EnhanceRx Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The simple formula, mixed reviews, and questionable marketing claims make this a very simple and unimpressive male enhancement product. There were some major issues we found with their exaggerated and unproven health claims. To find out what we uncovered about this supplement, review the table of contents.

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EnhanceRx Overview

You have to pay a good amount for this very simple blend of ingredients. It’s good they use natural additives and a lot of this has good science to back it up, there is no evidence for the major claims made bout extending penis size. You also quickly find that many customers didn’t like it; they often complained it failed to do anything at all.

We determined is that it’s not effective enough for reliable male enhancement change.

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EnhanceRx Claims

Apparently years of testing went into making this “most potent male enhancement pill”. They add that this can improve the amount of times an erection is had while increasing hardness and overall fullness.

They do mention that an exercise guide will further improve the results. The way they word it is strange, but it appears adding these exercises is necessary to ensure there are results.

They claim that this helps to increase blood flow which if maximized, can increase penis size. This does not mean that it would ever be able to keep the penis long such as when the user is not erect.

They add that their ingredients have been shown to help treat “various ailments… impotence to low testosterone”. They never actually cite the proof of this anywhere however, all you get are claims. The y even has a results section where they say that most men are unsatisfied with their penis size and that this can deliver many benefits. It’s impossible to take them at their word especially when thy use an image of a ruler to show how men’s penis size will be increased. It’s really tacky and doesn’t serve to actually prove anything.

Their FTC disclaimer goes on to say that their website has what is considered to be:

“generally expected results”

Another way of saying this is that they hope these results will occur, but they can’t prove it will be the same for all customers. They also have admitted that they pay models to help make the product seem like it’s worth using. It’ good that they are honest enough to admit this, but the fact they are looking to manipulate customers who may not read the full website is very misleading.

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EnhanceRx Ingredients

  • Niacin

Proprietary Blend, 530 mg

  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Maca Root
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Puama
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Schisandra
  • Bioperine
  • Tribulus Terrestris

These are the usual suspects, the same basic ingredients you’ll find in countless other male enhancement products. It’s not a bad thing, but the fact it’s mixed into a small 530 mg blend means you’re likely not going the support needed. More is needed to ensure you’re getting the prober amounts of each.

This has aphrodisiacs like Maca, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, and Ginseng.

For blood flow and circulation they add L-Arginine, Cayenne Pepper Extract, and Cinnamon Bark. Bioperine is a patented black pepper extract for improved digestion and bioavailability.

Schisandra is an adaptogen meant to help control stress. A brief explanation is offered on their official website to help explain the purpose of each ingredient.

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The Science Behind EnhanceRx

The explanation given as to how this works is by the herbal stimulating of blood flow. This goes into the spongy part of the penis, and by boosting blood flow it can maximize the strength and length of the penis. By making the penis chambers expand this allows for more blood flow to occur in the future, so with time it can make the results even better.

Their ingredients are explained but they only reference what some studies found, they never actually link any real scientific proof.

Each ingredient does have science to support its use however.
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Schisandra is one rare ingredient which is lacking sufficient studied and Examine.com did say there is:

“limited Western evidence”

Much of the information about this can only be found from old research which has yet to be updated. Otherwise the formula is good, L-Arginine being a standout ingredient which can enhance blood flow. There’s good reason why Web MD has determined it is:

“involved in a number of… functions”

This can help relax the arteries and thereby make it easier for blood to pump all through the body. This can lead to more blood flow in the sexual organs, making it easier to keep an erection going strong.

Many aphrodisiacs are used like Maca for example. There is a lot of evidence to help support the use of this.
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This is exactly the reason why Web MD considers this:

“might have… positive effect on sexual dysfunction”

They also have added Niacin, a mineral responsible for preventing erectile dysfunction and other health benefits. The only problem is that thy do add a total of 11 ingredients in a 530 mg blend. Bioperine is one ingredient which has no direct impact on male sexual enhancement, so the male enhancement potential is further reduced.

All these ingredients need to be added in amounts of around 100 mg at least. This is in order to help maximize the possible benefits. With very little added it’s difficult to see much benefit from it.

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Word on the Street about EnhanceRx

“Tried a full 3 bottles worth and it all failed to do anything at all. 3 months down the drain for me”

“Yeah it didn’t work for me and I tried taking as much as I could”

“Not at all effective for my needs, I would avoid it if I were you it was a waste of my money and time”

“I saw no benefit from this and I made sure to take it as directed. I don’t see why this is so well-regarded it failed to do anything at all”

There weren’t many experiences available, but of the few opinions online the general consensus was negative. Nothing happened at all for most customers. No change in penis size, libido, mood, energy, or any kind of sexual enhancement.
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Is EnhanceRx Worth a Try?

You can find better solutions for male enhancement.
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The biggest take way from this supplement is the fact they have a lot of hype surrounding it, but when you factor in the mixed reviews and basic formula it leaves much to be desired.

