28 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Cinnamon You Should Know

II. Beauty Benefits Of Cinnamon

1.  Lip Plumper

benefits of cinnamon - lip plumper

It is not necessary for you to go the cosmetic surgery route for making lip plumper. You can do it at home by applying a little Vaseline onto the lips before patting a pinch of cinnamon onto that layer.

Just rub this mixture on your lips for several seconds and wait for one minute. At that time, you might feel a slight tingly sensation from the spice. Do not apply the dry cinnamon directly to the skin because it will cause irritation. You can add another layer of Vaseline for having fuller lips.

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2. Face Mask For Removing Acne

You can take advantage of a simple homemade acne remedy with cinnamon. Mix 3 tbsp of honey and one tbsp of cinnamon. After that, whip that mixture into a thick paste which is similar to chocolate.

Then, you smooth that onto your face. Cinnamon will stop the acne-provoking bacteria, and the honey will reduce redness and restore moisture. Wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. If not, it will start burning. After rinsing, pat your face dry gently.

3. Hair Growth

hair growth

Regardless of the cause, hair loss could be a horrific experience. Now, you can keep the risk of losing hair at bay by using cinnamon. If your scalp is not sensitive, you can mix two tbsp of cinnamon with honey and a half cup of warm olive oil. For thickening the mask, you can add egg to the mixture. After that, comb that solution through wet hair and wait for 15 minutes. Then, wash your hair with your shampoo.

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4. Breath Freshener

If you are suffering from bad breath, then chewing on some cinnamon sticks or gargling with warm cinnamon water to sweeten things up are your good options.

5. Dry Skin Scrub

Have dry skin? No one loves to walk around with someone with “alligator skin.” Thus, to remove dead skin cells as well as dry skin, restore softness and shine, you can consider the mixture of ground cinnamon, almond, olive oil, honey, and sea salt.

6. Prevent Signs Of Aging

Cinnamon extract may be used to reduce the development of Glycation, which amplifies sun damage and causes wrinkles.

Glycation occurs when proteins bind with sugar molecules in the body. As a result, this process makes protein become deformed and stiff. Because glycation occur any part in your body, so it causes different health problems.  When this process happens to elastin and collagen on skin, your skin may get the loss of radiance and wrinkles. In addition, Glycation can make your skin susceptible to other damage, such as UV exposure. Some other studies from U.S have also indicated that cinnamon extract can reverse this glycation process dramatically!

7. Manage Weight

It’s true. The researchers found that a little intake of cinnamon a day can help to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so it also supports your body to metabolize carbohydrates, burn fat and lose weight naturally.

8. Eczema Treatment

According to Earth Clinic, it is proven that the mixture of 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of honey can be applied on skin as a paste to treat eczema. This method works to relieve eczema conditions in just a week. Try this natural and safe remedy, especially for young children!

The 28 health and beauty benefits of cinnamon above are collected from prestigious studies. Hopefully, this article will help you improve both physical and mental health naturally. If you are interested in this topic, feel free to drop your words at the end of this post of 28 health and beauty benefits of cinnamon. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all soon!

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