11 Brain exercises to improve memory

Memory is an intellectual ability to collect, store and retrieve events that people have experienced in the past. There are short-term memory and long term memory. Short-lived term and long-term can switch to and store forever. Not many of us can boast of a good memory, but some people can proud that they have good methods to maintain memory. Some basic exercises will help you achieve great efficiency in mind. Scientists have confirmed the link between the brain exercises to improve memory. It helps increase oxygen to the brain and maintains healthy brain cells.

11 Brain Exercise To Improve Memory

Scientists have found a direct relationship between exercises and brain health. Studies have shown that the body’s ability to accurately adjust the levels of glucose may help regenerate tissue and healthy brain.

They also show that exercises increase the amount of oxygen to the brain, which maintain healthy brain cells. The best thing you can do to improve your memory is to maintain a healthy weight and one exercise at least 150 minutes per week. Working actively not only helps you maintain the health and agile but also helps the brain process information more quickly. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the brain exercise to improve memory  I would like to introduce the reader of vkool.com today. Here are some brain exercises to improve memory which simply helps you maintain brain power and enhance memory to enjoy life:

1. Art Subjects:

exercises to improve memory - art subjects

This is actually a useful one out of the best exercises to improve memory that I would like to reveal in the entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and make use as soon as possible for good!

Art is a form of great form of exercise for brain, it does not only enhance the activity of the brain at the language you use but also stimulate creativity, skills, flexibility and logical thinking.  Art encourages brain development of innovative thinking on many aspects. Besides, you should study the subjects you want to learn about them as male, drawing, dancing, computer graphics or any activity that you love. This is actually one out of the most useful and natural brain exercise to improve memory that people should learn and make use to increase the ability to remember things without using any type of pills, drugs, or medical interventions.

2. Enhancing Vocabulary:

exercises to improve memory - enhancing vocabulary

You should learn new words, subscribe to news, regularly read articles and new lists of words you do not know. That way will help you make an impression when talking to your boss, enhance memory and build vocabulary. This is one of the best brain exercises to improve memory that I want to introduce to my readers and hope that all of them will practice every day with the aim of having a good memory.

Not only very exciting, now everyone can enrich the knowledge, so try these games out!

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3. Studying A New Language: 

exercises to improve memory - studying a new language

There are many interesting languages for you to study such as Japanese, Chinese… Learning a new language is a good way to enhance the ability of thinking and gathering information to the brain. You will probably find it difficult to memorize the vocabulary of a foreign language, but the more difficult to remember, the more brain function work properly. Learning a new language helps the brain work continuously and improves memory. It’s not only a good brain exercise to increase memory but also generates great promotion opportunities for your career. Moreover, the person who knows many languages is being targeted of professional recruiters. So you just need to learn language harder to have a healthy brain.

4. Mental Arithmetic: 

exercises to improve memory - mental arithmetic

Another brain exercise to improve memory that I would like to reveal in this article and want you and my other dear readers to learn and make use as soon as possible is mental arithmetic. You should do a sum in your head when shopping, buying goods … Mental calculation helps to mobilize brains and enhance memory. You should calculate mentally instead of abusing calculators every day. It is very difficult to perform simple calculations in your head when you are older. Mental arithmetic is a simple way to help brain is always active.

5. Listening To Music: 

exercises to improve memory - listening to music

Music has an important influence on the development of the brain. This is one of the best exercises to improve memory. You should listen to a song that you love (to his homeland, life …) several times to help the brain to become familiar with the melody and the rhythm of the music gradually memorizes the entire song. Then you copy the lyric of the song to the paper and learn by heart it. This will enhance the brain’s ability to remember. After a period (2 weeks or 1 month) you memorize that song (the lyrics and melody). The aim of this brain exercise is to help increase your memory.

