Andro400 Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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You get a heavy amount of stimulants and too low of an active ingredient dosage strength to expect much great results from this. There were some major issues which you can learn about by checking out our list below.

The best available male enhancement products were fully reviewed and broken down to show what they can offer.

Andro400 Overview

You can find this testosterone boosting and general male enhancement supplement Andro400 on the official website where they make it seem like a targeted approach to general wellness. They even say this can target belly fat which comes as surprise since somehow no other supplement in the world has bene proven effective for targeted fat loss.

It’s real clear after reviewing this supplement it’s not at all as impressive as it’s marketed on the official website.

The supplements in our top 10 list were the most effective overall at supporting healthy virility and libido in men.

Andro400 Claims

The first thing you read about on their official website is a question, asking if you’ve lost muscle and gained belly fat. They say that people who have tried to diet and fought to lose belly fat that couldn’t are possibly a victim of low testosterone. They also say clinical studies show that when testosterone is working as it should it supports lean muscle gains and less belly fat.

Of course this supplement is considered to be the ultimate solution wince it can raise testosterone naturally without the fear of any dangerous side effects, but they don’t actually prove this.

They say that the natural aphrodisiacs have long been used in Asia to boost sexual function ad libido. Studies also are claimed which showed an improvement of testosterone in the blood. What’s unique about this brand is that it helps separate bound testosterone so it’s properly used by the body instead of being blocked.

With this it’s supposedly going to bring back the energy “you had 25 years ago”. All this amounts to better perform in physical activities, extra energy, faster recovery, less pains, and lasting all day energy and stamina. A full list of possible benefits is also mentioned.

Many customers complained that they did not honor their money back return policy. They have an auto-renewal plan which is the customer’s responsibility to cancel. If you sign up for this and fail to tell them to stop, bottle swill is repeatedly sent. This is meant as a convenient way to not only save money, but get your supplement as soon as you finish a bottle.

The major problem with this is that many scam companies will often claim to offer this with no string attached, but many end up overcharging or making it difficult to cancel.

After much review these male enhancement products were overall the most effective for natural libido and testosterone improvement.

Andro400 Ingredients

There is a lot of information available on the official website but finding the ingredients list is difficult. You have to go to the FAQ list and then they mention in words what’s added to it but they do not add a supplements facts list.

Getting this list is very important since it’s the only way to actually know for certain what the full ingredients are and at what dosage strength. They claim the following are used:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Radix(root) Extract (100:1)
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline and L-Arginine is essentially the same thing. The only key difference is that L-Citrulline is converted into L-Arginine by the kidneys.

Eurycoma Longifolia Radix is the scientific name for Long jack, a plant native to parts of Asia as an aphrodisiac. This is the main ingredient that is intended to provide the long list of benefits mentioned on the front page of their website.

This ingredient is generally well-tolerated and according to Web MD has shown it likely safe even for long periods of “up to 9 months”.

It’s a lot to ask for in these few ingredients. The official website makes it seem like it can actually target all aspects of male virility but as you’ll see in the next section there’s a lack of science for certain claims.

We picked the best supplements for natural male enhancement support in a full top 10 list.

The Science Behind Andro400

The amino acids are well-established of their ability to help support healthy blood flow. Amino acids are considered the building blocks of life and they’re found in many foods. This can help make it easier to maintain erections.

Tongkat Ali is an aphrodisiac which can also be used as a “pro-fertility agent” according to You can find many studies on this ingredient, many of which show it can raise libido, reduce cortisol and stress, improve sperm quality and raise testosterone.

The main way men gain belly fat is through diet as well as low testosterone. This is likely the reason why they clam this supplement can be used to target belly fat. The issue is that spot reduction from supplements or exercise is not possible. It may be useful for targeting fat, but belly fat in particular is not a likely result. Yale Scientific Magazine says this is,”targeted fat loss does not work”

Because they lie about the belly fat benefits this can have it makes it seem less likely that they are truthful about all the other intended benefits. There’s no way to assure that any research was performed on their part.

These top 10 supplements were the best for natural male enhancement support.

Word on the Street about Andro400

It is very difficult to try and find real reviews online. You can find a few on 3rd party websites but many of them fail to have enough to fully understand what’s possible.

Some did say it was effective as long as it was used alongside exercise, but there were also concerns that it failed to do anything even after multiple bottles.

We selected the following 10 male enhancement supplements for their enhanced ability to promote more libido and virility.

Is Andro400 Worth a Try?

