19 Home Treatments For Gonorrhea In Men And Women

Gonorrhea is a serious infection, which can result in inflammation of the prostate gland or prostatitis, inflammation of the urethra or urethritis and epididymitis. The gonorrhea can cause shivers, elevated body temperature, painful joints, and rashes. Cerebrospinal meningitis and inflammation of the heart can occur in some severe cases. Treatment for gonorrhea is important to avoid some complications, like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – PID. Take a look over this writing about natural home treatments for gonorrhea in men on our website!

I. How To Get Rid Of Gonorrhea At Home – Symptoms Of Gonorrhea:

how to get rid of gonorrhea at home - symptoms of gonorrhea

Before learning how to get rid of gonorrhea at home with simple to apply yet useful home remedies for gonorrhea, people should learn about the basic information, the causes, as well as the symptoms of the disease and thereby avoiding it.

A person living with gonorrhea might not have first symptoms after getting infected, but some sufferers do notice the appearance of the hateful symptoms after 3 days of getting infected. However, most vital signs do occur when the situation comes and start causing some discomfort inside the body.

The very first sign of the disease is that sufferers would face a faint pain on the tip of the penis after their urination. The faint pain is most common with men. This would occur after 3 days of getting infected, and some people can even notice the appearance of this symptom just after 24 hours of the disease. Until this faint pain reaches a stage where the pain will become much more noticeable during and after urination, it will not disappear.

In a severe case of this disease, abscess might be present in the infected area and the sufferers might need to get surgical procedures.

In women, the symptoms of vaginal itching may occur, and sometimes men can also suffer from the feeling of genital itch.

Purse and sometimes blood in the urine are absolutely common signs for both women and men

Another thing people should know about this disease before turning to learn home treatments for gonorrhea in men is that there might be also the signs of difficult urination: this would be occurring when you want to urinate but the urination will not pass out as it has to do as normal. This urination problem will make sufferers feel extremely uncomfortable and the sufferers sometimes would pray for not to feel another urge for urination.

Frequent urination and burning: this sign usually occurs when the condition will start triggering some other discomforts and force the body to face regularly. Burning sensation is felt when people want and start urinating and immediately before their urination finish.

Other symptoms of the disease are:

  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that can occur in both women and men. Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the bacterium responsible for this condition. In most cases, according to many experts and professionals, this disease can target your rectum, throat, or urethra, although women might also develop some symptoms in their cervix. Learning about the home treatments for gonorrhea, you need to know about the influences of the infection as well.

In fact, gonorrhea can even cause infertility in both women and men. The signs and the onset of this infection start 3-4 days after the first infection. The signs in men might be the pus coming out of the penis, an inflammation of the tubes connecting to the prostrate, and painful urination. Women would face painful urination, pus in their vaginal discharge, bleeding even while they aren’t menstruating, and pelvic inflammatory condition with the progression of the disease. The infection can be transmitted anally, orally, and also through genital contact. If sufferers cannot treat the infection and its symptoms on time, the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea would be able to spread to other body’s parts fast at the same time. Herbal and home remedies for gonorrhea may the best to fight against the symptoms of this condition fast and effectively without leaving unwanted side effects and could be used an adjunct therapy to deal with the condition. Discuss treatment duration. dosage, and other herb-specific topics with an expert, professional, or a prestigious doctor before using these tips on how to get rid of gonorrhea at home.

II. Home Remedies For Gonorrhea – How To Prevent Gonorrhea:

home remedies for gonorrhea - how to prevent gonorrhea

Before learning the home remedies for gonorrhea and how to get rid of gonorrhea at home, people should learn how to prevent this disease with just simple tips and techniques, because as old people say: “preventing is always better than treating”.

  • Do exercise frequently and eat well to remain a strong immune system. Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits and add proper amount of these foods to a balanced diet. Gonorrhea would strive more whenever your immune system is not strong enough to fight against it. You can add more aloe vera – concretely the barbadensis milla specie
  • Avoid getting a sexual intercourse. I have met some people who even do not have sex, just because they totally don't want to get any form of sexually transmitted diseases in general. They actually fear of the diseases and they believe that being abstaining will ensure that they will be able to be free of infections, but this in fact, cannot 100% guaranteed. The reason is because some sexually transmitted conditions can pass on through kissing and hugging, such as Hepatitis A
  • You should stay faithful to your lover as there is nothing as good as being faithful, as well as there is nothing as worse than getting a cheating sex partner.
  • Use condom to protect yourself when having sexual intercourse with a new sex partner, or a person you cannot trust of her/his sexual history before. Actually for any sexual intercourse you just hang out with outside your real relationship (if you are the unfaithful one), you should use condoms so that you will be able to protect the sexual health of your partner and yourself. Nevertheless, you should not be unfaithful to your spouse at all.

III. Natural Home Treatments For Gonorrhea In Men:

natural home treatments for gonorrhea download

Some simple herbs are effective to reduce symptoms of gonorrhea and hasten the healing process. These natural herbs are kelp, myrrh, thuja occidentalis, and calendula officinalis. Some of other herbs that I list below can be administered orally.

1. Ayurvedic Medicines:

ayurvedic medicines

This is the first out of the most effective home treatments for gonorrhea in men that I really want to introduce in this article.

