Great wedding photo tips and tricks for beginners

I. The Best Wedding Photo Tips For Taking Photo In The Wedding Day

Taking wedding photo is one of the most difficult assignments for all newbie photographers. There are a lot of problems and many stakes that can be increased incredibly high in the wedding day. To help all of them, I have compiled this full list of many wedding photo mistakes that all beginner photographers can make when starting out the shooting wedding, with some of the best wedding photo tips and Photoshop techniques for all beginner photographers avoid the common mistakes and become the professional photographers.

1.     Scout The Location wedding photo tips review

Before the important day, you and your partner should visit many different places where have many beautiful landscapes which help you take the best shoots. By this way, you can have many ideas of nice positions for all shots. Moreover, you can visit some locations to take some test shots before shooting day. People can check out digital wedding secrets guide to know more information about wedding photography.

2.     Set Expectations With The Couple

You should show your customers how you work. In this chatting, you can find their wishes about the places, the number of shots, and the way you can satisfy them. You should make an agreement of places, price, and every thing before doing your works in their big day.

3.   Shoot The Small Details

One of the best techniques for wedding photos is taking photo of all the small details such as rings, shoes, flowers, backs of dresses, menus, and table settings which can help give the end wedding album a new dimension. This can be a good little inspiration for a memorable and happy album.

4.    Use Two Cameras

You should use two cameras with two different lenses. You should use a wide lens for the candid shots in the tight spaces and use the longer lens for the big photos of big family and picture for big group. By this method you can get the clear pictures with a lot of people inside in any time.

5.     Streamline The Family Photos

You shouldn’t spend time on taking a big picture with both of two family members, such as grandparents, cousins, and siblings. So you should make a short list of family member who must be in the family picture, and then take a big family photo at the first time of wedding.

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6.   Shoot In Raw

Many people say that they don’t have a lot of time or effort for shooting in raw. However, a wedding day is perfect time which can give flexibility to all manipulate shots after shooting them. Weddings can show many photographers with the tricky lighting. All photographers need to manipulate the white balance and exposure, therefore, RAW can help them with this problem.

 7.   Consider Your Backgrounds

The best idea for the nice background in the wedding photos are uncluttered areas or shaded spots which are out of the direct sunlight where you can avoid a wandering great aunt walk into back of this shot.

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