Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex

23. Tickle Your Partner With Your Own Hair

tickle your partner with your own hair download

Let your locks brush alongside your partner’s torso. This is a big turn-on. It will stroke your partner’s biggest sex organ: the skin. That way, you are learning one of the good sex tips for married couples.

24. Unconditional Love 

unconditional love

Does your husband have Sting’s flair or Brad Pitt’s abs for tantric sex? If he does not, then because your love is not all about his appearance, you can whisper gently to your man that you could not imagine getting up next to such a more exciting, sexier guy than him.

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25. Sexual Role Play Or Book A Hotel Room

sexual role play or book a hotel room download

Role playing is one of the sexiest things a couple could do. Yes, it is more time-consuming and elaborate as both of you actually have to dress up instead of just getting naked. If you are tried role playing at any time and have not really been turned on, maybe you have chosen the wrong costume.

At times, you and your partner might not be truthful enough to speak about those outfits that really turn the two of you on. Give this a serious thought and dress up for each other. To begin, you can wear masquerade masks whilst having sex. That way, you will know how great and sexy both the two of you might feel.

Sometimes, a bit of romance could make married sex feel much sexier too. If you and your partner have some time off, then you can spend afternoon or a night in the hotel room. Sleeping in a brand new surrounding could make you feel more interesting and sexy, giving both of you the private space to try out something new and kinky like having sex close an open winder!

Use these 25 good sex tips for married couples to bring the sexual rush back into your marriage, and make your sex feel like the rush of a horny one night stand.

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