Black Ant Pill Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A nationwide recall, F rating with the Better Business Bureau and the use of questionable ingredients make this a very poor supplement. There’s not one good reason why anyone should go ahead and give it a try. To find out what we uncovered about Black Ant Pill, skim through the table of contents.

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Black Ant Pill Overview

A real controversial history was found when reviewing this supplement. It’s simply way overhyped and much of what’s added is either not studied, or it’s far too common and found in common foods.

There’s simply no good reason to trust that this supplement would be both safe and effective, the amount of issues we uncovered was overwhelming. We don’t why anyone should seek this pill. The possible side effects are life-threatening and should be reason enough not to use this.

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Black Ant Pill Claims

All the claims about how this is meant to work are only available on 3rd party websites. So you wouldn’t know for certain if this is still supported by the company responsible for making it. They intend for it to benefit overall sexual performance, making orgasm feel better while delaying orgasms.

Stimulating energy and improving overall health hare also claimed. They use a blend of ancient Chinese ingredients to make it supposedly effective.

The biggest issue we found was a total of 2 recalls. One in 2024 after it was found they used Sildenafil and another in 2024. The fact they were called out for using the exact same prescription ingredient is a major red flag.
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It likely means that not only did the creators do it on purpose, but they decided to flood the market with the same substance twice.
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It’s potentially very dangerous since it’s not uncommon for this ingredient to cause heart related complications when taken without the user’s knowledge. You won’t know for certain what the dosage strength is, and this can cause life threatening, long-term damage.

This is the exact reason why when discovering this in their lab samples the FDA advised:

“stop using this… immediately and throw it away”

Another major reason why they likely did it on purpose is because they had to recall 6 different brands altogether.

They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau due to claims they are operating a scam, would all of a sudden change customers without warning, and because of unfulfilled orders even after customers paid the full amount. You can read a grand total of 12 complaints and 2 negative reviews which claim they are not to be trusted.

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Black Ant Pill Ingredients

  • Polyrhachis Vicina Roger (Black Ant)
  • Formica Sanguinea
  • Ginseng (Root)
  • Medlar
  • Hippocampi
  • Blend of Amino acids and Trace Minerals

We can’t verify for certain if these claimed ingredients are still used, or if anything else is added because the only way to learn about what’s added is through 3rd party websites.

If what they claim is true, then 4 out of the 6 ingredients are rarely used in lame enhancement supplement. Ginseng is fairly common, since it can support energy and blood flow. The Blend of Amino acids and Trace Minerals is also fairly common, though it’s unknown what these are made up of, minerals and amino acids are typically used since they offer multiple benefits.

Medlar is a species of fruit that has been taken since ancient times. Finding information about its vitamins and minerals is difficult to find. It is known to have vitamin C, and it was once used as an aphrodisiac but the science is lacking.

Hippocampi are short for the hippocampus section of the brain in the cerebral cortex. There was a website which claimed it is a sea horse extract meant to get rid of impotence, improve endurance, and support the prostate.

Both Formica Sanguinea and Polyrhachis Vicina Roger are ant extracts and they do have rich protein. They were also used for their claimed aphrodisiac benefits.

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The Science Behind Black Ant Pill

Many claims are made but there’s no actual proof. This may be because their official website is down and perhaps there are more details there, but at this time it does not appear the company offers any actual evidence, only suggested claims.

We do have access to the ingredients; though keep in mind without the proper dosage strength it’s impossible to know if they’re used in safe and effective amounts.

The added formica sanguinea is a blood-red ant that does have protein in it, but there is no proof that it will actually improve sexual function in men. The likely reason why it is used is because it is known to have multiple partners, but there is no proof this will improve libido in men.

Polyarchis vicina roger was tested by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Shanghai Medical University and according to their review:

“could help the growth of fetal rats”

They essentially said this has the ability to increase growth hormone, an anabolic steroid. This was just one study however and there isn’t evidence to support its ability to enhance sexual function in men.

The science of the other ingredients other than the amino acids, trace minerals, and ginseng is lacking. We still don’t know for certain what kind of possible benefit hippocampi can deliver. The lack of studies makes it impossible to know for certain what a likely effect would be.

More notable is the FDA enforced recalls which showed this supplement had banned substances twice within a short time span.

