Double edged fat loss 2.0 review – does Kareem’s guide work?

Rapid Fat Loss – Author’s Claims

Dr. Kareem Samhouri is the developer of Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0, and this man claims that this program will help learners burn rapid fat loss 2 time faster by using tested methods that will retrains their muscles to have access to more than 200% more calories burning energy from their body. In addition, Double Edged Fat Loss is the unique rapid fat loss system that is developed to provide users with the best long-term education, and immediate gratification. When people ordering this rapid fat loss program, they will receive 8 comprehensive doctor-designed, done-for-you body transformation workouts, and 12 full-length fat loss webinars. These workouts are designed on the advanced principles of Neuro Fat Loss Training, and help users lose weight faster than ever before in only a month.

Rapid Fat Loss – About The Author: Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Dr. Kareem Samhouri is the creator of Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0, and this doctor also is the CEO of Samhouri Fitness LLC, and Global Fitness LLC. Dr. Kareem  graduated from many universities such as Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Penn State University, and University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. If people have any problem with Double Edged Fat Loss, people can contact directly the author at the address: 930 Town Center Drive Suite G-75, 19047-3506, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA. Or, people can contact Dr. Kareem Samhouri via email here.

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Rapid Fat Loss – How Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 Works

When buying this rapid fat loss program, people will receive:

  • This rapid fat loss is a printable Workout Logs, and Eight Neuro Fat Loss workouts that can blast the fat, and are done for users, and designed by doctors. These workouts have the value of $197. This component will help learners lose weight by ways to increase drastically the metabolic efficiency with metabolic cooking for every rep, set, and exercise.
  • More than 800 Video Exercise Database that has the price of $247
  • Goal Achievement System
  •  Nutrition Without Dieting System
  • Mindset Training System
  • Fat Loss Pro module
  • Fast-Action Bonus – 20 Minute Private Consult With Dr. K
  • Fast-Action Bonus – 20 Minute Phone Consult With Dr. K
  • Fast-Action Bonus – Live 90 Minute Q & A Webinar
  • Fast-Action Bonuses – Invitation to The Dr. K Experience
  • 12 modules that I list below:

- The fat loss workout – this module teaches learners ways to create the ideal fat loss workout, ways to know key components to establish a fat loss workout, ways to change permanently their metabolism, and much more.

- Strength & Conditioning – this module  for rapid fat loss  helps learners save time, boost their metabolism, and build muscle.

- Open and Closed Chain Exercise – this module for rapid fat loss introduces about burnout sets, and functional training, and more.

- Power and Plyometrics – this module for rapid fat loss helps learners cross-train for better fat loss results, build explosiveness, and enhance gym performance, and more.

- The Secret Ab Formula – with this module, learners will get the desired body that they dream for rapid fat loss.

- Glorious Glutes – this module for rapid fat loss is a specific formula that helps learners build a better backside than before.

Rapid fat loss

- Postural Strengthening – this module introduces learners ways to modify their workouts for building lean muscle .

- Exercising Around An Injury – this module will teach learners ways to lose weight while injured when you want rapid fat loss.

- Muscle Balancing – this module teach learners  the muscles imbalances revealed  in their body that brings rapid fat loss results.

- To Bulk or Not To Bulk – this module will guide learners ways to modify any workout that they want to create size or avoid bulky muscles.

- Proprioceptive Training – this module introduces learners about klutzy to coordinated in 21 days.

- Creating Your Own Workouts – this module will let learners get better results than any trainer before in their gym.

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Weight Loss Plans – Pros And Cons Of Double Edged Fat Loss


  • It contains detailed instruction, so it is easy to understand.
  • The author offers a 24/7 technical support for his customers.
  • You will get a policy of back money in case the program does not work for learners.
  • It offers many bonuses and covers the comprehensive information about effective methods for losing weight.

Double edged fat loss 2.0


Double Edged Fat Loss covers many strong points; however, it also has some disadvantages. Double Edged Fat Loss is not perfect course that can help people get desired body within some weeks. It depends on time and effort of learners.

Weight Loss Plans – Final Verdict

Again, my name is Bin Tran, and this is a full Double Edged Fat Loss 2.0 review made by me trustfully to know whether how Double Edged Fat Loss works for your problem or not. You have the author’s policy of back money, why do not you take this chance?

Double edged fat loss 2.0

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