50 Healthy Benefits On Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

When you jump in the shower, it is highly likely that the first thing you do is adjust the temperature. The majority of individual cranks the temperature up fairly high and enjoys the comfort of the hot water. Every so often, it is a good idea to turn on the cold water.  Why? Well, cold showers can be just as beneficial as hot showers. Within this guide, you will learn about 50 benefits of hot and cold showers.

Benefits Of Cold Showers

1. Enhance Immunity

hot shower vs cold shower -enhance immunity

Through the utilization of cold water, it is actually possible to enhance your immunity. Typically, this will help your body right off infections and possibly even cancer!

2. Boost The Metabolism

hot shower vs cold shower -boost the metabolism

Although many people do not know it, a cold shower can actually boost the body’s metabolism. When this happens, it prepares the body to fight off dangerous diseases, including diabetes, rheumatic disease, and even depression.

3. Balance Your Blood Pressure

hot shower vs cold shower -balance your blood pressure

If you’re worried about your blood pressure levels, you should jump into a nice cold shower! The cold water is capable of helping to balance out and normalize your blood pressure levels.

4. Reduce Inflammation

hot shower vs cold shower -reduce inflammation

If you’re experiencing swelling, you will want to consider jumping into a cold shower. Think about the cold water, as you would a bag of ice. The coldness is capable of helping your body eliminate inflammation or swelling.

5. Reduce Stress

hot shower vs cold shower -reduce stress

When you emerge yourself in cold water, the water can have a major impact on your autonomic nervous system. In this sense, it will help to reduce the stress that you feel.

6. No More Insomnia

hot shower vs cold shower -no more insomnia

If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep, you should jump into some cold water. As mentioned above, the cold water can help to reduce stress, which will make it much easier for you to sleep, at night!

7. Mood Booster

hot shower vs cold shower -mood booster

 When you’re feeling down and out, you should jump into a cold shower! The cold water has been proven to be able to help promote a better mood while also improving motivation.

8. Faster Recovery

hot shower vs cold shower -faster recovery

After strenuous exercise, a lot of people feel the need to jump into the shower. If this something you regularly do, you should make sure to turn the water on cold, as this will help to boost your body’s recovery and ensure that you get back to 100% much quicker.

9. Alleviate Depression

hot shower vs cold shower -alleviate depression

Depression can be a pain and can very well put you into a terrible state of mind. By taking a cold shower, you can stimulate the brain and encourage it to produce noradrenaline. This chemical is capable of helping to fight off the depression and can return you to feeling amazing again.

10. Enhance Lymphatic Movement

hot shower vs cold shower -enhance lymphatic movement

The body’s lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste from the cells. With cold water, it is possible to enhance this system and ensure that it removes an increases amount of waste. This can help to ensure that your body is clean and working efficiently.

11. Decrease Body Temperature

hot shower vs cold shower -decrease body temperature

If you are suffering from a high fever, you will find that a cold shower is very beneficial because it is capable of decreasing your body temperature. Of course, you may find it very difficult to stay in the shower for more than 5-10 minutes, but this will be long enough for your temperature to drop several degrees.

12. Increase Alertness

hot shower vs cold shower -increase alertness

 If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, you should consider hopping in the shower. Cold water can increase your alertness and zap that drowsiness away. This is definitely the best way to fully wakeup before you head out the door to work or school.

13. Energize Your Body

hot shower vs cold shower -energize your body

If you feel like you are in need of a good boost of energy, you should just take a cold shower. The cold water is capable of increasing your pulse so a huge burst of blood will circulate throughout your entire body. This will give you that much-needed boost of energy that you need to complete your daily tasks.

14. Close Skin Pores

hot shower vs cold shower -close skin pores

Cold water will close your skin pores, so dirt and debris will not be able to embed in them. This is the best way to combat blackheads. Just take a cold shower, before you apply your makeup to prevent clogged pores.

