Easy tips to wake up early & get out of bed fast in the morning

Updates: 07/18/2014

Many people set their alarm clock with the best of intentions. They know that they need to get up at that time to meet the day’s demands. Yet, the clock seems to ring too early before they are ready to get up, so they continue to hit snooze and, finally, running late. To effectively wake up early, you should reset the current sleep schedule, develop good-waking up habits and become a morning person. This article will reveal to you 19 best tips to wake up early and get out of bed fast in the morning that help you successfully rising early without effort.

Best Tips To Wake Up Early And Get Out Of Bed Fast In The Morning

1. Go To Bed Early

You may think that this seems brain-dead obvious once you want to get up early. However, getting six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep make all the difference when it comes to waking up early and staying alert throughout the day.

There are a large number of people make the excuse that they could not hit the hay until after midnight. But, you can do it just by starting the process early. In fact, one of the easy ways you can do to go to bed early is turning off your laptop or computer at least one hour before hitting the hay. Do not watch TV before sleeping because it even makes you hard to fall asleep. Just let the brain have time to wind down. You can read a book instead.

2. Create Mental Environment

It is obvious that the toughest part of the morning is simply getting out of the bed. To keep yourself from falling back in the morning brain-fog, you should have a good reason to motivate yourself. Just look at the reason as a goal. Make no compromise or exceptions, hold yourself accountable, and be persistent. The purpose is to fill in the cracks of the day with inspiration on how and why you should wake up early. You might rationalize a lot as the alarm goes off. But once you immerse yourself in this environment, your hazy morning brain will feel compelled to wake up.

3. Build A Routine

tips to wake up early in the morningIt is best for you to establish a regular sleep routine and lead up to it. Routines can be taking shower, making coffee, pouring a glass of orange juice, whatever can work for you, just ensure that you implement it in the same order each morning. So, you can break into the day without tiredness.

 Also, you need an alarm clock with the battery backup in order to guarantee it will not be outage, messing up your daily schedule. It possible, stick to this routine even on the weekends, though it takes from you a lot of will power.

4. Drink Water

Do not consume too much water before going to the bed, otherwise you will be up in two hours. The advice is to drink just one or two glasses of water, so you will be hydrated throughout the night and the morning. In fact, dehydration just makes you feel sluggish and even make you feel harder to wake up early. However, do not go for alcohol or caffeine. Caffeine, we both know it is a stimulant while alcohol is a common sedative, causing dehydration. As a result, you will get restless sleep. In other words, eating before hitting the hay might cause heartburn and dreams. Therefore, be careful with food and avoid eating late-night spicy foods.

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