Ejaculoid Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Some potentially dangerous ingredients are used and the company had to perform a recall after contaminating their supplements. This is also poorly reviewed with many customers said it wasn’t worth using. Get a better understanding on what Ejaculoid can offer by going through the table of contents section.

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Ejaculoid Overview

The consumer consensus and the FDA recall already raise major red flags. There are also a lot of general male enhancement ingredients, but the fact they use 2 key additives which can lead to dangerous side effects is of concern.

The marketing itself makes this seem like it’s the best supplement out there, but the actual evidence is lacking. There isn’t good enough reason to favor this over other brands; too many flaws make this unnecessary.

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Ejaculoid Claims

This has general male enhancement benefits. They say it works for more sex drive, testosterone, blood flow, stamina, sexual pleasure and unique to this, increased ejaculate volume.

Sperm count is supposedly improved by this, though no mention is ever given to help explain the actual science behind this.
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No proof is ever provided to show how this is going to work, only claims are made. The suggestion is that this is going to lead to:

“Natural male explosions”

They don’t actually give much of an explanation as to what this means, but it’s likely meant for more semen volume.

Another unique thing about this supplement is that you can get it either with yohimbe, or without it. They don’t go on to explain the difference but with the yohimbe it will affect energy levels more, and it won’t be usable near bedtime as it can cause insomnia.

On January 2024 the FDA sent out a notice stating that they violated safety regulations. This was due to misbranding, failing to do proper maintenance, not doing enough of the necessary written procedures, and for complaints which were never processed. They also had to recall 2 of their supplements due to contamination with a prescription ingredient. The study concluded there was:

“sulfoaildenafil… similar…. To Sildenafil”

This ingredient can be used to prevent erectile dysfunction, but it’s only advised to use it if you have the recommendation of a medical professional. The fact they would try and make their supplement seem better by using a potentially dangerous ingredient showcases the fact they are looking to make a quick buck.

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Ejaculoid Ingredients

If you get the non-stimulant version it does not include yohimbe, and the proprietary blend would be 1,372 mg instead of 1,400 mg.

Proprietary Blend, 1400 mg (for stimulant blend)

  • Maca Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Jujube Fruit
  • Horny Goat Weed Part Leaf
  • GABA
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract
  • Cnidium Monnieri Extract
  • Longjack Powder Extract

A lot of aphrodisiacs are included; Maca, Tribulus Terrestris Horny Goat Weed, Cnidium Monnieri, and Longjack have some good studies to support their use. They can help improve overall testosterone, libido, and sexual function.

Yohimbe is only in the stimulant brand and it’s used to help prevent erectile dysfunction, supporting healthy blood flow.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is also intended to boost sexual function. Much of this is generally used in common male enhancement brands for good reason, it can provide all-around benefits.

Judging from the amount added in the non-simulant version, it may be that they use a total of 28 mg of yohimbe per serving. They don’t actually specific if this is so however, this is simply an assumption based on comparing the non-stimulant without this ingredient. Once again this highlights the fact the company doesn’t give enough of an explanation.

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The Science Behind Ejaculoid

They force customers to have to do their own research because all you get are broad claims on the official website. No testimonials or any explanation of the ingredients is ever provided.

Judging from what’s known about this brand, a lot of it can be useful for male enhancement. The problem is xanthoparmelia scabrosa is considered possibly toxic.
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This is exactly rhea on why the FDA suggests it:

“might be UNSAFE”

“(this has) poisonous chemicals… can cause healthy body cells to die”

Yohimbe is optional which is good, since it can be dangerous. A quick research shows that there have been several possible side effects seen in both customers and in clinical studies. Examine even conclude this could cause:

“manic psychosis or suicidal episodes”

They did research and found that often companies miscalculate the amount, sometimes adding much more than what was claimed. Some other side effects that Drugs.com has concluded are possible include:

“paralysis… central this is a good ingredient nervous system stimulation”

While this is optional, the xanthoparmelia scabrosa isn’t, and this is a major problem. There is no reason why anyone should use this ingredient; the risk factor is too high. The fact cell death is a possible side effect shows just how extreme it can be. This can cause serious long-term irreversible damage, and all that it’s intended for is more blood flow to combat erectile dysfunction.

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Word on the Street about Ejaculoid

“a slight change but it’s not permanent. You’re going to have to put in the effort to make this work”

“Ever since the FDA had to recall this the formula has nit ben the same, I’d avoid spending any money”

“Actually ended up worse, my sex drive went down and I found it harder to perform wen I needed it”

“You have to be careful about this product because Goliath labs is known for spiking their supplements with medication, you won’t know what you can expect from this”

There weren’t many experiences found online, but of the few available it was clear many didn’t like it. For a few users it actually made their impotence worst, they lost sexual desire and the ability to keep it up.

It’s unclear if the customers who had side effects were using the yohimbe version, so it’s important to keep in mind the few who had symptoms were possible experiencing stimulant related symptoms.

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Is Ejaculoid Worth a Try?

