22 Tips On How To Get A Tan Naturally & Fast

how to get a tan naturally

If you are looking for the best ways to get sun tan naturally at home without having to use any type of cream or lotion, then this article is perfectly fit for your need. Why? It provides readers with 22 great tips on how to get a tan fast and naturally with just some simple steps to follow. In this article, I will show you the list of 22 easy tips to satisfy your tanning dream without harming your health at all. The writing is a collection of effective and safe methods to get tanned from reliable sources. Nevertheless, it is not intended to suggest any medical intervention so that you should not concern anything about it. Keep reading the article to achieve your tanning dream!

Top 22 Easy Ways On How To Get A Tan Fast And Naturally At Home

While we often fake our tans, there are several reasons for why people love sunlight. It can help to boost the serotonin levels that were proven by science to produce vitamin D needed for the health of teeth, skin and bone system, as well as relieve anxiety. In order to avoid the chances of getting skin cancer and premature aging, learning how to get a tan naturally at home is needed for you.

You may want to get a sun-kissed glow, but really hate to get higher risks of getting cancer or wrinkles? Then keep your head on these tips on how to get a tan safely and naturally:

1. How To Get A Tan With Reflection

Ÿ On the pool: As water reflects sunlight, so one of the best tips on how to get a tan is to be in the water or to sit on a floatable device on water. In case you want to get a dark tan, dipping in the water will not be only cooling and relaxing, but effective.

Ÿ By the sand: The sunlight reflects off sand, so grab a beach towel and get a tanning.

Ÿ Reflective towels and sheets: Although they are old fashioned, they are still a good way to boost the dark tan. They work by attracting the sunlight onto your skin, creating a base tan. Simply get a reflective board and turn it into a 45o angle. Otherwise, you could have a reflective blanket by simply placing it on the land, lie down, turn regularly your body and take rest in the shade.

2. How To Get A Tan – Be Cautious Of Tanning Bed

Never trust in the myth given by any tanning salon that they can provide a safe and healthy tan with a subbed. Actually, it might not utilize the real sunlight, but it still can expose you to the rays with harms that can cause damaged skin. The single reason why tanning bed is not dangerous much like sunbathing is that it provides a controllable tanning setting, meaning that you can manage the amount of time you want to tan as well as opt for the power of radiation.

Tanning bed can work well by encouraging the radiation to put off by the sunlight; meaning that comparing to the sunlight, it doesn’t reduce the skin cancer risk at all. Making use of the tanning bed method is a great way to have a base before going out for tanning on its own. You can have tanning bed many times before going to the beach for reducing the risks of sunburns.

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3. Do Not Overexpose Your Skin To UV rays

how to get a tan - do not overexpose your skin to uv rays

When it comes to how to get a tan healthily, you should remember not to expose your skin to the sunlight excessively. It is recommended to tan gradually by dividing the tanning time in order to relieve sunburn. Spending the entire day may provide you a tanning look for a short period of time, but it might bring about the sunburn issue. In fact, this among the best and worth trying tips to help you get tan skin at home and you should try once!

The best way people can get a safe and healthy glow tan is tanning in some small doses for half an hour to an hour under the sunlight in 1 day. It will allow our body to produce sufficient amount of melanin for the next tanning.

4. Understand When And How Long To Tan

We all know that UV radiation is at its peak from 10 am to 2 pm. Thus, you need to take notice of this time period. You should try to tan in increments for minimizing the harms from the sunlight. Just tan for 60 minutes per day to achieve a tan safely.

When your skin reaches the cut-off tanning point, it will not produce more melanin. Thus, there would be no need to lounge by the pool all the time. Everyone has their own cut-off tanning point, about two to three hours or much less in those with fair skin. After this point, people are just increasing the risks of UV harms.

When it comes to tanning, the best idea is to get a tan gradually, not in just a single day, but after some days of sunlight exposure. Avoid overdoing it because a human lobster would not look appealing.

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5. Be Aware Of How Tanning Works

This is also among the most amazing tips on how to get a tan that people should not look down!

Tanning is the process as the skin cells protect the body from harmful UVA and UVB rays coming from the sunlight, not just a great glow you have over summer days. These rays are one type of radiation that can cause skin cancer.

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Therefore, prolonged exposure can actually rise the growth of cancerous cells inside our skin. A tan can work effectively like a guard from radiation. They are exposed to the sunlight, which can make our skin darker. A tan does not cause cancer, but is one thing that can bring harms to your skin cells.

