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Even though it isn’t the worst male enhancement brand it’s also not very impressive, little is added to this and you can’t get a return on opened bottles. The mixed reviews also make it clear; it leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to get a good understanding for what this can offer, review the table of contents to get the basics.

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Gamma-O Overview

This non-hormonal testosterone booster is also meant to deliver a lot of other benefits. They market this as having “no banned substances” which is odd, since every supplement can make the same claim. The ingredients are basic and very little is in this to suggest it would have any profound effects.

The marketing for this makes it seem like a supplement which can be used even by athletes who need their T levels to be high, but it’s not that impressive when you look into it.

There’s a simple breakdown of the top 10 male enhancement brands to help people understand what their best options are.

Gamma-O Claims

Improved stamina, libido, muscle, and strength are all claimed, which is what you’d expect to hear from a supplement meant to boost testosterone. If you click their “read more” heading they go on to say how this has been reformulated. This version of Gamma-O is their second reformulation, and it is supposedly helpful at boosting recovery time between workouts.

They say that this can boost testosterone by “up to 800%” and that it can make more endorphins as well as lowering cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is important to reduce in order to keep testosterone up. They say that this has been:

“scientifically as well as clinically proven”

The problem with this statement is that they never actually cite any evidence. They also say that this blend was made especially for athletes and bodybuilder’s and though this may be true, this is not backed by any evidence.

Yet another unverified claim is that they use a specific ingredient in its “most powerful form” that is absorbable by humans. The only likely claim that seems true is that they do not use any banned substances. This is a very strange thing to mention however, since legally no supplement can ever use any banned ingredients, it’s even in the name, why they would go on to mention this as a benefit is never explained but it adds to the strangeness of this product.

They make plenty of claims but they fail to deliver by citing proof. You can’t trust that they are truly telling the truth.

Another problem is that their return policy is only for unopened bottles. The only way to get your money back is if everything is sent back as it was deliver, with all the same packaging, paperwork, with paid tracking, and only if it is purchased direct from them. They also don’t offer discounts for bulk purchases, and this is very pricy at $74.99 per monthly supply.

They say that results should by the end of the beginning month and that added effects come with continued use. It’s also mentioned that:

“case studies had noticeable increases”

They claim this came after:

“30, 60, and 90 days”

With a few months of use there should be a:

“new base level”

What this means specifically is never mentioned, all these claims are also very specific yet they never publish their supposed “case studies”. They even suggest this is safe and without any side effects yet they continue to provide no evidence. All these claims are impossible to verify and it’s unknown why they would claim to have performed studies, yet they never provide proof of this. By providing customers with evidence it would help make it appear stronger, it makes absolutely no sense why they would hide this valuable information, it only shows that they may be lying or exaggerating.

The company also has been rated negatively and some even said they were:

“unprofessional and untrustworthy”

There were complaints about not receiving shipment and of getting notifications that a package was received, even though they never got what they paid for. Many say that they have automated systems and instead of reading emails, you get a simple response back which often did not address the issue that customers had.

There was also a poor 23% “bad” rating on Trust Pilot which dissatisfied customers.

We want to make sure men know which brands would be the most comprehensive for male enhancement support, which is why we made this top 10 product list.

Gamma-O Ingredients

  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)
  • Gamma Oryzanol
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)
  • Maca Root Powder

Very little is included in this mix but they do use generally well-regarded ingredients. Maca Root for example is a traditionally used aphrodisiac which can support sperm production and overall virility. You’ll often find this in a sexual male enhancement product.

Indole-3-Carbinol is a chemical that is found naturally in many kinds of vegetables and it can help reduce estrogen while providing antioxidant benefits.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid which is used for fat loss and for supporting the immune system.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin which is useful regulating mood, energy, and overall health. This is often produced naturally with sunlight, but it can be poorly processed by some, making it necessary to supplement with it.

The single unique active ingredient is Gamma Oryzanol is made from rice brain oil and it’s used for many purposes, it’s used in this supplement in order to help increase testosterone. As we see in the next section, this was not proven effective for that intended benefit.

As far as inactive ingredients most of it is fairly basic, but they also make sure to add two kinds of food coloring. Both FD&C Yellow #5 and FD&C Yellow #6 are added, both unnecessary food colorings which only affect the appearance.

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The Science Behind Gamma-O

Even though they do say there are studies performed and legitimate science, there is no actual evidence of any kind provided. They only provide basic claims; no actual proof is ever posted anywhere. This requires those interested to have to read about what it can do by researching it.

We looked at many ingredients additives like maca are good for many possible benefits Examine has mentioned like:

“Protect the brain… improve bone health… improve cognitive ability”

This is of course used more for its aphrodisiac benefits which can support sexual health.

