How to treat sunburn blisters fast at home – 15 ways to act

Updates: 05/13/2014

Ouch! You have just enjoyed a little beach time on some days off. Yet, your day of summer fun is winding down because you got burned. Despite of your best effort to protect the skin from the sun damage with sunscreen, you still got this itching, painful, and swelling sunburn. Now, it is the time for you to find your real solution to sunburn. With top 15 useful tips on how to treat sunburn blisters fast at home here, you will be able to get rid of those stubborn symptoms quickly and safely. Here they are:

How To Treat Sunburn Blisters Fast At Home With 15 Natural Ways

1. Act Rapidly

If you feel the tale-telling tingling of a burn or just see some signs of skin reddening on your skin, get out the sun and begin the treatment. Because sunburn often takes about 4-6 hours for its symptoms to develop, so you should take action immediately.

2. Use Compresses

how to treat sunburn itchDue to the effect of sunburn, your skin is inflamed. It will be a good idea if you can cool it down with compresses:

  • Cold water. This is an easy way for you to cure your sunburn instantly. Add some ice cubes or make use of plain water from the faucet. Just dip a certain cloth into liquid and then lay it onto the burned skin areas. It is better for you to repeat every several minutes with the warm cloth. Do this routine a few times per day for a total of 15 minutes each time.
  • Witch hazel. Making use of hazel is a good way for people to treat sunburn. This incredible astringent has the long-lasting anti-inflammatory properties. If you apply this regularly, you will gain temporary relief of sunburn. With small areas, just dip cotton balls into the liquid before gently wiping on.

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3. Take Advantage Of Oatmeal, Cornstarch, And Other Foods

Do not go to the drug stores to buy some artificial products for relieving your sunburn before making use of these natural ingredients:

Oatmeal. You can wrap dry oatmeal in the cheesecloth or gauze. Then, let the cool water run through it. Discard oatmeal and soak the compresses in that liquid. Do this every 3 hours to get the best results.

    • Potatoes. Overindulging in potatoes will be not good if you do not want to gain weight, but this food can help to relieve sunburn naturally. You can utilize it by cutting a raw potato slices and rub a piece on the painful sunburned spots. For an intensive treatment, grate a cold raw potato, then apply it as a poultice.
    • Pomegranate. This is a rich source of ellagic acid that can help protect your skin from UVA- and UVB-induced cell damage. You can enjoy pomegranate during the summer months. This fruit has inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties which can add another layer of protection to your routine naturally.

how to treat sunburn blisters

  • Strawberries. The tannin content of berries will decrease the sting of sunburn. You can mash some ripened strawberries and slather on burned areas for natural relief. Then, rinse off them after several minutes. Or, you can paste out of cornstarch and water before slathering it over your irritated skin area for getting relief, too.
  • Cucumbers. When it comes to tips on how to treat sunburn, we cannot skip this easy-to-find fruit – cucumber. Cucumbers offer the relief of sunburn when you mashing them and apply to your skin. Grab an organic cucumber from the garden, peel, chop, and squeeze the juice then. After that, you can mix it with glycerin and rosewater in order to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Guavas. One guava includes approximately five times the amount of vitamin C – a skin healing antioxidant. This equals to a medium-sized orange. Also, you can add more vitamin C – rich foods into your diet, such as broccoli and bell peppers to increase your sun protection ability. how to treat sunburn peeling
  • Milk without fat. Firstly, you should mix 1 cup of fat-free milk with about 4 cups of water. Secondly, you add some ice cubes into that mixture. Lastly, apply the compresses to your burned skin areas for 20 minutes. Do this routine every 2 to 4 hours.
  • Lettuce. In order to treat sunburn with this vegetable, you need to boil its leaves in water. Then strain, and let that liquid cool a few hours in the fridge. Dip the cotton balls into the liquid before gently pressing or wiping onto your irritated skin.
  • Tea bags. In case that your eye lids are burned, simply apply tea bags soaked in cool water in order to reduce swelling and help alleviate pain. Tea contains tannic acid that is able to relieve sunburn pain. It can even help to reduce Kelatosis Pilaris fast.

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  • Yogurt. Apply yogurt to all sunburned areas of your skin. Then rinse it off with cool water and gently pat skin dry.

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