19 natural ways to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen

Updates: 05/21/2014

Women and men both suffer from the condition of low testosterone, a hormone that can regulate the metabolism, sex organs, bone loss, and other important body functions. Especially, overweighting men are more likely to have low testosterone level, so that is essential for them to enhance the body’s testosterone production when they need it most. This post delivers to you simple and natural ways to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen levels that allow you to get more hormones naturally so that you can build muscle, burn fat, and improve sex drive dramatically. (High estrogen level will lead to bigger boobs)

Top 19 Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone And Decrease EstrogenIn Men And Women

1. Maintain A Healthy Weight Or Lose Weight

If you are overweight, then shedding the excess pounds might enhance your testosterone levels naturally. The more excess fat you have, the higher your estrogen levels are. As body fat includes the enzyme named aromatase which converts the “manly” testosterone into the “womanly” estrogen so that your testosterone will be dropped down.

Thus, you can see these ultimate excess fat burning workouts to lower your excess body fat as well as decrease estrogen and boost testosterone.

Do not try to cut so many calories or harshly diet when losing body fat because you will not want your own body going into the mode of survival or starvation. This is going to cause your body stop producing testosterone. It is recommended that men should cut about 15 percent of their calories in the first week so that they can lose about one to three pounds of fat per week.

2. High-Intensity Exercise  

Some short intense exercises are proven that have effect on developing testosterone level and prevent it from declining. This kind of exercise is not similar to aerobics or moderate exercises that are proven to have very little effect or even negative effect on testosterone levels. The intermittent fasting will boost testosterone by improving the expression of satiety hormones containing insulin, leptin, adiponectin, etc. Here is a summary of what typical high intensity peak fitness:

  • Firstly, you need to warm up for several minutes
  • Then, exercise as hard as you could for about a half of 1 minute. It is the time that you feel like you could not possibly to go on another workout
  • After that, recover at a slow or moderate pace for about 90 seconds.
  • Repeat the above high intensity plus with recovery for 7 more times.

As you see, the whole workout is just 20 minutes. That is actually appropriate. Remember that 75 percent of this 20-minute period is warming up, recovering and cooling down. The literal intensely workout is just for 4 minutes.

ways to increase testosterone quickly

You can make use of any type of equipment if you want to do this exercise such as a treadmill swimming, or an elliptical machine, and even sprinting outdoors. Nevertheless, be sure that the stretching is properly and begin slowly in order to avoid injury. Start with three repetitions and increase steadily. Do not expect to do all 8 repetitions when trying the first time, especially when you are out of shape.

To lose weight comprehensively, see more nutrition tips for getting in shape safely at here.

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