VKool Authors – Writers and contributors

tony nguyen

                 Tony Nguyen - Vietnamese Coffee Addicted

Team Leader of VKool.com, an entrepreneur, future venture capitalist, and hardcore fan of Apple.


ruby giang

                 Ruby Giang - Tony’s other half

Super intelligent graphic designer – She contributes many ideas on how to make VKool more elegant-looking and user-friendly for VKool’s readers. Her Favorite Quote: “From Ruby With Love”


hoang mai                  Hoang Mai: Chief editor of VKool

Work with passion and always proud of her work. Extremely detail-oriented person in writing and editing. When it comes to a careful long report on whatever the topics are, really she is among one of the best.


hang pham

               Hang Pham - Editor of vkool.com.

Like interacting with people. Writing highly detailed reviews about any products/topics. She said: “it’s my priority and responsibility to give detailed and exact information helps people can evaluate whether a product or service is reliable”.

thanh nguyen               Thanh Nguyen – Devoted his life to Tu Anh 5 years ago – Coffee Addicted

Excellent coder and off-page SEOer - Technical support of VKool.

When it comes to link-building – He is one of the best!


tu anh               Tu Anh – Thanh’s lover – Love cooking – Also our HR & Administrator

Highly experienced on-page SEOer.

She knows how to maximize on-page optimization for any websites.


van tran

               Lien Nguyen - Editor of vkool.com.

I love drinking coffee, singing and reading. It is a great honor for me to be one of the authors responsible for providing people with helpful and precise knowledge about many products and services.



van tran

               Van Tran - Editor of vkool.com.

Making handicrafts is my favourite. I appreciate the precious opportunity of co-operating with “Vkool.com”. Through various and concise articles, I hope readers will find out what is suitable for them.

  • http://notyet Paul vanOosten

    Very nice meeting such a group of talented and dedicated individuals; hope we can work together to make all our dreams come true!

    I’m living in China since 2006; near Shanghai; newly married school teacher near retirement (60) with no savings. That’s my ‘why’.

    PS… I’ve been to VN in Feb 2011 and want to go back. I also loved the ice-coffee in HCM/Saigon city!



    • http://vkool.com/ Tony Nguyen

      Thanks Paul for stopping by. I’m 100% positive you’re going to be very successful as an entrepreneur. If there are anything we can do to help you with your goal, don’t hesitate to let us know


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