15. Healthier Skin Cells

hot shower vs cold shower -healthier skin cells

Cold showers are great for your hair because it will close off your skin pores, so no dirt, oil, or debris will be able to embed in them. This alone will help keep your hair looking full and healthy. Your skin cells will be thriving as well because you are preventing dirt and oil from clogging their existence.

16. Increase Blood Circulation

hot shower vs cold shower -increase blood circulation

If you are looking for a solution to get your blood circulating, you should consider a cold shower. This will improve your overall heart health, so you can fight off hypertension (high blood pressure) and blocked arteries.

17. Burn White Fat

hot shower vs cold shower -burn white fat

If you have gained a few pounds and need a quick remedy to help shed them, you should hop in a cold shower. Cold water can help your body burn off those white fat pounds, so you can fit into that sexy dress again.

18. Help Relieve Gout Symptoms

hot shower vs cold shower -help relieve gout symptoms

Gout is very painful and most often found in the big toe. High levels of uric acid in the blood is what triggers gout symptoms. There have been several scientific studies that have proven that cold showers can reduce uric acid levels.

19. Deeper Breathing

hot shower vs cold shower -deeper breathing

When entering a cold shower, your body will attempt to combat the stress of the severe cold, which will result in deeper breathing and opening up the lungs.

20. Detoxify

hot shower vs cold shower -detoxify

If you want to cleanse your body of harmful chemicals, you’ll need to detox. There is no better way to do this than by utilizing cold water!

21. Reduce Pain

hot shower vs cold shower -reduce pain

When you enter cold water, your body will begin to release endorphins. These hormones have been proven to be able to help the body fight off pain.

22. Increase Hormone Production

hot shower vs cold shower -increase hormone production

Are you looking for an all-natural hormone booster? If so, you should definitely take the cold shower into consideration. Not only will cold water help boost your hormone production, but it will give you the willpower needed to take on the world.

23. Calm Anxiety

hot shower vs cold shower -calm anxiety

If you suffer from extreme anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to combat an attack. It has been proven that a cold shower will act as an oxidative stress and immediately relieve your anxiety and calm you down.

24. Increase Testosterone

hot shower vs cold shower -increase testosterone

Do you suffer from low testosterone levels, which interfere with your sex life? It has been proven that a cold shower will boost the testosterone levels. Just make sure that you allow your testes to soothe under the cold water.

25. Increase Sperm Cell Count

hot shower vs cold shower -increase sperm cell count

Low sperm cell count can definitely cause you to be infertile. If you are looking for an all-natural way to increase your swimmers, you should definitely start taking cold showers. You will need to do this over a period time, in order for it to work effectively.

Benefits Of Hot Water

1. Aids Weight Loss

hot shower vs cold shower - aids weight loss

One of the best benefits of hot water is the fact that it boosts the body’s metabolism. This can help to promote weight loss.

2. Unclogs Congestion

hot shower vs cold shower - unclogs congestion

When you’ve got a cold, you’ll want to use a steam shower cabin to help unclog congestion! Whether you’re using steam or hot water, you can guarantee that it’ll help to unclog the congestion.

3. Menstrual Cramps

hot shower vs cold shower - menstrual cramps

 When dealing with menstrual cramps, take a hot shower and your pain will be diminished.

4. Detox

hot shower vs cold shower - detox

Although cold water helps too, hot water makes you sweat and helps to remove those nasty toxins.

5. No Premature Aging

hot shower vs cold shower - no premature aging

The nasty toxins that are removed from the body result in premature aging. Therefore, hot water can help to prevent premature aging!

6. Stops Acne And Pimples

hot shower vs cold shower - stops acne and pimples

When the hot water cleanses the body, it’ll also clean the skin and help to prevent pimples and even acne.

7. Enhances The Hair’s Health

hot shower vs cold shower - enhances the hair’s health

Hot water can help to rejuvenate your hair’s nerve endings and bring them back life! This can encourage your hair to grow fuller and longer.