Far too many issues plague this brand, there’s no justification to use it. The fact they had 2 separate FDA related incidents is enough to discount them forever. They added banned perception ingredients in order to make their supplement seem better They also violate many FDA regulations and failed to follow proper safety protocols.
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The official website doesn’t even give any scientific proof or a detailed description of how this is intended to work, or what kind of value it can offer. The lack of ingredients prevents anyone from being able to fact check.

All you get are a few words to suggest what it may do, but no actual evidence is ever cited. They also add controversial ingredients been in the non-stimulant version.
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There’s an ingredient that can actually destroy healthy cells.

They don’t offer a money back guarantee either, so you’d be stuck with paying for a brand that many customers said failed to produce results. There were many mixed reviews and the majority said it didn’t work. Worse yet, some actually had side effects and there were issues with a sudden loss of sexual vigor.

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Ejaculoid vs Ball Refill

Ball Refill does offer a lot of great ingredients, much of which are used in Ejaculoid. It would have been preferable had they not used yohimbe and red food coloring however both of which may lead to side effects.

They also sell it for a cheap price but their website makes this seem like it’s going to produce a lot of great benefits, all this is made without proof. Their marketing makes it seems like a great product but when you examine the reviews, many failed to see any reliable benefits.

Ejaculoid vs Semenax

Inside of Semenax are many types of male enhancement ingredients, and those includes well-regarded and studied additives. Maca, horny goat weed, muira puama, and catuaba bark for example have a lot of good research to back up their use.

The questionable ingredient is the added Swedish flower which is lacking scientific studies. The official website doesn’t give enough detail to help suggest how this would work however. Not many have tried this and the few reviews available were mixed. The company is difficult to trust with their many bold claims made without proof.

Ejaculoid vs Volume Pills

Volume Pills has rarely used ingredients like Drilizen which is intended to boost erection strength. Unfortunately this and its added Solidilin are lacking enough actual clinical studies.

The price is also high for Volume Pills; you’re looking at $65 for the smallest bottle. The company is also poorly reviewed. Many said it didn’t promote any reliable benefits, and that it was not worth the total cost. They simply don’t offer enough in this to assure that it would provide benefits. There may be potential side effects from some of the ingredients.

Ejaculoid vs Stimuloid

These 2 supplements are made by the same company and the effects are intended to be stacked, you are advised to mix both for maximum effect. Timuloid is primarily marketed as an
extreme sexual stimulant”
and it focuses more on general aphrodisiacs though they do share horny got weed, longjack, cnidium, and yohimbe if you choose the stimulant version.

Less reviews are available for Stimuloid, but they are both poorly reviewed because customers often said it failed to provide any changes. There’s also red food coloring in this which is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Ejaculoid vs Ogoplex

Prostate support is the main intention behind Ogoplex. The ingredients are fairly basic, relying on saw palmetto which can treat an enlarged prostate. The rest of the ingredients are also sued to enhance prostate health, though lycopene is far less researched.

They do have a controversial auto-renewal plan which would not be preferable for all customers who simply want to try a single bottle’s worth. Many reviews also seem fraudulent since the company gives free samples in exchange for a review. You can’t rely on Ogoplex for improved male enhancement unfortunately, it’s too one dimensional.

Ejaculoid FAQ

  1. Do I have to worry about Ejaculoid side effects?
    Unfortunately because of ingredients like yohimbe and xanthoparmelia scabrosa, there is cause for concern. These additives can have the possibility of causing major side effects.
  1. Does Ejaculoid work?
    If you’re looking at only customer reviews, it seems unlikely to be effective. Judging from the ingredients there does appear to be a lot of potentially effective additives, but there are also ingredients to worry about.
  1. Can I find Ejaculoid on Amazon?
    There is an Amazon listing created by the company.
  1. Are there any before and after photos of Ejaculoid?
    Nom typically for supplements like this there wouldn’t be any before and after images.
  1. Are there any likely Ejaculoid results?
    If you look at the consumer reviews it showcases the fact many failed to see any positive changes. There were also side effects for some.
  1. What are the full Ejaculoid ingredients?
    It depends whether you are looking at the stimulant version or non-stimulant. Their non-stimulant contains maca, tribulus terrestris, jujube, horny goat weed, GABA, xanthoparmelia scabrosa, cnidium, longjack, and blue food coloring. Yohimbe is added to the stimulant version.
  1. Can I find Ejaculoid in the UK?
    Their official website dos offer international orders; to ship to the UK the processing fee is $10.20.
  1. Is Ejaculoid available at GNC?
    It’s not available at GNC at this moment.
  1. Is there an Ejaculoid video explanation?
    The company has an official video page but it’s really odd. They make it seem like a news broadcaster is examining their products, but it’s clear this is a marketing video. They basically explain how Ejaculoid can be mixed with another supplement and they give a basic rundown of what it’s meant to do.
  1. Can I find Ejaculoid at Vitamin Shoppe?
    Yes, and they offer it both online and in stores for.

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