Tips On How To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy

Boys, are you in a relationship now? If yes, you should not skip this article because it will bring you a lot of useful tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy that will not make you disappointed.

It seems that many boys cannot understand what their girlfriends want and feel. Nobody can be sure to understand a female’s psychology. A girl always looks for a perfect guy who can give her a Mr. Right throughout her life. Although no one is perfect, you can be perfect in your girl’s eyes, in your own way. But how to keep your girlfriend happy is not an easy question. However, there are still some things that a girl cannot refuse when her guy do for her, which will make you look so wonderful and romantic in her eyes.

Actually, what a girlfriend needs is not too complicated and difficult. Sometimes, the simple thing will bring her the biggest happiness when she is with you. The way to treat your woman wonderfully is very abundant. Here we offer you what are the most effective and simplest tips that will help you a lot when you are dating someone.

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Tips On How To Keep Your Girlfriend Happy A Good Boy Should Know

1. Make Her Surprised With A Gift And Flowers

how to keep your girlfriend happy - make her surprised with a gift and flowers

Gifts and flowers are what not every woman can refuse in most of the cases because they always feel happy when receiving these things. However, it does not mean that you can give her any type of gift. You should pay attention to the following things.

Do not try to buy her something luxurious. People think that if they gave an expensive present such as a luxurious bag, pair of shoes, their women would feel happy and satisfied with these things. But in most of the cases, this is not a smart choice. Please bear in your mind that the price tag is not problematic if she appreciates the present.

Spend time on choosing a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. You are advised to put a little effort to do that. It is great to ask your friends, your sister, even your mom for suggestions. More importantly, if you pay attention to your lady, you can realize something useful to select a gift.

Sometimes, give her a small gift such as a candy, a headband, a nice hairclip, or a pen. You can make her surprised by that way, which contributes to giving her a simple happiness whenever she stays with you.

Avoid repeating presents because they can make your girlfriend bored. Nevertheless, there is something very special that you can give her repeatedly. It would be a big mistake if you gave her the same present as other girlfriends. So, please remember this.

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2. Treat Her In A Special Way

There are a lot of things that you can do for her as if she is your little princess, which can make her feel that she is very special to you. That is what a woman wants when she is in a relationship. Making her feel special is one of the useful tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy.You can take some following activities as references. When you and your girlfriend hang out together, you should pick her up, then open the door, pull the chair out for her in the restaurant. Besides, you are supposed to pay attention to your gestures such as offer her your jacket if the weather is cold or if she and you walk down the street, which makes her feel that you are taking care of her.

Furthermore, when two of you have a meal, the boy should pay for that and should not think about sharing the payment because it is quite sensitive. For a girl, she will look at that to assess your personality and characteristics. It does not mean that she cannot pay for the meal or she wants you to pay for it. A girl likes it when her boy can pay for the dinner as if it is not a big deal for him. In many cases, your girlfriend would like to split the bill, you should agree with her and do not make a quarrel with her about that. It is understandable that your lady wants to share with you.

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3. Pay Attention To Your Girlfriend

how to keep your girlfriend happy - pay attention to your girlfriend

Normally, when a couple has been in a relationship for a while, they often forget to do something romantic and make each other feel special. Therefore, to become a good boyfriend, you should know how to keep your girlfriend happy and remember to maintain the romance between you and your lady.

You can think of some examples. It is very sweet to send her a message, which shows that she is always in your mind. It would be more romantic if you can maintain a habit of sending her a morning text that encourages her to start a new day and reminds her of you. Why does every girl like that? It is because she wants to make sure that she is the first image appearing in your mind and she is your inspiration of your new day.

Interestingly, a boy thinks that it was effective to manipulate his girlfriend by ignoring her. It also seems to be a smart way in some cases. But if you use it regularly, you can make her bored and disappointed at you. As a result, you can imagine what will happen. In general, this article, which talks about how to keep your girlfriend happy, does not advise you to manipulate your lady in that way.