6. Focusing Within 8 Seconds:

exercises to improve memory - focusing within 8 seconds

The method of this brain exercise to improve memory is that you should focus thinking about something to remember (anniversary grandparents, class meeting time …) within 8 seconds. 8 seconds seems to be a very short time. However it is the time necessary to be able to move information from short-term memory into long-term memory of the people. This is actually one of the best brain exercises to improve memory that some studies have tested and confirmed. Therefore, the reader should apply and practice every day.

7. Positive Thinking About Yourself And Life: 

exercises to improve memory - positive thinking about yourself and life

The method of this exercise is always thinking about a better future: simple life, happy family, good children. Having a comfortable life is the aim of this brain exercise to improve memory.  Life and spirit are always happy to have an abundant strength and a toughness memory. An optimistic mindset, love life will increase the work efficiency of the brain and help you avoid depression, and bring you much joy and happiness. Thus, this is one of the best brain exercises to improve memory that people should not look down but try making use of it to enhance your brain.

8. Using Map: 

exercises to improve memory - using map

Using map instead of GPS is the good brain exercise to improve memory that all men and women should know if you go out to have a good brain. Today, GPS technology is very useful when you arrive in a strange land. However, you become dependent on the technology and lose your ability to analyze. So do not forget to choose a map to locate the location instead of using GPS, which helps promote analytical skills and your imagination. Using map is one of the most useful and natural exercises for your brain.

9. Closing Your Eyes: 

exercises to improve memory - closing your eyes

It’s very easy to do this exercise. You close your eyes, count the color of the letters in order in the Google name, or the name of the stores in front of your house, then you check for accuracy. You should gradually increase the difficulty of the exercises to get sharp memory. You can also do brain exercise to improve memory from: write down a bunch of words, read once and think quickly to see how many words you can remember. You should start with 10 words and increase gradually.

10. Limiting Use Of Catalog Shopping: 

exercises to improve memory - limiting use of catalog shopping

You often list what to buy before you go shopping to avoid the omission of essential items. However, you should try to ignore this useful habit and get a chance for the brain more active. Initially, you may forget some things, but when going through the shelves, you will gradually remember everything should buy without a shopping list. Therefore, your brain is active and improved gradually. According some studying of scientists, this is one of the significant brain exercises to improve memory.

11. Wearing A Backwards Clock: 

exercises to improve memory - wearing a backwards clock

This is the last but very important one out of the best exercises to improve memory that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want my readers to learn and make use as soon as possible. Wearing a backwards clock sounds rather funny but is a way of mobilizing quite efficient brain. A bit of small change will cause your brain to operate more forced to play due to disorganization. Sure, at first you will have difficulties and confusion in terms of time but this is a great challenge to help improve brain flexibility.

Besides these brain exercises to improve memory, you should do some other activities such as: reading newspaper, writing letters, playing crosswords… Old age accompanied by a decline in health, especially the memory impairment (say and forget, to do not do, or confused …) affects the quality of life. So to train and improve memory,  from a young age we need do the habit: getting enough sleep 8 hours / day, go to bed on time, practicing sports, listening to music, reading, logging … to train up the habit for the brain, limiting the memory impairment in old age… One more thing that my readers should do after reading my writing today and learning about the best brain exercises to improve memory is that you should spend time reading another writing that also mentioned same things about memory – the How To Improve Memory Retention Naturally – 19 Tips Revealed! article. This is actually a great gathering of useful and interesting exercises that are good for your brain and will help you improve memory fast without using any type of pills, drugs, or medications.

The list today is a full collection of the top 11 best brain exercises to improve memory that both men and women visiting this site and other people who are also want to improve the ability to remember things should learn and make use as soon as possible. These exercises included in this article are proven 100% good and safe to make use and would be useful for everyone so that you and any other reader can make use of these exercises without concerning anything about the mistakes you may get. Moreover, you should spend time visiting our page to know more about tips and tricks which are good for your life.

After reading the writing of the list of 11 brain exercise to improve memory, I hope that you have already learned the most useful information that is necessary for your life. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your feedbacks and  comments below. I promise to reply you as soon as possible.

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