your daily diet to help keep your body safe as well as immediately relieve the symptoms of this disease.

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5. Lemon Juice

how to treat chlamydia - lemon juice

Lemon juice is a natural juice which can be very helpful for keeping chlamydia at bay.
It is recommended to use lemon juice 2 times frequently to get the expected result. In fact, lemon juice is mainly comprised of vitamin C which aids in protecting the human body from infections caused due to chlamydia. This homemade treatment is very effective in quickly removing the dangerous impacts of Chlamydia.

Therefore, juices rich in vitamin C extracted from natural agents to help you deal with Chlamydia.

If you want to get more information about how to treat chlamydia at home, stay with us for our next post!

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6. Curd

how to treat chlamydia - curd

Another of top 17 ways on how to treat chlamydia is to use curd. Curd contains good bacteria assisting your body in removing infectious microbes as well as boosting the immune system. Therefore, if you consume homemade unsweetened curds, it can help you to treat chlamydia effectively and naturally. You can easily find curd available at health or organic food stores. Consuming this probiotic product will be quickly effective for assisting the immune system in fighting against the bacterial infection.

Experts recommend that you should consume 1 cup of curd 2 times a day until you get rid of infections completely. Moreover, if you still consume probiotic products even though the infection has removed, it will not only provide you with good bacteria to ensure a healthy body but also be capable of keeping the bacteria causing chlamydia at bay in the future.

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7. Safe Sex Methods

how to treat chlamydia - safe sex methods

Practicing safe sex methods is very necessary for you because it can help you to inhibit the spread of chlamydia. Abstaining from sexual intercourse is the best way to aid in preventing the spread of any STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). However, there are several methods how to treat chlamydia that you can apply to avoid the risk of spreading or contracting chlamydia quite low. Here are some safe sex methods you should follow:

  • Remember to use condoms whenever you have oral sex or intercourse.
  • Always test yourself, particularly after having intercourse with a new boyfriend or when you have unprotected sex.
  • Avoid any sex act, which includes anal and oral sex during your treatment process because this will make infection spread or re-infect yourself
  • You should limit amount of sexual partners because if you have intercourse with many partners, it will increase the chance of becoming infected.
  • Do not douche your vagina with products which are not prescribed because it will kill good bacteria as well as prolong the condition of infections.

Apart from practicing safe sex methods, do not forget to aware of the danger factors related to chlamydia. Here are some danger factors for chlamydia:

  • Having a history of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), which include chlamydia, also increase the risk of suffering from this disease.
  • Having intercourse under the age of 24 may put you at a higher chance of getting chlamydia.
  • You can also be prone to chlamydia if you have intercourse with many sex partners during the past year.
  • If you are new to sex, you can suffer from infections like chlamydia because of not knowing or understanding about sexually transmitted diseases.

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8. Garlic: 

how to treat chlamydia

Garlic is known as a popular cooking ingredient in your kitchen. However, it is also a good spice for our health. Garlic with a natural antibiotic effect contains anti-bacterial qualities that are very helpful in treating a lot of infection diseases like chlamydia.

The first way to use garlic for treating chlamydia is to eat garlic in some salads and soups. Remember that dont cook garlic so as to get the best result.

Another way is to mix fresh garlic juice with sugar or honey and drink this mixture. If you feel that it is very difficult to enjoy raw garlic or fresh garlic juice, garlic capsules are useful for you.

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9. Turmeric:

 how to treat chlamydia

Like garlic, turmeric is also considered as a natural antiseptic that is very effective in fastening the process of healing the affected tissues. With its antioxidant properties, turmeric can help treat chlamydia symptoms.

How to treat chlamydia naturally at home with turmeric is very simple. You only need to drink the mixture of turmeric and milk twice a day in order to remove the infection and improve the immune system.

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10. Cat’s Claw:

cat’s claw

Cat’s claw is a popular chinese herb that is effective in treating sexually transmitted becterial infection including chlamydia. Cat’s claw is combined with gentian herb can help remove the infectious bacteria as well as improve the immune system of our body so as to bring about a healthy body to prevent infections.

Use 500mg of cat’s claw capsules twice a day for about one week to get the good result. But, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use this solution.