It’s far too basic to consider it over other brands. The 2 amino acids are great though you can already find L-Arginine in food, so to pay extra for a supplement with just 3 ingredients is really not necessary.

Tongkat Ali is a great aphrodisiac and it may boost testosterone, but there are other supplements which have all these ingredients plus much more to enhance virility. You can’t expect much of a difference with this brand and the lack of reviews showcases how lacking it really is.

There’s also too many unproven health claims made as well as the targeted belly fat suggestion. This has been debunked countless times in many studies by reputable sources which show it’s not going to affect stomach fat. Even though it seems not too expensive at $34.95 per bottle, when you look at the ingredients it’s clear this is lacking.

The brands in this top 10 list were considered to be the most effective at enhancing male virility.

Andro400 vs Nugenix

You can find the same patented kind of grand sounding claims made without evidence, and they both rely on just a few ingredients which are added in self-described optimal dosage strength.  They have similar amino acids which work to enhance blood flow through the creation of L-Arginine. This is a quality ingredient but since they only decide to use a few additives, there is no real reason to favor it over other less expensive brands. These supplements cost a lot for what are general additives that are repeatedly used.

Andro400 vs Ageless Male

You only get a few ingredients for both and they also highlight what’s meant to be properly dosed herb. For Ageless Male it’s actually a patented form of Fenugreek which is lacking scientific studies.

Both suffer from the general great sounding marketing claims which are made without actual evidence. There is no way to prove either of them is as great as they seem and somehow both are claimed to be the #1 brand of their kind.

Andro400 vs Pronabolin

Inside of Pronabolin are some ingredients that are commonly used in male enhancement aids, as well as rare additives you wouldn’t regularly see. General male enhancement benefits are claimed for both and they also have natural ingredients only. The biggest issue with these brands is that consumers were often greatly displeased with the lack of benefits. Many repeatedly said there was no change at all even after taking it daily, as directed, and after a full bottle was completed.

Andro400 vs AndroGel

The only way to get a hold of Androgel is through a doctor’s prescription, which may not be granted unless the user is in good enough health. While AndroGel actually contains testosterone which is likely to have an effect, this also has serious potential side effects.

Andro400 is intended to boost testosterone but its clear AndroGel is an actual source of testosterone which can affect the body. The key difference being that Andro400 is meant to be useful in a safe way without being a pure form of actual testosterone.

Andro400 vs Test X180

Neither have similar ingredients other than the fact that they use general sexual enhancement ingredients. Test X180 relies more on a wider array of ingredients and is meant more for muscle gains. Andro400 is mainly marketed as a way for men to experience changes in their sex lives.  Many customers had the same issue of not experiencing any direct improvement after completing a bottle.

The marketing claims are also great sounding until you realize evidence is lacking. You hear general statements made about what they can do without a link to studies.

Andro400 FAQ

  1. What are the key Andro400 ingredients?
    There are 3 ingredients: L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Tongkat Ali.
  1. What’s a good Andro 400 alternative?
    You can find many other brands which use almost the exact same formula but with additional ingredients.

    In the next section we show that the best male enhancement supplement of the year was Viritenz.
  1. Can you compare Andro400 vs Nugenix?
    We’ve reviewed both and the key difference is that Nugenix uses the herbal ingredient Fenugreek instead of Tongkat Ali. There are also more nutrients and no amino acids in Nugenix, but both were poorly reviewed.
  1. What’s the Andro400 free trial all about?
    They offer an auto-shipment plan at a discount but there is no free trial offered on their official website.
  1. Where to buy Andro 400?
    The most reliable source would likely be their official website, they only allow a few 3rd party websites to sell this, and it appears no actual physical locations sell it.
  1. Where can I find Andro 400 testosterone reviews?
    Just a few 3rd party websites mention what kinds of effects were possible but to summarize, many failed to see any changes in any way.
  1. Is there any good Andro400 coupon code?
    A $5 dollar off offer is provided on their official website after you click to buy. This appears to be for first time purchases and it’s likely always available.

The most effective male enhancement products are examined in our complete top 10 list.

So What Really Works?

To help boost libido, enhance energy, support overall virility, and all without cheap additives we recommend Viritenz. After looking at all the ingredients it provides as well as examining consumer reviews it was clear this was the best for lasting male enhancement support.

There ae ingredients which can target blood flow to maintain erections. The aphrodisiacs are also added in a potent enough dosage strength to increase the odds of men having lasting sexual stamina and increased pleasure. Read all about Viritenz and what it can offer for male enhancement by checking out what it’s all about here.

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