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Word on the Street about Black Ant Pill

“Gave me a nice little energy boost when I took it so maybe it will work for you. I enjoyed it”

“I often use another brand but decided to give this a try since it seemed good. Well it’s supposedly strong but I saw no change”

“Complete waste of my time and money, I don’t see the need to try this ever again. It wasn’t effective and I didn’t notice an improvement when it counted, fail”

“Not at all good, wish I didn’t spend my money on this because it’s not at all good. Avoid it if you can”

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Is Black Ant Pill Worth a Try?

There is no good reason to use it. Keep in mind that the company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau due to unwanted and fraudulent charges. They also had to do a national recall because 6 of their supplements had prescription ingredients. To this day they have never actually revealed why this happened and what they have done to make sure it won’t happen again.

You’re left with nothing concrete to leave you with a good reason why you should try it. Their official website is also down so it may be that the 3rd party websites which sell it are only offering potentially contaminated batches.

They have hot all the unwanted criteria that would make a supplement company seem not only illegitimate, but also potentially corrupt. The only source to buy this from is websites which do not offer a money back return. You’re essentially on your own if you were to experience any of the possible side effects. Don’t put your health in jeopardy; if the company refuses to give one good reason why they should be trusted, it’s safe to say they should be avoided.

Many said they are a scam and they operate just like scammers. They had the mistake of using banned substances twice in their history, and all in many of their sexual enhancement products.

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Black Ant Pill vs Viagra

What’s really ironic about comparing these 2 is that Black Ant Pill actually had the key active ingredient in Viagra. At least with Viagra you know exactly what the dosage strength is. You can only use Viagra with a doctor prescription and still, there is a possibility for dangerous side effects.

You have to be important but also healthy enough to take it, not having a history of cardiovascular related problems. You do have to be careful with both either and Viagra is meant only for one purpose, to make erections last longer.

Black Ant Pill vs Stree Overlord

Both are made in China by the same company. Stree Overlord was also recalled by the FDA since they were contaminated with the same prescription drug. It’s still undetermined if this was done on purpose and whether or not the company has made changes to their manufacturing process.

Inside of Stree Overlord is a different blend of more commonly used aphrodisiacs, while Black Ant Pill focuses on lesser known additives. There are natural ingredients in both, and the same basic intended claims are made for each. Because of this it’s hard to distinguish what the different expected use would be.

Black Ant Pill FAQ

  1. Does Black Ant King work for male enhancement?
    Reviews were poor and there’s no good explanation given as to why one should use this. So judging from the available information, it does not appear to be a good supplement. Knowing for certain if something will work is just one thing to consider, since this was shown to have prescription ingredients, there are serious concerns about the safety.
  1. Where can I find the Black Ant Pills strong version?
    There are a few websites which offer it but it’s unclear what the difference is between the regular and the strong version. It may be that the ingredients are the same but added in higher dosage strength but at this time it’s unknown.
  1. Can I find Black Ant pills on Amazon?
    They are not sold on There are similar extracts but they do not have this official brand.
  1. Where is the Black Ant King plus tin (10 capsules) all about?
    If you were to look at the marketing it suggests this is for all-around performance as well as body health. They also say this is free from unwanted side effects but of course, they have no evidence to prove any of these claims.
  1. Does Black Ant King have any side effects?
    They do advise just one pill every 24 hours, which is often because the brand in question is very powerful, so taking it as advised is recommended. The company also had 2 major recalls because of tainted supplements, so it may cause heart problems, stroke, seizure, and other serious side effects. This is why the FDA warned against using it at all.
  1. Just how strong is Black Ant Pill?
    Judging from the consumer reviews, it really depends on your own makeup. Some saw no change at all, and others said it gave them an energy boost. Since their batches either once had or continue to use a prescription, for some this may be exceptionally fast acting and strong. This is also possible unsafe.
  1. What are the serving directions to Black Ant Pill?
    Take a single pill about a half hour before sexual contact with a glass of water. A maximum of one pill is recommended every 24 hours, likely because of possible side effects.
  1. Where can I find Black Ant Pills for sale?
    Since their official website is down, you can only get it via 3rd party website’s which also sell random supplements. They do not appear to be trustworthy and none of the websites have a money back return offer.
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    Worse yet, none specify for certain if what they’re selling is free from the contaminated batches.
  1. Is there a place where I can get Black Ant Pills wholesale?
    At this time one website offers a maximum of 50 tins for $6 each, amounting to a total of $300.
  1. Where is the Black Ant Pills website?
    Their website is but at this time the website is down. It’s not known if this is temporary or permanent, so far it’s impossible to know if there is another trusted source.

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