Gamma oryzanol is a major ingredient and it’s not actually as effective as it is claimed. This was denied by Examine who says:

“It does not increase testosterone”

They even say that the optimal dose is not known even though it does not work. The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics of University Putra Malaysia says that they tested this ingredient and that it had:

“no significant difference between placebo”

The information about its safety is not known, so it’s impossible to tell what it may do.

Indole-3-Carbinol has been researched and Oregon State University says that as far as estrogen this is suggested to be possibly “anti-estrogenic”.

Vitamin D3 is of course an important vitamin which is currently added at a 375% of the daily dosage strength amount. This is a lot to include in a single daily serving, seeing as how it’s nearly 4 days’ worth of this additive.

There isn’t much support offered by this formula and the company fails to provide their own claimed science to back it up. They also cheapen it further by adding 2 different kinds of food coloring. FD&C Yellow #5 is considered by Live Strong to be a cause of increased hyperactivity, allergies, and even cancer. There is no benefit at all to include this potentially hazardous ingredient, and it raises questions on why this is even added in the first place.

Plenty of brands were looked at and no better options were seen than the male enhancement brands in this list.

Word on the Street about Gamma-O

“the bottle was full of broken and useless pills which made it impossible to truly try it, what a waste of money”

“I took it just how the bottle claimed and this was not effective, I think simple exercise would have a better effect”

“Saw a loss of libido and headaches and this was going on daily, made it hard to try this due to the symptoms”

“I suppose everyone is different but when with a 2 month amount I failed to see the support I was looking for so for me, it’s a fail”

There was a decent amount of reviews online and on Amazon they compiled a full 18 negative reviews. What was very telling was the act that 4 of the customers who left their opinion said that the bottles they received were full of pills which were cracked open. This caused for the liquid formula to leak everywhere, making it smell as soon as they opened the container. The company claims returns are offered on mishandled packages so hopefully they correct this problem.

It’s unknown why this happens in the first place and what they do to have this problem repeat so often.

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Is Gamma-O Worth a Try?

There isn’t much to be had here and to add to it, you can’t get your money back if a bottle is opened. The feedback from customers was too mixed to consider this a potentially useful supplement and even though some of the blend is good, there’s also unproven ingredients added in high amounts. Simply put, it’s not as good as it’s claimed.

The company tries to make this appear as if it’s going to deliver a lot of benefits, but a large amount of users said it did nothing. With so much negative feedback its clear his is lacking. The price is also far too much for what is offered here. Many customers also said they were sent bottles full of broken pills, this occurred far too many times to think it was a rare accident. This may mean there are issues with the manufacturing process.

This blend also has 2 different forms of artificial food coloring which should have never been used. There’s no good reason to ever justify these kinds of cheap ingredients. This is very costly and there should never be this high of a cost for a brand which uses so little additives, which are then mixed with artificial food coloring. Their feedback for their business practices was often negative, and many said they felt like they were not treated fairly.

See through the marketing hype and instead enjoy the benefits of a supportive and all-around effective male enhancement product.

Gamma-O FAQ

  1. What are some common Gamma O reviews?
    It was mixed, while a lot of people said it had zero effect, a few customers did say it was supportive. When there are these many mixed experiences it’s hard to say for certain what is likely.
  1. Does Gamma O work?
    We can’t say whether a supplement will or won’t work because everyone is different, but there were a lot of negative reviews with many saying it had no effect.
  1. Does Gamma O come in a liquid?
    Yes, there are sales of the pure liquid online, but for unknown reasons the official company website does not mention this. It’s unknown if this means that it is now discontinued, but this is usually the case when you can’t find information for a product from the source. They also make this in liquid capsules which are what the regular supplement comes in.
  1. Are there any Gamma O Testosterone booster side effects?
    Acne was an issue for a customer and another said it caused a loss of libido, but that’s the only side effects that were found from online reviews.
  1. What is Gamma Labs phone number?
    You can reach them direct at (877) 426-6262.
  1. What can you tell me about Gamma O v2?
    This is the latest version of this supplement which is currently the only version available on the official website. The active ingredients are natural and there are only 5 ingredients, and 1 out of 5 is nutrients. The main ingredient which this brand is named off of has been shown to be ineffective at boosting testosterone. This may be why quite a few users said it was not impressive.

The research made it clear to see, these top 10 brands offer the most supportive male enhancement change.

So What Really Works?

The most complete male enhancement product that we have reviewed this year was Viritenz. When we looked at both the ingredients and the consumer experiences, it was easy to see how effective it could be. There’s a lot of possible support through its aphrodisiac rich blend and supportive nutrients.

This can help boost testosterone for overall virility, support healthy sexual desire, and assist blood flow for endurance and all-around physical tasks. The boost of blood flow also can translate into erections which last longer. The entire blend is also made without any kinds of cheap or unnecessary ingredients which can worsen the formula. The best support for natural male enhancement is possible through Viritenz, click to examine.

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