Every single ingredient is blended into a small propriety mixture and all of this can be found within countless other male enhancement products. You need a lot more of each ingredient in order to help maximize the possible benefits. The claim this is the number 1 brand and that it will increase penis size is never actually proven.

The also use paid models which is revealed on their FTC disclaimer. This is meant to make it appear to be much better than it actually would be. They also admit that the intended results may not occur, and it depends on the individual person. This is basically their way of admitting it may not do anything at all.

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EnhanceRx vs VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus has a lot of negative reviews from customers who often say it failed to do anything. There’s also a strange lack of quality control as the official website mentions to look for the ID number to make sure you’re getting a trusted product.

The biggest issue was the many complaints claiming it failed to produce any benefits. There’s also very few ingredients in this, and all of it can be found in basic male enhancement supplements.

EnhanceRx vs Rexavar

A lot of bold claims are made for both of these supplements but Rexavar takes it a step further by saying it’s the “world’s strongest”. No proof is provided and really no company could prove or disprove this strange claim.

The ingredients are also similar for both brands, though Rexavar does have Vinus Vinefera and Long Pepper, both of which are rarely used in male enhancement products. Rexavar offers no evidence to prove its claims and though it sounds impressive they don’t verify any of their marketing hype.

EnhanceRx vs Vimax

The ingredients in Vimax are very similar except that there is added Dodder Seed and Avena Sativa. The price is fairly high for what you’re getting, though EnhanceRx is even more expensive.

Finding information about the potential use of Vimax is difficult since there were no consumer reviews. The company was also warned by the FDA for their use of a prescription ingredient, this forced a recall and the company has yet to mention what happened. Their website also has odd unprofessional information about race and gender.

EnhanceRx vs Viagra

The cost for Viagra is going to be more and you have to be careful to take it as prescribed. This has to be used alongside the support of a dedicated physician who can assure that the user isn’t dealing with any harsh symptoms.

The major difference with Viagra is that you can’t have any cardiovascular or blood pressure related issues. Generally supplements like EnhanceRx can be used without the necessary extra attention. Reviews for both of these products were mixed.

EnhanceRx vs Extenze

Extenze is far more popular but there’s a major issue with customer service. There were also lawsuits filed against the company due to false male enhancement claims.
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You also have to be careful about the use of 2 unwanted ingredients, Xanthoparmelia scabrosa and yohimbe are potentially hazardous. Some customers complained about experiencing dangerous side effects which made it impossible to continue using it. Other than these 2 ingredients the rest of the formula is really simple and common to similar products.

EnhanceRx FAQ

  1. How many inches will EnhanceRx increase my penis by?
    They claim users will get a longer and harder erection but they don’t give any estimates on how much bigger. An image of a ruler ne to a female hand is shown to make it appear as if penis length will increase but this is just marketing to hype up the product. The truth is a supplement can only maximize blood flow, allowing for reactions to get bigger. When the penis is not aroused it will go back to its regular size.
  1. Are there any EnhanceRx side effects to worry about?
    We couldn’t find any customer opinions of side effects and though we don’t know the exact formula, they use generally well-tolerated ingredients.
  1. Is EnhanceRx available at GNC?
    They do not offer it on GNC unfortunately and it does not appear the ever have.
  1. What is the EnhanceRx phone number?
    1800-598-5621, and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm PST.
  1. Can I Get a free trial of EnhanceRx?
    No free trial is offered on the official website, only bulk purchases.
  1. Is EnhanceRx at Walgreens?
    Not at this time, they do not feature it on their official website or in stores.
  1. What do the Amazon reviews of EnhanceRx have to say about it?
    There were 5 negative reviews and 2 positive opinions on one page. The common complaint was that it failed to do anything.
  1. What are the key EnhanceRx ingredients?
    They use L-Arginine, schisandra, cayenne pepper, Catuaba, muira puama, maca, ginkgo biloba, Korean red ginseng, saw palmetto, and bioperine.
  1. What do Yahoo reviews have to say about EnhanceRx?
    Threads that asked about this supplement were mostly full of spam with links to other websites, and some said it was simply a scam since it doesn’t actually enhance penis length or girth.
  1. What can you tell me about EnhanceRx?
    There’s plenty of great claim made about its use but a lot of its claims are never proven. The ingredients are fairly basic and though they may promote erections, it’s not going to increase penis size.

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So What Really Works?

The reason why we determined Viritenz was the best male enhancement product was for several reasons. The dosage strength was good enough to provide lasting support, all the ingredients are added in the right amount, and customers said they had an improvement to their libido.

The company gives a great breakdown of what this can do and the reason it works so well is because of the many natural herbs. This has aphrodisiacs which can benefit both the mind and body, producing more blood flow, sexual intimacy, desire, and overall endurance. We broke down Viritenz further in this review so you can read about what it can offer for male enhancement.

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