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4. Put Your Girl First, Yourself Second

One of the most useful tips on how to keep your girlfriend happy is to prioritize her first. Actually, women always want to be the number one in her guy’s heart. She wants you to think about her first and other later because it illustrates that you are extremely care about herself and her emotions. Obviously, it does not express that you are weak but it shows her your love and that you always want her to be happy.

Let’s imagine that you invite your girlfriend to join in a party with a group of your friends who she has never met before. What will happen to her if you always talk with your friends and ignore her? Of course, it will make your lady unhappy. It is invisible to ignore her and focus on your talk with your friends. That is an example, which requires you to pay attention to her more and more. Do not act as if she is not beside you. Instead, you are supposed to stay close with her, introduce her to your friends, try to talk something that she can share her point of view, and take care of her in front of your friends. It will be very sweet if you can take a glance at her and give her a genuine smile regularly during your talk. Even if you really want to chat with your friends, you also need to put her emotions in the first priority. That is how to keep your girlfriend happy.

However, sometimes, women want to be alone or spend their time with their own friends.

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5. Listen To Her Thoughts And Feelings

how to keep your girlfriend happy - listen to her thoughts and feelings

It seems that a woman’s thoughts and feelings are very complicated. However, have you ever tried to listen to her thoughts and feelings? Actually, it is not too difficult to understand your lover’s thoughts. Listening to what she think and feel is an advice for how to keep your girlfriend happy that you should remember.

Do you know the fact that men do not really listen to women’s thoughts is among the biggest complaints of almost all women when they are in a relationship? A woman always wants her guy to listen to whatever she talks and think from her point of view, which can bring her the special and sweet feeling. That makes she feel that you are taking care of her. Therefore, you should let her understand that you can be the one who always listens to her and stands from her position to feel. If you can act like that, your girlfriend will be so happy and proud of you.

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A good boyfriend should listen to his girl’s thoughts to keep her happy.

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6. Respect Her Opinions And Freedom

Along with listening to her, you should also respect her opinion that is another tip on how to keep your girlfriend happy that is useful for you. As you know, people always need to be respected by someone important to them. Not surprisingly, this is true in a relationship between you and your girlfriend as well. Sometimes, being disrespected by each other can be a reason for break up. Actually, in a relationship, from the man’s view, he should respect his woman’s opinions because it shows that the man is mature enough to maintain their relationship. As said before, woman wants her guy to understand her thoughts although it is not an easy task. When you cannot understand her opinions, you should not dismiss hers. Instead, try to listen to her and respect her thoughts.

To know how to keep your girlfriend happy, you can look at the following example. Let’s think of a situation that your lady has something stuck and she asks you to leave her alone. She needs the quietness to think seriously about her own story. But you see that she is somehow different as usual, thereby trying to attract her and forcing her to talk with you. That means you do not respect her freedom. In that case, it would be better if you do as what she said. Anyway, there are two ways to look at an event. This is just an example that you should think about when mentioning to the respect in a relationship

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7. Compliment Her

how to keep your girlfriend happy - compliment her

Actually, if you want to make her smile every when she is with you, complimenting her is not a bad suggestion. For those who do not know how to keep your girlfriend happy, you should apply this tip because women always love compliments, in fact. As you can see, when your lady hears your compliments, she will feel more appreciated, in turn, she will be delighted as well. You are encouraged to let her know you that you like something about her. It means that when she goes out with a nice dress, you should give her a good comment to show that you like her style. In addition, you are also recommended praising her if she does a good job or makes a big effort to finish something hard. That is also her inspiration and motivation, actually. However, it is advisable to make your words truthful and meaningful and totally avoid exaggerative praises. Try to make it natural. Another advice for you is that do not be ashamed when praising her in front of others. Being complimented like that can make her feel happy, sweet, and so proud of your love.

All in all, compliments are necessary for a relationship. It will make your girlfriend happy and laugh a lot. Trust me! You can learn a lot from this article about Men’s Dating and other issues in your daily life.

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