14 Fun Things To Do With Boyfriend At Home

Sometimes, going out with your boyfriend regularly can put a strain on the wallet. This might make you look for more activities to do with your boyfriend at home.

Sometimes you do not want to go out on a date, or you have some hours or a day to fill with something fun and exciting. Doing nothing at home sometimes is great, but if there is too much of nothing, you will feel boring and meaningless. There are a lot of imaginative and funny things to do with boyfriend at home that will surely boost your fancy.

Things To Do With Boyfriend At home – Top Fun Things To Do At Home:

In case you and your boyfriend are trying to save up for your future together, which means fewer nights out for movie, bar hopping, and restaurant dates with your friends. If you are in the same situation, you may wonder what things to do with boyfriend at night instead, how you can save your cash but still get fun together.

Here are some great ideas for being fun that you may want to try out on that weekend or day off. In the article today, I will reveal some of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home in details, so read the following relationship facts and the ideas on what to do with boyfriend indoors. The things you will have chance to discover and learn from this article are:

1. Start A Home Workout Routine

things to do with boyfriend at home - start a home workout routine

This is the first out of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that I would like to reveal in this article and want you and my other readers to try for good!

You want to get in shape without actually going to the gym, do a workout routine with your boyfriend at home! Whether it is doing a video workout together or taking a jog around the house.

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Having someone who can push you to do exercise is really an excellent motivator. In case you want to have more fun, try any of the Wii workout exercises together. With these exercises, not only will you burn your excessive calories, but also will have laughing together.

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Challenge each other in order to have fun while working out. You will feel better about getting a night watching your favorite movie after a workout like that. You might even intake some snacks whilst watching the movie without feeling guilty.

A home workout is actually a great idea for both you and your boyfriend, so try it out!

2. Play Games Together

things to do with boyfriend at home - play games together

Another out of the funniest things to do with boyfriend at home that I would like to reveal and want all of my readers to know is that playing game together is a great way to have fun.

Most of the guys love playing video games, so why do not you put it into your things to do with boyfriend at home. If you are fond of gaming, challenge your guy on a head-to-head game match till you get tired. If you are not a fan of the video game, just play it for him. Not only he loves you much more but he loves the time you spend together. Make sure that you play as many kinds of games as possible. Nonetheless, avoid being too competitive that can lead to senseless arguments.

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If you do not want to play any games you have already played, make your own game! Whether it is creating your own sports game that two of you can play outside, or making up a drinking game out of your favorite TV program or a movie.

Read More: Top 14 Emotional And Health Benefits Of Playing Sports. It does not need to be an entirely logical game, as long as you have fun from this. Even it would be able to be more fun when it did not make much sense. However, it should end up as being a real game, note down the rules so you can play it again with your friends or family members later.

3. Watch Childhood Cartoons

things to do with boyfriend at home - watch childhood cartoons

Watching cartoons together is also one of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that you should try and enjoy the time getting back to the childhood.

There are a variety of old cartoons that when both of you were children, you used to watch. So, stay at home, take a seat, and pick out some episodes to remind you of your childhood. This activity may bring up memories and stories from being children you can talk to each other that would be difficult to bring up in your normal conversation. Additionally, there are some new things you can know about each other. Also, you can not only get laughing at all of your hidden adult innuendoes which you did not pick up on.

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4. Stay In Bed

things to do with boyfriend at home - stay in bed

In some cases, the best place to be with your boyfriend is in bed. Stock up on popcorn and other snacks and enjoy favorite movies, turn off your mobile phones, and spend the day together without getting off your bed. Keeping away from the world for the whole day can be just something both of you need to relax yourselves and enjoy this romantic moment.

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Watch the full season of a film series both of you have been wanting t watch or some romantic movies you have not watched before. Ensure to talk to each other as well.

This is actually also one out of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that you should try for good.

5. Get To Know Each Other Better

things to do with boyfriend at home - get to know each other better

It may sound dumb, as after a period of time together in a relationship, it seems there is no longer getting to understand each other. Well, the fact is that you learn something about each other every day, there is actually more that you still do not know. Thus, why do not sit by each other and ask some silly questions to find out more things. Have fun with it!

Whilst enjoying wine and some delicious dishes, play a game of Truth or Dare. Try to keep it innocent and sweet, learn more about each other, or dare each other to do something. Remember to stay away from illegal actions.

This is, in fact, one of the things to do with boyfriend at home that a lot of couples in the world has followed and has had fun from that.

6. Sing Karaoke

things to do with boyfriend at home - sing karaoke

Another one on the list of the fun things to do with boyfriend at home that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to consider applying is to sing karaoke together. In case you have not got a karaoke machine at home, there are some of them on your TV. And of course, you can only listen to the track of songs on your list or on Youtube and only sing over it. Try singing love songs together, and enjoy this romantic moment.

Do you want to know other fun things to do with boyfriend at home? Continue reading this article!

7. Have A Spa Day

things to do with boyfriend at home - have a spa day

Your boyfriend will not openly admit it, but he also wants to be pampered as much as you do. Create a day around giving massages, foot rubs, facials and anything else your boyfriend wants to try. Tell him that it will not change his manly image and it will help him relax. So, treat your boyfriend and let him treat you to all of the spa products that you have in the house.

Just pour a hot bath, add some rose petals and essential oils. After that, shampoo each other’s hair and massage each other while nibbling on chocolate truffles or sipping champagne or herbal tea. This is a relaxing experience for both of you and you both will feel revitalized and tranquil. You will not need an expensive spa once when you get a lovely guy and a bath tub right at your house.

In fact, this is also among the fun things to do with boyfriend at home, so you should try and enjoy the romantic moment together.