11. Sage: 


If you are finding some natural ways on how to treat chlamydia at home, sage is one of the best choices for you. Sage with antibacterial and antiviral properties is favorable in treating chlamydia. In reality, sage has been used for a very long time to deal with different diseases related to sexual organs.

In order to use sage to treat chlamydia, you need to prepare a handful of sage to add in a boiling cup of water and wait for about 5 minutes. After that, turn off the heat and let sage be in water for about 10 minutes. Drink this warm liquid after straining it at leat 4 to 5 cups daily for 7 days in order to remove the infection out of the body.

12. Echinacea:

how to treat chlamydia

Echinacea is also a good item for infections including chlamydia. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, echinacea is very useful for getting rid of the symptoms of infection as well as boosting the immune systems.

For using echinacea as an herbal medicine how to treat chlamydia, you can enjoy it as an herbal tea without milk and sugar three times a day for 10 days so as to remove the infection absolutely.

Alternatively, this herb can be used in the form of capsule that is very handy for you.

13. Your Diet For Chlamydia: 

how to treat chlamydia

Diet can be also considered as a natural way on how to treat chlamydia at home. Changing your diet is an important tip, yet often overlooked, to help you cure chlamydia. You can think that diet is not related to treating chlamydia. This thought is very wrong. Although the diet doesn’t have any direct relationship with contracting chlamydia, foods and drinks you consume can aid in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and a healthier diet also assists you in producing white blood cells. A healthy and balanced diet is very effective in making sure to improve your immunity and helping you to deal with infection effectively. Therefore, you should improve the quality of your daily diet to aid you in quickly healing chlamydia.

Here are some food items you can include in the diet if you suffer from a chlamydia infection:

These following foods can contribute to enhance the recovering process. They are some certain types of fresh fish, fresh vegetables and fruits which are comprised of full of minerals and vitamins, sugar free juices, fiber-rich foods like beans, seeds, nuts; fresh fruits and vegetables; leafy greens such as alfalfa, wheatgrass; probiotics foods.

Besides that, you should limit to eat these following foods such as red meat, butter, refined food, alcohol-and-caffein-rich foods.

If you suffer from a chlamydia infection, keeping your body moisturized is also important. Keeping your body well-hydrated will help a lot to get rid of toxins related to the infection and ensure its best function.

Hence, you should consume an adequate of water to boost the immune system.

14. Goldenseal:

how to treat chlamydia

Goldenseal is one of the old remedies for how to treat chlamydia naturally at home effectively. Goldenseal contains berberine that is very helpful for killing bacteria, at the same time, fighting the infection in order to improve the immune system. Anti-microbial and anti-intermittently properties in goldenseal also can contribute to eliminate chlamydia. Take to use 1000 milligrams of goldenseal herb 3 times a day to get the good result.

15. Saw Palmetto:

how to treat chlamydia

Saw palmetto is another of top 17 ways on how to treat chlamydia effectively at home. Saw palmetto is known as a popular herb in dealing with chlamydia. It has antiseptic properties that are very effective in curing urinary tract infections like chlamydia. In additon, it is also high in fatty acids and phytosterols that are ueful for this infection.

16. Tea Tree Oil:

how to treat chlamydia

Tea tree oil, an useful item for beauty and health, is also good for eliminating chlamydia fast. Its usage to treat this infection is to mix from 2 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water and then, use a clean washcloth to dip in the water. Use the cloth to wash genital area gently and wash it with warm water after. Follow this solution until you get the better result.

17. Oregano Oil:

 oregano oil

Oregano oil is known as one of the strongest treatments for chlamydia. It is also used for dealing with other infections. But you should pay attention to using oregano oil because too much oregano oil can make you be toxic.

For this remedy, you need to add 1 or 2 drops of oregano oil in a cup of water and mix it well. Drink it quickly as soon as possible so as to not let oregano oil separate from the water.

The above include 17 effective remedies for how to treat chlamydia naturally at home. Your partner also needs to treat because this infection can be passed back to you. Besides using natural remedies, you should also combine with pharmaceutical treatment so as to get the best effect in a long term inspite of your dislike. And if you have any wonder related to this infection, please feel free to leave your comment below this website and we will feedback to you as soon as possible.

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