23 Wedding planning tips and ideas for brides and grooms

For most people, a happy and romantic wedding is a one of the most important celebration in human life and it is also one of the most special days of our lives. I know that we all wish to have a perfect and romantic wedding for a happy life in a future; however, you must spend a few months on preparing it. We need to plan, prepare a lot of things to get everything ready before your wedding day.

You need to know that wedding planning will contain many stressful things and you and your partner must take your time out to renew and reconnect. In the wedding planning process, all couples need to stay connected along with the wedding planning process. All couples must learn all the nurturing tips for the long upcoming journey in marriage time and interact with many other couples. In this blog, I will show 23 useful wedding planning tips and ideas for brides and grooms to achieve the romantic wedding in almost couples’ dreams with little budgets. In this simple blog about wedding planning tips, all brides and grooms can discover many valuable things they need to do for getting the perfect wedding.

23 Wedding Planning Tips And Ideas For Brides And Grooms

I. Discover 12 Useful Things For All Brides To Prepare For Their Romantic Wedding Day

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Almost of brides will be conscious about how they will look from their head to their toe in this big day. All of girls always get a careful beauty or special skincare regimen whenever some memorable occasions are coming up. Of course, their wedding day is the most special and memorable occasion when all of girls need to spend a lot of time and their attention. The below list will contain some of the useful things that we suggest all of you should pay attention to as the 12 wedding planning tips for your biggest day:

1.     Wedding Dress

Almost couples get a full year for preparing for their perfect wedding. When it comes to wedding dress, they can spend from 4 to 6 months on choosing a perfect dress for one of the most important day in their life.

Wedding dress can be the first and foremost things all brides care about in wedding planning process. They must find and try a lot of dresses and then choose the perfect for them. You should remember that the wedding dress shopping can be a funny time for you and your partner but if you want to get a suitable wedding dress, you should spend a lot of time for it. You should know that there are some alterations that must be happen. You can go to some big bridal stores where you can find multiple dresses in the stock, instead of ordering a special dress. Finding a dress can be the most stressful thing for all brides. Therefore, they should get a beautiful dress off a rack without any special order. You cannot spend all time on preparation for your constant fittings. So, you must remember that sometimes the awesome and perfect dress can be the simple one that suitable to you in a big and special day of your life. There are some things you need to know for choosing a suitable dress for your body:

  • Dresses that lace up the back are easier to fit and will require fewer trips to the seamstress.
  • The apple-shaped women have broader shoulders with narrower hips but they have bigger stomach area. They should choose the simple styles with lots of flair around the waist such as ruffles, or beading and the V-shaped neckline.
  • These brides have larger hips, backsides, and thighs. Therefore, they should choose the Empire or Ball Gown dress to minimize the big parts of their body. And they can add more beautiful things in the neckline and bodice.

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  • Petite shape brides can look more beautiful in a slim sheath dress. This kind of dress can add height to a smaller body. These brides want to hide their small-bust, so they should wear a long dress with some embellished bodice things for creating an illusion of the bigger bust.
  • Large-bust bride should avoid a higher neckline, and they should choose a sweetheart or the v-neck shape dress.
  • You can drive to a big city to get in some big stores with amazing multiple sizes and multiple styles of dresses. You should go with your friends or someone who can give you some useful advices.
  • You can cherish your family heritage by ask your mother or grandmother give you their dress. By this simple way, you can make your event more special.

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