Ayurvedic medicines are actually the best natural alternatives to drugs and medications. Herbal alternatives and stimulants are common home remedies for gonorrhea. Herbal treatments for gonorrhea can help your body effectively in cleansing. They can help to fight the infection from the inside out and to clean your urinary tract as well. Babool leaf is one of the very first recommended herbal treatments for gonorrhea. Vanga Bhasm, Rasakarpooradi Rasa, Awala, Vasthya Mayantaka Ghrita, and Chandanasava can help people living with chronic gonorrhea to fight the sexual disease effectively right at the comfort of their own home. While Shata Dhouta Ghrita, Saribadyarishta, Shatavari Lehya, Piyumehantaka Rasa, Chandana Sara Tail, and Chandanadi Vati can support in dealing with gonorrhea in general. Nevertheless, the best plants that act as herbal treatments for gonorrhea are Bala, Beejbanda, Virddadaru, and guduchi.

Ayurvedics Medicines is always trusted and widely used around the world. Try them out!

2. Make Important Dietary Changes: 

treatments for gonorrhea-make important dietary changes

This is a simple tip but also one of the most effective home treatments for gonorrhea that I would like you and my other readers to learn and follow as soon as possible to get rid of the hateful and stubborn symptoms of this disease. Although diet changes leave no direct influence in reducing and preventing gonorrhea, consuming a balanced diet can help to improve and strengthen the immune system and keep your body in shape, thereby ultimately helping you deal with and combating the symptoms of gonorrhea. People should add more veggies and fresh fruits to their daily diet for good because this method is one of the best home treatments for gonorrhea sufferers can ever find. Garlic is also the best among several powerful anti-bacterial agents from foods. It can help to strengthen your immune system and also help to cure gonorrhea effectively. Therefore, you should make sure that you will add a lot of garlic to your daily consumption for good! This will be mentioned and analyzed more detailed in another section below!

Garcinia mangostana (or Mangosteen) is a tropical fruit which you can take its juice in a regular basis as a wonderful out of the best treatments for gonorrhea in men and women as well. You should also ensure to consume minerals and vitamins, such as colloidal silver, amino acids, zinc, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. This will help you fight against and reduce the signs of gonorrhea.

3. Recognize It Early 

Gonorrhea is a contagious problem and it grows quickly due to development of bacteria. How to know that you are getting gonorrhea? It is not clear to reveal the symptoms of gonorrhea, in fact, it takes time to recognize if you are suffering it or not. It is very important to reveal it as soon as possible. There are some typical clues that you can lean on are painful feelings when having sex with partner, nausea, fever, and pain in lower abdomen. If you get it soon, you will have good chance to get rid of quickly and naturally. Men usually get pain in when urinating and have yellowish discharge from their penis. When getting those first symptoms, you may think of gonorrhea first.

4. Babool Leaves 

babool leaves

Gonorrhea is very unpleasant problem for both men and women. When realizing that you are suffering this problem, you may think of the doctor or some drugs first. But you can try the natural home treatments for gonorrhea because they may bring you the surprising results. The reason many people choose natural remedy when they get this problem is that almost of the herbs and natural remedies are safe except for some allergic cases. Likewise, babool is a considerable herb that many people are trying and it is also called acacia nilotica. It is a herb that can help you treat bleeding, blood clotting, leucorrhoea, dysentery, diabetes diarrhea, and gonorrhea. Babool leaves are very effective in cooling, treating wounds, relieving inflammation, and stopping blood when you get wounds. Especially, it will decrease pain from gonorrhea. It is one of the most excellent natural home treatments for gonorrhea in men.

5. Yogurt 


Yogurt is not only good for your skin, digestion system, and health, but it is also beneficial for your gonorrhea. Many people use yogurt for weight loss, improve skin health, and heal the constipation problem because yogurt is high in protein, probiotics, calcium, potassium, vitamins, and iodine and this common snack is also easy to make at home and easy to find in every grocery stores. Simply, you can take for 1 tablespoon of yogurt and get a tampon.

Dip the tampon into yogurt and put in the affected area. Yogurt is cool and will reduce your pain from penis. Obviously, you totally can take effectiveness of this available ingredient to get ease with gonorrhea problem.

6. Echinacea 


Using herbs is one of the natural home treatments for gonorrhea that men should try to get. Echinacea plant comes from North America and it has purple flowers. There are two kinds of Echinacea including angustifolia and purpurea. It is also named red sunflower, Sampson root, purple coneflower, coneflower, and Echinacea. This herb is usually used in some conditions such as toothaches, swollen glands, sore throats, sittings, rabies, measles, snakebites, and gangrene. Besides, the function of Echinacea is linked to building immune cells, increasing activity level, mobility, and increasing phagocytosis rate. As the result, it contributes to damage the harmful fungus bacteria, and virus.

7. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a common home treatments for gonorrhea utilized by women. However, men should take advantage of this easy treatment. They just mix three drops of the useful tea tree oil with three drops of coconut oil and put on the fresh bandage. Now place this bandage in men’s effected areas. In fact, this is also one of the best home treatments for gonorrhea in men and women and tips on how to get rid of gonorrhea at home that I would like to reveal in this entire article.

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8. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most natural, effective treatments for gonorrhea. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar with some drops coconut oil. Use a fresh bandage to absorb this mixture and cover this bandage around infected skin areas of the genitalia. The apple cider vinegar can also be used as soap for bath. For this, men use approximately five cups of fresh water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

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