How To Maintain Curly Hair Naturally All Day – 10 Useful Tips

how to maintain curly hair

Curly hair is a new style that many women select to change their styles. However, this style is always known as the hardest hair type to take care and style. It is very easy to become drier or split ends and break. If you try to brush, hair frizz like a lion’s mane can be appear to you as well as affect on your hair growth. Then, how to maintain curly hair naturally?

How To Maintain Curly Hair Natually All Day With Your Daily Actions

There are many ways to take care your curly hair. The following include some ways on how to maintain curly hair naturally all day without using any chemical product to keep your hair in curly shape. It is rather easy but it requires your carefulness and patience to keep your hair always soft.

1. Don’s Wash Your Hair After Curling:

After curling your hair about three days, you should not wash your hair so as to avoid damaging the new curls. After perming your hair, three days is enough to form and maintain the hair curls.

Moreover, the shampoo can make the hair’s styling products pass away and your curls can be able to change.

2. Dry Your Hair With Paper Towels Or Microfiber Towel In A Right Way: 

how to maintain curly hair-dry your hair with paper towels or microfiber towel in a right way

Drying your hair with paper towels is one of the common ways on how to maintain curly hair all day. After shampooing your hair, you had better use paper towels to make your hair dry. A normal towel can be too rough on your curly hair. Using soft paper towels to remove the excess water from your hair will help you avoid the hair follicle damage, thereby, keep your curly hair in a good condition every day. Furthermore, when you use towel to make your hair dry, you should not rub your hair as it can make your hair mess up and dry.

3. Consider The Pineapple Bun: 

how to maintain curly hair-consider the pineapple bun

This is really an effective trick to maintain curly hair daily. Firstly, you can bend over and flip your hair and move it to the peak of the forehead. Use a scrunchie to place around. In case of your long curly hair, you can create a loose bun in the same position using a scrunchie. One scrunchie with cloth will not make your hair wrapped too tightly that can make your curly hair. You should do it before going to sleep every night and shake your hair in the next morning. This pineapple bun can help protect from changing the form of your curly hair without using any cream or conditioner.

4. Shampoo In The Shower:

how to maintain curly hair-shampoo in The shower

Shampooing in the shower is also a good way to condition and cleanse your hair, at the same time keep your curls pointing downward. When shampooing your hair, you had better let your head upside down, after that flip back in order to make the water down along the length of the hair when standing under the shower. This will keep your curls natural and soft after shampooing your hair.

5. Let Your Hair Air Dry Whenever Possible: 

how to maintain curly hair-let your hair air dry whenever possible

You may have often no time to let your hair air dry. However, you should do it whenever you can because this action will be good for your healthy hair. When you use hair-dryer, the heat from it will make your hair get less moisture, since then, your curls become worse. So you should minimize to use hair-dryer in order to maintain your healthy curls.

If you have to use blow-dryer, you should move it quickly and stop using it when your hair is dry about 50 percent. It will help minimize evaporating and get more moisture of your hair. If you often use blow-dryer, your hair style can be damaged.

6. Dont Use Hair-Dryer With Too High Heat:

how to maintain curly hair-dont use hair-dryer with too high heat

Letting your hair air dry is always the best way on how to maintain your curly hair naturally. However, if you want to use hair-dryer, you should choose the light heat. And you only should blow your hair until your hair is a little bit wet. After blowing, you also should take your hand to make your curls in curly shape.

7. Cut Your Hair: 

how to maintain curly hair-cut your hair

You may be wonder that whether cutting your hair is a good way on how to maintain your curly hair naturally or not. It is right. This is a simple way to remove the curls that are not in a right shape after the time of cutting and styling your hair. This solution can help to keep your hair style simply and easily.

8. Mask For Curly Hair:

how to maintain curly hair-mask for curly hair

You should use mask for curly hair to protect from bad impact from the weather and environment. In this case, natural mask is the best choice. A good mask only includes a half of avocado and one tablespoon of olive oil. Firstly, you remove the pip and peel of avocado and grind well with olive oil to get an effective mask for curly hair and use this mask to apply on your hair and scalp. Leave it on for about 20 minutes to help absorb all the best nutrilite in the mask. After that, you should rinse your hair with lukewarm water and let your hair air dry. This mask should be used about one time for each two weeks. After some months, you will see your curly hair will be improved considerably.

9. Dont Wash Your Hair Daily:

how to maintain curly hair-dont wash your hair daily

You may think that washing your hair daily in hot summer will make your hair and scalp cleaner and clearer. However, it is not true. Although you can choose the shampoo with lowest chemical ingredients and suitable for your hair, you should not do it every day. Shampooing daily can remove the natural oil from your hair. This is really a bad thing for your dry curly hair.

10. Use A Silk Pillow: 

how to maintain curly hair-use a silk pillow

Using a silk pillow is very good for maintaining your curly hair and your health. It will make your hair less electrically charged and tangled, keep your curls well. It is also good for your health because its softness can make you get a comfortable and deep sleep.

Here are 10 ways on how to maintain curly hair naturally all day that we want to show you. Although it is not too hard to take care of your curly hair, it also requires your patience and carefulness when you have a curly hair. And if you have other idea or any question about this subject, you can leave your comment in the following form of this post, we will reply you as soon as possible. \

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