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There isn’t much to say about this supplement since the manufacturers no longer maintain an official website. The only way to know what his has to offer is by looking at what are possibly outdated images and marketing claims.

We learned some important details about this brand which make it clear as to what it can potentially offer.

Our top picks which can most likely improve cognition are the following 10 best nootropics.

Cerebrax Overview

Cerebrax is a nootropic supplement which at this time is lacking any real evidence to support its use. The official website is no longer up and the domain name is offered for sale, likely meaning that this is discontinued.

Even though it is sometimes marketed on certain websites and some have conflicting details, it appears this was once a very basic nootropic blend. It has various common additives which are often found in many other similar supplements. The only defining feature about this is that it’s sometimes confused with a drug.

What we determined were the most effective nootropics is outlined in this full top 10 list.

Cerebrax Claims

It’s essential we mention the fact that any and all claims about its use is only from unverified 3rd party sources. There is no actual explanation as to what is possible from the actual manufactures, as their website no longer exists.

The claim is that it will effect:

  • Focus
  • Cognitive aid
  • Recall
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Energy

Essentially all the basic claims made by many other nootropic supplements. The problem we have is that we can’t know for certain if any of this is still an intended benefit. There may be more or less mentioned about it, but we can’t know for certain until the manufacturer makes an official statement. Every single detail about its intended use is only second hand by groups which have nothing to do with the making of that brand.

We can’t determine what is likely possible from this and it’s a clear red flag that needs to be corrected before going any further with this product. Even the worst of all supplements will at least make an attempt to make the product seem useful and worth trying.

In our reviews we found what the top 10 nootropics are and we explain why here.

Cerebrax Ingredients

  • Niacin
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
  • Huperzine A
  • Vinpocetine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • L-Theanine
  • Alpha GPC
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • GABA
  • Caffeine

GABA is a kind of neurotransmitter which can reduce anxiety and support brain activity.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is an essential nutrient which is used for healthy brain function.

L-Theanine is a typical amino acid that can be found in tea which can reduce stress and support overall brain activity.

Bacopa Monnieri is a common and useful nootropic ingredient which is good for healthy neuron function and overall brain function. This is sometimes used as a way to help reduce the possibility for cognitive decline, providing antioxidant support.

Caffeine is a basic and common stimulant ingredient that in moderate and controlled amounts can affect focus and energy levels. This can also cause many kinds of side effects including anxiety, jitters, headaches, and much more. We don’t know for certain how much of this is added.

We have no way of knowing if any of these ingredients are still used, and there is conflicting evidence about what is truly added. There are also claims that the only ingredient in this is Piracetam, but we don’t know for certain what the truth is. Piracetam is a typical nootropic ingredient which is a synthetic version of GABA. This is used to help reduce cognitive decline while affecting cognition and mood.

There’s also no knowledge as to what the dosage strength is, so determining what possible benefits are likely is yet to be determined.

We’ve selected the following 10 nootropics and saw that they could best support overall cognition.

The Science Behind Cerebrax

The only way to determine the science that supports this is by reviewing the ingredients while knowing the dosage strength. There is no verification offered on what the total amount added is, and we don’t know if they continue to use the same formula. The only thing to go on is suggestions about what it has.

Overuse or under dosing can lead to a lack of effects or worse, side effects. This is especially important when dealing with stimulants like caffeine. Since they decided to include caffeine we’d have to know for certain what the total amount is, as without it there is a risk of symptoms. Caffeine is an unnecessary ingredient sometimes used in nootropics due to the fact that they can increase energy and focus.

Caffeine can also lead to what is known as cycling, meaning it should only be taken for limited periods in order to prevent tolerance which affects how well the formula impacts the body. Until we know a lot more about this formula there is no reason to suggest it over other brands.

An especially concerning fact is that some websites claim that Cerebrax only contains what is known as aminobutyric acid, and that it is used to fight memory problems. We don’t know for certain why this is so, but it raises questions at other overall quality of this brand. It doesn’t make sense that a supplement manufacturer would name their product after a drug, especially a brand which can potentially lead to dangerous side effects.

We took a lot of time and effort to understand what the current best nootropics are, and we provide them all in order of ranking.

Word on the Street About Cerebrax

There were zero reviews featured online. We don’t know for certain if anyone has tried this and we can’t know for certain what is likely. We’d need to review a lot more before fully deciding if this is worth using.

There is a lot of fear about what this may result in seeing as how there is no official website. We can’t know for certain if those who tried it actually saw a useful benefit, and there’s no telling what is truly possible with this. In order to give a supplement a decent review we’d have to see what actual users have had to say and at this time, we don’t have any evidence that it’s been used successfully.

Currently there are no better nootropic supplements than the top 10 rated pills featured here.

Is Cerebrax Worth a Try?

No actual support is offered anywhere and there’s not a single reason why anyone should use this. There’s no reviews, no official website, no official claims, and no way to know for certain what it can truly do. All that we can look at are some claims made on other websites which do not actually sell or have anything to do with Cerebrax.

The company responsible is currently unknown, and all that we can look at to try and review this is claims made about what’s inside. The formula that is claimed is very basic and not at all impressive. You’d have to know for certain if the company that makes it is trustworthy before using it as well. At this time there is no way to know for certain what this can do.

There’s also no knowledge about what the full ingredients list is, and there are two separate claims about what is added. Some suggest that they use a blend of basic nootropic ingredients and another source claims that they only add in a basic nootropic additive.

The most beneficial nootropic supplements that we could find thus far are all highlighted in the top 10 list.

Cerebrax FAQ

  1. What is the proper Cerebrax dosage?
    It’s unknown at this time as to what the proper dosage is since they fail to provide a supplements facts list.

So What Really Works?

The brand that we felt offered the most nootropic support is the supplement called Memotenz. What made it stand out above the rest was the formula which is not only useful enough for all-around nootropic support, but many used it successfully for all types of purposes. People looking to reduce general fatigue saw benefits, and those who wanted extra improvements in brain health also saw change.

The reason for the many positive reviews is due to the fact that it is made only with pure ingredients which are included in useful amounts. Nothing is under dosed and it does not rely on cheap additives of any kind. Another great benefit from this was the fact that none of the reviews we looked at mentioned lacking or harsh effects. The formula is also easy to take as it does not require cycling or timed supplementation. With a lot to say about Memotenz we feel that the best source of information is here.

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