6. How To Get A Tan – Wear The Shades And A Hat

In order to get an even tan, remember the shades and hat. The fact is that your eyes and the skin around the eyes are delicate to UV rays. In case you fail in taking proper care, it can cause the development of eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract and eye cancers.

Sunglasses which are labeled “Meets ANSI UV Requirements” or “UV absorption up to 400 nm” mean that glasses can block at least 99% of UV rays. Ideal glasses are those are wrap-around and large-framed as they can protect your eyes from the UV rays. However, keep it in your mind that falling asleep with a sunglass will be able to make you fail to get a sun tan.

A hat with a 2-3 inch brim can help you protect your eyes, nose, forehead, ears and scalp at once while you still look stylish. In case a wide and big hat does not suit you, choose a shade cap as this cap has 7 inches of fabric that can also provide protection for the neck. Although a baseball cap seems ideal, it just gives protection in the top and the front of the head, leaving the ears and neck vulnerable to the sunlight.

Finally, remember to offer your skin enough time to repair itself after many hours out in the sun and before tanning outdoors again.

7. Tanning With Sea Water

Going into the ocean to get a tanning can really help you boost your skin tone. Sea salt can attract the sunlight to your skin, so if you are in the sea, do tanning before drying off. Making a bottle of water and salt will not be as effective as real sea water. This is due to the fact that sea water has other essential minerals that can aid in enhancing your tan.

8. Exfoliate The Skin

how to get a tan - exfoliate the skin

To achieve the best tan outdoors, before sun exposure we need to exfoliate our skin. The exfoliation can help a lot in removing the dead skin cells and result in fresh skin appearance. You should remove dead cells to get better, lighter skin tone; remove pore-clogging dirt and oil, and prevent acnes as well.

Try scrubbing dead skin cells by making use of some natural scrubs; for example, oatmeal, sugar, and salt with a loofah pad or an exfoliating glove. As the dead skin cells get less development, the skin layer will be shallower. The tan would last for a longer time period. Removing dead skin cells will also help to get tan easier because the tan will appear and fade evenly.

To make use of this method, take equal parts of almond oil, sugar with a few drops of shower gel to make a paste. Next, use this paste to rub onto the shower.

9. Exercise

In case you do not like just lying, you can try exercising. Working out will help in boosting the blood circulation and make your skin ready for soaking up the sunlight or using a tanning bed. Exercising will create a natural look that is different to when you are lying down. Some perfect exercises outdoors are yoga swimming and beach volleyball.

10. Eat Sun-Friendly Foods

Some foods are known as ingredients to increase the skin’s own SPF called lycopene. It is found in tomatoes, green tea, fish and other orange and red fruit and veg. They can increase your sun protection by 33%. Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids that can protect you from sunburn, while caffeine can help you decrease your risk of skin cancer. More importantly, drink so much water and drink 1-2 glasses of milk before hitting the beach.

11. How To Get A Tan – Fake It

In case all methods fail, you can fake it. There are tons of different choices of home tanning products. A spray tanning is a special mist that has advantage in coloring the skin in order to give the look of a tan, and leave a golden-brown tan for about 5 days. It is safe and not too expensive. Choose a kind of home tanning spray that will suit your skin texture and tone. Select a tanning color that has just some darker shades than your real skin tone. In case your skin is dry, you might choose a spray for the additional moisture. In order to get the best result, remember to exfoliate and apply moisturizer regularly. A spray tan is a good way to look darker while you are safely getting a real tan outdoors.

At first, you stand in the bathroom, wear the gloves and spray your body with tanning spray. Make sure that you do not miss out any spots.

Ÿ Start with one leg and then spray this tanning solution from your toes up to your thighs. Repeat this with the other leg.

Ÿ Make sure to keep this tanning spray right away from your skin.

Ÿ Next, do with your back, torso and neck by using a “back spatula” to spray this solution to your back.

Ÿ Apply it to your arms, and finish by removing the gloves.

Ÿ Finally, take special care with the face. You can use vaseline around your hairline to ensure that it does not affect there.

Alternatively, you can use bronzing powder. It can be the easiest way to create a glow. By applying with a brush to some places where the sunlight naturally hits your skin: nose, forehead, cheekbones and chin. Bronzer shades include apricot, bright golden copper or a pinkish-brown are great for faking a tanned effect.

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