Top 13 online shopping tips and tricks that really work!

Nowadays, online shopping is convenient, easy, and quick. Yet, before you start adding items to your shopping cart, just keep in mind that you are up-to-date and also own the latest web browsers, security tool, and operating system. Here, we offer some web browsers online shopping tips that allow you to protect yourself when shopping online.

13 Online Shopping Tips – Let The Online Shopping Begin

1.      Shop At Secure Websites

First and foremost, it is necessary for every shopper to choose a secure website for shopping. How could you tell if a certain website is secure? Keep in mind that before entering your financial and personal information to make certain online transaction, you should look for some signs of a secure website. online shopping tips for black friday

Normally, secure websites use encryption technology in order to transfer certain information from your own computer to the online merchant’s computer. Here are some tips for you to check out whether that website is secure:

  • Look at the top of your screen – the address bar – the “s” displayed after  indicates that website is secure. Usually, you will not see the “s” until you really move to the page of order on that website. This indicates that the purchase is encrypted or secured.
  • One more tip pointing out that website is secure is looking for the closed padlock shown on the address bar. In case that padlock is open, then the website you are entering might be not a secure website.

2.      Protect Your Own Personal Information

When making a purchase online, keep alert to the types of information being collected to finish the transaction. Remember that the vendor requires some necessary information. You only need to fill in that required fields on the checkout form. However, before entering your personal information, check the privacy policy of that website. Be sure that you understand clearly about how your personal information would be stored and uses.

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3.      Do Not Shop Publically

If you plan to do any shopping online, then do it at home. As at home you can shop in your pajamas and do it whenever you want, night or day. When you are using a public computer, such as at a cyber coffee shop, at a library, or at work, you will not be able to control over who might use that computer as well. Also, you cannot control over whether there is any spyware in this computer or not. Be sure that your own device or computer is set in order to prevent the automatic connection to Wi-Fi hot spots. So, shop at home because it is much safer. Just secure your home Wi-Fi. Ensure that you can control who has administrative access, and any users on your current network authenticate with a unique and strong password.

If you want to discover other safety tips for shopping online, you should read the Scam Proof Your Online Shopping book.

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