8. Cook Together

things to do with boyfriend at home - cook together

Buy the fresh ingredients and cook together. Try some recipes that you have not cooked before. All of the dishes will not turn out great, and even you have to get takeaway pizzas in the end, but you will surely have fun in case you set your imagination free as well as enjoy the process of cooking up some dishes.

Additionally, remember the days when your neighbors offered you pies. So, why do not you make cookies for them? In case you want to do better, you can bake some batches for a homeless shelter nearby. You and your boyfriend can compete with each other to create the best cookies or come up with the greatest recipes. Otherwise, two of you can work together to create the best cookies. This is so great as teamwork is a way to make the dream work.

Otherwise, hold a cooking competition. You can mark each other’s meal based on creativity, taste and presentation. This can end up by offering you a favorite recipe.

In fact, a lot of couples always have fun from preparing dinner together. Thus, cooking together is also among the fun things to do with boyfriend at home.

9. Take Photos

things to do with boyfriend at home - take photos

When it comes to having fun, you cannot miss out taking photos. Whether you pose dressed up in masquerade dresses, have fun photo shoots together, or simply take some shots of each other is up to you. Makeup on each other, dress up well, and then set the camera timer and do everything yourselves. Take as many photo shoots in different outfits and poses as possible. The only thing you need is to have some fun in the process together. Unless you are a professional photographer, some pictures will end up looking weird and wonky. If you want, post them on the social media or keep them as a secret.

10. Do A Language Course

things to do with boyfriend at home - do a language course

Are you looking for things to do with boyfriend at home? Doing a language course together is one of these fun things. Due to the help of the Internet, you can do a language course online together without getting dressed and leaving your house. This is a good way to motivate each other. It is sure to laugh together when you try to pronounce some unpronounceable words or remember words which are likely to belong to no language. In case you are serious about learning, test and keep each other on track. The best motivation will be a trip to a country where you can use the language both of you are learning.

Continue reading this article and you will discover other fun ideas on things to do with boyfriend at home!

11. Make A Scrapbook Together

things to do with boyfriend at home - make a scrapbook together

One of the great things to do with boyfriend at home is to make a scrapbook. It will include your memories together, notes, quotes as well as other things related to your relationship. Also, both of you make a scrapbook together about something that inspires you, something you plan to have in the future such as a house, job, great relationship, or somewhere you want to go together. Go for a topic that both of you like and get scrapbooking freely. Make something beautiful that will make you smile when looking at it years later. Make it private as a special thing made by two of you.

12. Have An Indoor Picnic

things to do with boyfriend at home - have an indoor picnic

In winter time, an indoor picnic is so great. Lay a blanket and a couple of pillows on the floor, set up a romantic indoor picnic without having to get out of your home. Enjoy some mulled wine or hot chocolate. Use some candles to make the environment extra cozy, heat up your dinners and tell a couple of ghost stories before sleeping. And the great thing here is that you do not need to stress about insects and ants.

This is also a fun thing on the list of things to do with boyfriend at home that you should not skip but consider making a plan of an indoor picnic as soon as possible.

13. Redecorate

things to do with boyfriend at home - redecorate

Another thing you can consider doing with your boyfriend is to redecorate your house together, especially in two of you live together for a period of time. You can spend the whole day changing your home as you desire and make it a project for you and your boyfriend. Create DIY crafts to make your house more beautifully, or rearrange the furniture, or paint the walls. It is much more fun than you think. Trust me, your boyfriend will truly be happy when you asking his opinion. Do not hesitate to ask him for a day redecorating your house together. I hope that this will be a great memory for you to look back several years later.

14. Body Painting

This is the last but very important out of the funniest things to do with boyfriend at home that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to do if they want to have fun together.

Body painting is a kind of body art. Unlike tattoo as well as other kinds of body art, body painting is only temporary. People paint onto the human skin, and it lasts for only a couple of hours, or mostly about two weeks. Body painting only limited to the face is face painting.

Well, you can buy body paints that are used in bed from online stores or adult stores. Of course, both of you do not need to get naked, just create a game out of it. Paint each other’s face in turn and try to think about what is being painted. It will turn out to be a very exciting game. Possibly get all kinds of neon colors, fun colors and then glow in the dark body paint to make everything more exciting.

Almost all of girls with their boyfriends love spending time with them. Many couples have been together for long periods of time and have thought that they explored all things to do together. However, the fact is that there are still a lot of fun things to do with boyfriend at home. And you do not have to spend much money to have fun together.

Another thing that I would like all of my readers to do after they read this article about the fun things to do with boyfriend at home is to read another article that introduces romantic and fun date night ideas – the Romantic And Fun Date Night Ideas For Couples Are Revealed article. This is an actually interesting article that you should not skip but follow these ideas to have a romantic and fun date night with your lover. These tips are easy to do without having to pay too much money so readers of Vkool.com should read this recommended article and make use of them right now. There would be not any difficult that you might have to face or any mistake you might make after following the tips revealed in this article, so feel free and secure to make use of it!

This is the list of 14 fun things to do with boyfriend at home, which every girl who wants to know what to have fun with their boyfriends without leaving their homes should read and remember for good. In fact, these activities have been done by a lot of couples in the world, so you do not hesitate to make a plan this weekend.

After reading this list and learn something from this to have fun with your partner indoors, if you feel this list is good and can also other help other girls around you who are looking for ways to heat up their loves without having to pay too much money or leaving home in the bad weather condition, you should share this list with them right now and encourage them to follow at least an idea as I mentioned above. One more thing, as an author of VKool, I always want to know my readers’ opinions. Do you have any fun things you have tried? Do you plan on spending a day with your boyfriend indoors? Remember to leave your ideas in the comment section below, I promise to reply you as soon as possible.

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