19 Home Treatments for Gonorrhea in Men and Women

13. Kanji


Another out of the home treatments for gonorrhea that a lot of men find surprisingly beneficial and consider good on how to get rid of gonorrhea at home is kanji. Kanji is the water that is left over when rice has been completely cooked. This treatment requires men to prepare rice on a daily basis until all symptoms have gone.

14. Golden Seal Herbal Remedies 

golden seal herbal remedies download

A native herb in North America, golden seal is utilized to cure colds, gastritis, flu, dyspepsia, bladder infections, and sinus. This herb is especially effective for diarrhea and chronic excess mucus in bowel, with attendant loss of efficiency in eliminating wastes and absorbing nutrients. Golden seal is indicated for amebic and bacterial infections of digestive tract, like dysentery and giardia. Topically, this useful herb is perfect for conjunctivitis, ear inflammations, and gum problems. Because of the astringency in Golden seal, it is utilized as a douche for problems of the genitalia or infections from trichomonas or candida. Golden seal heals the mucus membrane infections, cleanses the blood, and reduces inflammation. The powder of this herb can be sprinkled on wounds or cuts to stop bleeding. This herb tastes a little of bitter and a temperature of cold.

15. Guyabano Fruit

guyabano fruit download

Guyabano fruit is one of the best natural treatments for gonorrhea in men. All men need to do is making juice of Guyabano fruit and consume orally. This healthy fruit has high levers of vitamin B1, B2, and C, all of which are important for curtailing effects of the gonorrhea infection. In fact, this is also one of the simplest to apply yet most effective and safest home and natural treatments for gonorrhea in men and women that I want you and my readers of Vkool learn and remember to make use to get rid of the symptoms of this infection as quickly and effectively as possible.

16. Citrus Fruits And Maize

citrus fruits and maize download

Coumarin in citrus fruits, maize is a phytochemical in the Lignans. Watching the antifungal and antibacterial activities, people see that the coumarin isolated as a major active antimicrobial principle. Experts stated that the ethyl acetate extract, which was discovered to possess highest antimicrobial activity.

17. Celery And Parsley

celery and parsley download

Another out of the simplest and most effective treatments for gonorrhea in men and women that people should not look down but consider making use and applying as soon as possible since they see the very first symptoms of the infection. Flavonoids is also Vitamin P and the Citrin is defined as an important group of water-soluble phytonutrients with yellow pigments. They have structure similar to flavones in parsley and celery. Ya Wang, Shi Tao Wang, Jie Zhou, Yun Yun Luan, and Shi Lei Sun are experts of State Key Laboratory of Technology and Food Science stated that parsley and celery are useful foods ,which men need to add in their healthy diet plans because they are not only healthy foods for weight control but also effective foods for gonorrhea treatment.

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