8. Opens The Airways

hot shower vs cold shower - opens the airways

If you suffer from asthma, you can always jump into a hot shower! The water’s steam will help to open your lungs and allows you to breath easier.

9. Acts As A Sedative

hot shower vs cold shower - acts as a sedative

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, a hot shower can act as a sedative and help you fall asleep. A 15-minute shower should do the trick.

1o. Fights Migraines

hot shower vs cold shower - fights migraines

Many headaches and migraines are caused by poor blood flow. A hot shower can improve the body’s blood flow and also help fight migraines.

11. Removes Stiffness

hot shower vs cold shower - removes stiffness

If you have stiffness in your muscles, neck and shoulders, you should try a 10 minutes hot shower. This will help to loosen up your muscles!

12. Warming Up

hot shower vs cold shower - warming up

Many people suggests warming up, before strenuous exercise. Although stretching is one way to do it, a hot shower can also be effective.

13. Diminishes Coughs

hot shower vs cold shower - diminishes coughs

Many people experience coughs, because of phlegm. By taking a hot shower, you can loosen up the phlegm and help to diminish the cough.

14. Dissipates Stress

hot shower vs cold shower - dissipates stress

Since a hot shower is capable of replicating the effects of a sedative, it can also help to remove stress.

15. Stops Itches

hot shower vs cold shower - stops itches

In some cases, it is possible for hot water to eliminate itchy rashes. It can numb the rash and help to remove the itch.

16. Improves Resistance

hot shower vs cold shower - improves resistance

When you take a hot shower, your body will be flooded with heat stress proteins. These are capable of making your body tremendously more resilient.

17. Helps Arthritis

hot shower vs cold shower - helps arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis, you will want to consider taking a hot shower for twenty minutes each day. By doing so, you will be able to improve the blood circulation, reduce swelling and eliminate the pain.

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18. Enhances Mobility

hot shower vs cold shower - enhances mobility

Hot showers will definitely decrease inflammation in your joints while improving your mobility.

19. Increases Systemic Circulation

hot shower vs cold shower - increases systemic circulation

If you have poor circulation in your lower extremities, you should start taking how showers on a regular basis. Increasing the circulation will help the blood flow to your legs and feet, which will decrease inflammation and edema.

20. Increases Local Circulation

hot shower vs cold shower - increases local circulation

If you have a bedsore that just will not heal, you need to start taking hot showers, between wound dressings. Hot water will dilate your blood vessels, which will increase the blood circulation to that area so your wound will heal in a much quicker manner.

21. Reduces Muscle Cramps

hot shower vs cold shower - reduces muscle cramps

The next time that your muscles cramp after a hard day at work, you should jump in the hot shower. Hot water is very effective in calming cramped muscles.

22. Opens Nasal Passages

hot shower vs cold shower - opens nasal passages

There is nothing more frustrating than a stuffy nose. The next time you suffer from nasal congestion, you should consider jumping into the hot shower. Hot water will loosen the mucus and help you to breathe better.

23. Promotes Hair Growth

hot shower vs cold shower - promotes hair growth

Hot showers will open up the skin pores on your scalp. Once the pores are open, you can shampoo away that buildup of oil and dirt, which will boost hair regeneration cells.

24. Kills Bacteria

hot shower vs cold shower - kills bacteria

If you want to combat infection, you should take a hot shower daily. Hot water kills bacteria and germs, which will prevent you from becoming ill.

25. Stimulates Healing

hot shower vs cold shower - stimulates healing

Hot showers are the super alternative to antibiotic ointments. If you have a small open wound on your body, you should consider taking a hot shower. Hot water stimulates the healing process because it is capable of boosting the blood circulation to the area.


At the end of the day, showers are beneficial altogether, but the temperature of the water used will play a major role in the overall benefits. With the information above, you can see that hot and cold are nearly equal, in terms of advantages. Therefore, you might want to consider alternating the water’s temperature, during your shower.

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