30 Tips On How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker Naturally

how to make your eyebrows thicker

11. Onion Juice

Onion consists of lots of selenium, minerals, sulfur, vitamin B, and vitamin C. These properties contribute to creating collagen, which is good for not only your skin but also your hair growth. Moreover, sulfur inside onion can helps to strengthen hair follicles. Let see how to make your eyebrows thicker naturally with onion juice with this following method:

–    Extract onion juice and dip a cotton swab into this juice and apply it onto your eyebrows.

–    Massage for a few minutes and wait until it becomes dry on your skin.

–    Rinse it off with your cleanser so that onion’s smell doesn’t strain on your skin.

–    Use every day for faster result.

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12. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is a rich source of keratin protein and biotin. These two components are well -known as the major determinants in eyebrow growth supplements. So, how to make your eyebrows thicker with egg yolk? The method is very simple. You just need:

–    Break the egg and separate the white and yolk.

–    Apply the yolk to your eyebrows with a brush.

–    Keep it for 30 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Take note that the egg yolk might clog your hair pores so do not use it every day. This treatment will provide the best result if you keep practicing twice a week.

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13. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek seed contains a lot of properties such as nicotinic acid, lecithin, and protein that promote your hair growth. Moreover, it helps to nourish and strengthen hair follicles that help to fresh your fair growth. Therefore, if you still finding a solution on how to make your eyebrows thicker, why don’t you make use of fenugreek seed? To practice this natural method at home, you need:

–    Put fenugreek seed into the water overnight.

–    Grind it into a fine paste and add some more jojoba oil or coconut oil.

–    Apply this mixture to your eyebrows before going to the bed.

–    Leave it overnight and rinse it off with warm water on tomorrow morning.

–    Apply this method 2-3 times a week.

14. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is famous for multifunction. It’s not only useful in the beauty industry but also effective in thickening your eyebrows. Why? The reason is that aloe vera possesses a compound called aloenin, which can nourish the skin area where hair and eyebrows develop. On a study of benefits of aloe vera, a significant improvement on cutaneous problems, one of the reasons leading to the poor growth of eyebrows, has been recorded [4].

–    Peel off the outer skin of aloe vera.

–    Take the gel out and massage it onto your eyebrows.

–    Keep it for about 30 minutes.

–    Store the remaining aloe vera in the fridge for the next use.

Aloe vera is quite easy to be absorbed. Therefore, you can use it several times a day.

Currently, many cosmetics brands have produced aloe vera gel. It might be more convenient to buy this gel and use it so that you don’t have to extract the gel from the fresh leaves.

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15. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Milk

how to make your eyebrows thicker - milk

Milk is known for having a lot of mineral and vitamin inside it. Therefore, it’s an effective treatment on how to make your eyebrows thicker. Use a cotton pad and soak it into lukewarm milk. Then apply this cotton pad onto your face and tap to make it absorb better. Wait until it’s dry. Rinse it off with warm water. Use this method every day to have a faster result.

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16. Lemon

Another option for ways on how to make your eyebrows thicker is using lemon. Lemon is rich in vitamin B and C, folic acid and nutrients so it’s an effective ingredient in fresh your hair growth. It also gets rid of excess oil that blocks your hair pores so that your eyebrows can grow easily. Cut lemon into thin slices and apply them on your eyebrows for a few minutes. After that, take it off and wash it off with warm water. You can combine lemon with coconut oil for a better result. Remember not to leave lemon slices on your face for so long because it has bleaching property. If you leave it on so long, it can make your eyebrow color lighter.

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17. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Vitamin E Capsules

Needless to say, vitamin E is a super-effective method on how to make your eyebrows thicker. Vitamin E can nourish your hair follicles and strand, which conditions your eyebrow growth. Also, vitamin E consists of tocotrienol, an antioxidant which helps to distress your hair. Break the capsules and apply it on your eyebrows and massage for a while. Keep it on overnight and rinse it off when you get up. Vitamin E helps to reduce hair loss as well.

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18. Curry Leaves

Ayurveda in curry leaves can stimulate the hair growth so if you still find a solution to how to make your eyebrows thicker, let’s give curry leaves a try.

–    Smash the leaves and soak it in warm water.

–    Strain the leaves and use the concoction to apply on your eyebrows.

–    Leave it there for the whole night.

–    Clean it in the next morning.

19. How To Make Your Eyebrows Thicker – Vaseline

You should consider Vaseline as one of the methods on how to make your eyebrows thicker. Vaseline helps to moistures the skin under your eyebrows hence conditions your eyebrows to grow faster. Vaseline is also a good product for you to use after shaving.

–    Clean your makeup and dry your face.

–    Apply Vaseline on your brows from inside to outside by a cotton swab.

–    Keep it overnight.

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20. Hibiscus

Hibiscus extract is ascertained to stimulate hair growth fast. Its effect on hair problems like androgenic alopecia has been proved on a study’s experiment on the rats [5]. So if you want to know how to make your eyebrows thicker, just go for hibiscus. Crush the hibiscus flower or leave. Then apply directly on your eyebrows and keep it for 30 minutes. Rinse it off after that. You should use it several times per week for fast result.

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