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Updates: 10/8/2014

Do you want to know more about Brian Kalakay’s latest boot camp game program for boot camp experts named Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games? Here is my comprehensive review of Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games that will show you whether it is worth buying. This review is divided into 7 parts including:

  1. Introduction About Brian Kalakay’s Program
  2. How Will This Program Help You Eliminate Boot Camp Boredom?
  3. How Will This Program Benefit You?
  4. Pros And Cons Of This Program?
  5. How Much To Get Started?
  6. What Will You Receive From Buying This Program?
  7. Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

Boost Your Retention & Referrals With Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games

turbulence training boot camp games review

Introduction About Brian Kalakay’s Program

turbulence training boot camp gamesDo you want to know how to break though your boot camp boredom, how to differentiate yourself, and how to boost your referral marketing? Do you want to boost your retention and referrals with ease? If you answer is “yes”, I will introduce to you Brian Kalakay’s new boot camp game program named Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games. This fitness program will teach you how to fill your own boot camps to capacity and how to eliminate boot camp boredom. The program also helps you triple your membership in only four weeks by using 31 exclusive done-for-you boot camp games, which will keep your learners coming back day after day.

Brian Kalakay is a successful fitness business, TT certified instructor, boot camp master and professional personal trainer. Brian Kalakay was tired of wasting his time working on his boot camp programs and not making them back. To solve his problem, he set a goal of opening his own boot camp facility in eight months. 3 months later, his new facility had over 200 new boot camp members. You will discover the reason why he could increase the number of customers in his own boot camp program.

Brian Kalakay developed Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games basing on his personal experience in studying, researching and testing innovative boot camp games, which help increase the member retention rates & generate a stable source of referrals. Since Brian Kalakay released this boot camp game system, hundreds of boot camp experts have used it to help them break though their boot camp boredom, boost their marketing and increase their retention & referrals with ease. If you are concerning about whether Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games is reliable, from the site VKool.com, I made a full review of this boot camp game system, based on Adam Pann’s sharing, a real customer and other customers’ sharing, to show you everything about it. Adam Pann shared that this program has helped him keep his current customers motivated to come back to the next sessions. The program has also helped him get new customers in the process & continue to build a fun training atmosphere each day. If you want to know how Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games works, keep reading the next part of this review.

turbulence training boot camp games

How Will This Program Help You Eliminate Boot Camp Boredom?

This fitness program consists of 31 done-for-you boot camp games, which will boost retention & referrals. The program includes an instructional book that is broken down into 4 parts including:

  • Part 1 – what are we… 12 years old?
  • Part 2 – why are games at the end of boot camp?
  • Part 3 – how to keep the games fresh: in this part, you will discover 4 tips to keep your games fresh
  • Part 4 – 31 done-for-you boot camp games – in this part, you will get a series of games including:
  • Human bobsled race, circle chase, stuck in the mud and boulder dash
  • Color dot grab, cone knock down/card flip, toe tag and mirror game
  • Towel sled race, human knot, exercise add-on, stability ball wrestle, crab soccer, and sumo slap tag
  • King crab, cross the swamp 1, cross the swamp 2, squat hold snake, and conveyer belt
  • Tug of war, human hungry hippos, and tennis ball over/under race
  • Hand hockey, back to back balloon race, everybody is “it” tag, indoor foot volley ball, and zombie apocalypse
  • Commando relay, referral card balance relay, the card game, pushup balance, and more

turbulence training boot camp games

turbulence training boot camp games

How Will This Program Benefit You?

Here are some of benefits you can achieve from this boot camp game system:

  • Using this boot camp game program, you will be able to generate dozens of ongoing referrals
  • You will get to know how to keep everyone excited & motivated
  • You will get simple ways to get variety in your training
  • You will have ability to prevent your learners from getting bored
  • You can help your learners tone their muscles
  • Adding Brian Kalakay’s fitness exercises and games to your own boot camp program will help your clients speed up their bodybuilding goals
  • And more

To persuade you, I would like to show you feedbacks from real users:

turbulence training boot camp games

Pros And Cons Of This Program?


  • This boot camp game program is an ultimate solution for life-long customers
  • It helps users save a ton of money on getting new members because their current members can market for them.
  • It will help increase your retention rates that mean a stable paycheck for you.
  • With this program, you do not have to spend time on researching new techniques to help spice up your current training regimen
  • When ordering this program, you will get a series of exercise videos, marketing manuals, and instructional guides that are easy to understand and follow.
  • Games included in this program are fun and exciting

turbulence training boot camp games

  • Using this program, you can save your time and energy because it covers everything you need to keep your learners motivated and fun
  • This program is suitable for boot camp managers who are difficult in developing their boot camp programs
  • This program can be shared to your friends who want to get healthy fitness games and exercises
  • It is very affordable with just $39 for a series of videos and manuals
  • Game videos are absolutely safe to download to your computer
  • Brian Kalakay provides you with a 24/7 support via his email when following this program
  • You will have 60 days to decide if you want to keep the Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games course or get your money back
  • And more

turbulence training boot camp games


  • You must get your physician’s approval before beginning this exercise program
  • This program is only designed for healthy individuals 18 years and older

How Much To Get Started?

With just $39.00, you can own a wide range of exclusive game videos and colorful books for developing your boot camp programs. The regular price is $59.99, but order right now with the discounted price of only $39. In addition, you will receive 3 free exclusive bonuses with a real $201 value.

turbulence training boot camp games

What Will You Receive From Buying This Program?

Upon ordering Brian Kalakay’s boot camp game system, you will receive a comprehensive package involving:

  • Zombie Apocalypse from Brian Kalakay video
  • Tug of War from Brian Kalakay video
  • Towel Sled Race from Brian Kalakay video
  • Toe Tag from Brian Kalakay video
  • TB Over Under Race from Brian Kalakay video
  • Sumo Slap Tag from Brian Kalakay video
  • Stuck In The Mud video
  • Stability Ball Wrestling Match video
  • Squat Hold Snake video
  • Referral Card Balance Relay from Brian Kalakay video

turbulence training boot camp games

  • Pushup Balance from Brian Kalakay video
  • Mirror Game from Brian Kalakay video
  • King Crab from Brian Kalakay video
  • Hungry Hippos from Brian Kalakay video
  • Human Knot video
  • Human Bobsled Race from Brian Kalakay video
  • Hand Hockey from Brian Kalakay video
  • Foot Volley Ball video
  • Exercise Add On from Brian video
  • Cross the Swamp video
  • Crab Soccer and Conveyer Belt videos

turbulence training boot camp games

  • Commando Relay and Color Dot Grab videos
  • Circle Chase and Card Game videos
  • Card Flip Game and Boulderdash videos
  • Back 2 Back Balloon Race video
  • TT Boot Camp Games – Boot Camp Relay Races ($37 Value)
  • Game Videos ($97 Value)
  • TTBoot Camp Games Manual
  • How To Market Using Games ($67 Value)
  • Boot Camp Starter Games
  • A policy of 60-day money back guarantee – Bonus
  • Free lifetime upgrades – Bonus
  • Technical support available by phone or by email – Bonus

turbulence training boot camp games

Is It Guaranteed That This Program Will Work For You?

turbulence training boot camp gamesBrian Kalakay offers you a policy of refund within 60 days if after using his video games and exercises you do not see any positive result.

Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below.

If you need the support from Brian Kalakay, please contact him at this email: support [at] ttbootcampgames dot com to get the answer.

Now are you ready to try the Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games course to know how it works for you?

turbulence training boot camp games

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