Good Morning Exercises To Lose Weight With Detailed Instructions

Do you think that you can lose weight with quick exercises in the morning? In fact, you can if you follow the right physical routine. In this article on VKool site, you are going to discover steps to start your exercise routine, the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises and good morning exercises to lose weight effectively.

Good Morning Exercises To Lose Weight That Work

I. Steps To Start Your Exercise Routine

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If you are trying to shed pounds, work toward a physical routine of 60 – 90 minutes of workout regularly. However, that is a lot to question someone who is just beginning out. If you are among them, try following an exercise routine, first in quick chunks of time for 10 or 15 minutes a few times per day, and a few days per week.

To get a morning exercise routine going, you should consider following the below steps.

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1. Talk To Your Doctor First

good morning exercises

It is recommended having regular health exam to get of risk factors of heart disease, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Thereby, you can also do the right exercises or follow an exercise program for your health improvement. For instance, if you want to control your weight that related to your fatty liver and diabetes, exercise every morning regularly by walking or running. Your doctor will instruct you to choose the right exercise program and you just need to follow and notice your health and weight control after several months later.

2. Start With Walking

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Walking is a moderate exercise that is suitable for people in different ages. Set your short-term goal first by following 10 to 15 minute exercise program, then increase the number of workout time gradually. Walking with your dog is also a great ways as it gets you and your pet out for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning, and you should do it for about 20 minutes more at night.
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If you can get your partner or someone up to exercises together for about 45 to 60 minutes regularly, you will consider major success.

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3. Consider A Health Club

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When it comes to good morning exercises, don’t forget to take part in a health club where you can find the right exercise program for you, find your friend and increase the success levels of your weight control. Also, this is a professional ways for people who don’t have enough time or equipment to follow a physical program regularly.

4. Buy Workout DVDS

good morning exercises

If you want to exercise to lose weight at home, consider high quality exercises DVDs with detailed instructions and illustrations. This helps you save your time while following your exercise routine regularly for better results.

5. Don’t Forget Weekends

good morning exercises

For those who are busy, they can still follow a weekend exercise program within 2 or 4 times a week. Though it is not as good as daily regular exercise routines, it still helps you be motivated to burn fat and lose weight weekly. Furthermore, it depends on the effectiveness of exercises you choose. For instance, if you can exercise everyday, you can choose moderate exercises such as walking, stretches, or biking. And if you just can exercise in weekends, choose swimming, aerobics, running or basketball.
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Below is the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises. Check them out and choose the right good morning exercises to lose weight fast!

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II. The Estimate Of The Average Calorie Burning Of 30-Minute Exercises

good morning exercises

Keep in mind that structured physical activities is important. When it comes to good morning exercises to lose weight, Yoga, walking, lifting weights, running, swimming or biking can one of the best morning exercise choices.

Here is the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises that you may want to know:

1. Vigorous Exercises

good morning exercises

  • 5 mph running or jogging: 295 calories
  • 10 mph bicycling: 195 calories
  • slow freestyle lap swimming: 255 calories
  • Basketball: 220 calories
  • Aerobics: 240 calories

2. Moderate Exercises

good morning exercises

  • 3.5 miles mph walking: 140 calories
  • light workout weight training: 110 calories
  • less than 10 mph biking: 145 calories
  • Dancing: 165 calories
  • Stretching: 90 calories

III. Good Morning Exercises To Lose Weight

1. Wake Up With Crunches

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Start with an easy exercise that is harder than sleeping with simple movements that take you about 3 to 4 minutes.


  • Regular Crunch: do about 10 to 20 reps by lifting your shoulder blades off the ground
  • Reverse Crunch: do 10 to 20 reps by lifting your hips off the ground
  • Double Crunch: do 10 to reps by lifting your shoulders and hips of the ground simultaneously
  • Left Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your right elbow to your left knee
  • Right Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your left elbow to your right knee
  • Bicycle Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your right or left elbow to your left or right knee as if you are bicycling your legs
  • Plank pose: do it for about 30 to 60 seconds
  • Stomach stretch: do it for about 30 seconds

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2. Jumping Jacks Or Pushups

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Next to good morning exercises to lose weight at home, you can do jumping jacks or pushups that take you about 3 to 5 minutes.


  • Do 10 jumping jacks or do 10 pushups
  • Repeat the cycle for about 10 times that depends on your strength and fitness level.
  • Do 10 sets within 3 to 5 minutes

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3. Multi-Joint Dumbbell Exercises

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With a couple of dumbbells in hands, you can do different multi-joint dumbbell exercises for weight control.


  • Do bicep curl – military press – tricep extensions for about 10 to15 reps
  • Do squats – bicep curl – military press – tricep extension for about 10 to 15 reps
  • Do squat thrust – pushup (5 times) – stand up – bicep curl military press – tricep extension for about 5 to10 reps

If you do one of these movements, it just takes 30 seconds each set. You can mix in a few sets of the exercise to complete a challenging full body workout cycle.

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4. Lunges

good morning exercises Lungs will help tone your bum and legs for body sharp control.


  • Start by standing with the feet, hip width apart and the hands on the hips
  • Next, take a large step forward on the right foot, keep your body weight on the left foot
  • Then, bend the left knee until hovering off the ground
  • The knee of the right leg is directly above the right ankle
  • Hold this position for 1 second, then return the right foot and come back to the standing position
  • Do it on your left leg

Repeat 10 to 15 on each of your leg. When you are experience, you can increase to 2 or 3 sets for 10 to 15 lunges.

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5. Band Good Morning

good morning exercises

Next to good morning exercises to lose weight, consider band workout.


  • Start by using a 41-inch band and stand on 1 of its end
  • Next, spread the feet a small amount
  • Then, bend at your hips to loop the band end behind your neck (like the starting position)
  • Next, keep your legs straight and extend through your hips to form a vertical position
  • Make sure that you don’t round the back when you get down back to the beginning position

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6. Shoulder Presses

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Beside band exercise, you can do shoulder presses for toning your shoulders.


  • First, stand with the feet, hip width apart, the hands on top of the shoulders and the elbows out to your side
  • Next, push up, then bring the arms back to the starting position
  • Do about 15 to 20, build up to 2 slowly, then do 3 sets

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Arm Circles

Next to good morning exercises, do arm circles for toning up your arms.


  • Start by standing with the feet, hip width apart, and the arms stretched out to the side, the palms facing down
  • Next, rotate the arms clockwise, make a circle with the hands, then anti-clockwise, then make another circle. Finish 1 repetition
  • Do about 20 repetitions, build up to 2 and then 3 sets

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Bottom line:

These are 7 recommended good morning exercises to lose weight. Depending on your time, strength, and fitness level to choose yourself the right exercises! Thanks for reading! If you like this post, make a thump up or share it with others!

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