Learning to play the violin on your own – top 21 tips revealed!

The violin is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after musical instruments of all time. However, those who are looking out for violin tips need to understand that mastering this instrument is the toughest. If you follow some easy violin tips, you can certainly build a good foundation which would help you in advancing all aspects of the violin. In this article, I will provide top 21 tips on learning to play the violin that will help you go from a violin beginner to a skilled and budding violinist.

Here are some of the helpful things you will find about tips on learning to play the violin:

I.  Learning To Play The Violin – 4 Fundamental Tips On Using Violin

1. The first step for those who want to play Violin is buying this instrument for themselves. There are many factors that you need to consider when buying Violin.

learning to play the violin for adults

  • Its flexibility. If you want to have fuller and smoother sound, then you need to look for the bow with more flexibility.

  • Its material. It is also the important thing that decides the quality of the instrument. Some of the best bow is made from a wood which is named Pernambuco.  This kind of wood is totally durable and will not lose the curve over time. However, if you have just started, then I recommend you should choose the bow made from Brazil wood or Fiberglass because they are not too expensive.
  • Weight. The weight of the instrument also needs to be considered. If you use a heavy Violin, you will strain when playing. Therefore, it is better if you look for a lightweight bow.  The ideal weight is about from 54 to 64 grams. Make sure that the weight is distributed evenly over the Violin.

learning to play the violin on your own

  • Hair. The hair of a Violin also plays an important role in deciding its quality. You had better look for a bow that uses white horse hair because it is the best for Violin hair. As normal, the hair is going to stretch over the time; therefore, you need to seek for the Violin bows that have been re-haired so far.
  • Balance. Looking for a bow design that is balanced well is another factor in buying Violin. You should not choose the bow that is too light at the tip or too heavy near the frog because this will make you more difficult to control the bow.

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