28 healthy ways to live longer and feel better – act now!

Updates: 05/14/2014

In the 20th century, people live longer than before. So, why? The advances in education, health, and diseases prevention and treatment are improved. But, not everyone knows that their everyday habits can affect how long and how well they live. Here, the comprehensive article of 28 tips on how to live longer, stronger and feel better will provide you with all necessary things to live a better life with ease.

28 Ways Live Longer,Stronger And Feel Better – Will You Live To 100 And Feel Good At That Age?

1. Play Some Brain Games

Keeping your mind stimulated will boost brain power and memory as well as slash the risk of increasing Alzheimer’s and dementia nearly in half. So, it is better for you to look for some fun manners to challenge your own brain. Do this by memorizing the phone numbers programmed in the cell phone and making calls without using the speed dial. Or, instead of using the dominant hand, you can use chopsticks and brush teeth with your non-dominant hand.

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2. Do Not Oversleep how to live longer and feel better pdf

Sleeping too much could decrease your life expectancy. Those people who sleep more than 8 hours a night will have a significantly higher death risk than those who do not. Yet, on the other hand, those late-night-party-goers also had better not rejoice because sleeping less than 4 hours also boosts the risk of death. Lack of sleep will put you at greater risk of health conditions like heart diseases and depression. So, it is essential for you to sleep from 6 to 7 hours each night in order to live healthily.

3. Keep Optimistic

If you have a positive outlook on the life, obviously, you will have less stress and also be well equipped to handle with challenges. As a result, your life expectancy will be longer compared with those who are pessimistic. Optimists tend to have lower blood pressure than the others. This is likely related to how positive-minded people respond to depression and stress.

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4. Reduce Excess Weight

how to live longer and healthier

Overweight people tend to have higher chance of heart attack, which, consequently, might result in death. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is so critical for everyone if want to live longer.

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