32 Tips How To Make Your Eyelashes Longer, Thicker & Curlier Naturally

II. 12 Good Habits That Will Make Your Eyelashes Longer

1. Brush Your Eyelashes

This simple method can stimulate your eyelash growth. Also, it will help to remove dust and dirt particles from clogging pores. Additionally, it will help to increase blood circulation, thus helping more nutritional values reach the hair follicles. Simply, you put some vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly on a soft-bristled eyelash brush. Then, you put this brush on your eyelashes. Gently brush your eyelashes with upward strokes for about 5 minutes twice a day until you achieve your desired results.

There are some other ways on how to make your eyelashes longer in this article. Continue reading this entire article and then follow any of these tips as soon as possible.

2. Clean Your Eyelashes

To have growing eyelashes, you need to start with hygiene. You need to remove dust, grease or your eye makeup that clogs the follicles of your eyelash. Especially, eye makeup tends to lead to eyelash loss and reduce the ability of your eyelid to grow lashes. So, gently removing eye makeup before going to sleep is very important. Allowing the eye makeup to sit on your eyelashes for longer time is not good for your eyelash health and this will also make it harder to follow the other steps.

Always remove your makeup before going to bed in order to give your eyelashes a chance to breathe and grow, even better, remove it when you get home.

3. Wear Eyelash Primer

Mascara can make the eyelashes look great, but it can ultimately damage them. So, you should use eyelash primer beneath the mascara to protect your eyelashes from the harmful chemicals of your eyeliner and mascara. Opt for eyelash primers containing pro-keratin as this nutrient can help protect and promote each eyelash to grow.

Actually, it is actually an effective way on how to make your eyelashes longer that you should not look down, but try to make use for good.

4. Wear Using Waterproof Mascara

how to make your eyelashes longer - wear using waterproof mascara

As a general rule, when it comes to eyelash health and the use of mascara, less is more. The less time you use mascara, the stronger and quicker your eyelashes can grow. When you decide to use a little mascara, there may be some options better than others. The best type of mascara for you to use is a lash-enhancing kind that has special lipid complexes to strengthen the eyelashes as it covers them. If your eyes are sensitive, opt for hypoallergenic mascara for the lower risk of irritation. Also, try to avoid putting waterproof mascara on as they have ingredients that can stick to your eyelashes, thus causing damage to eyelashes.

Addition to this, discard your old mascara after 3-6 months in order to protect your eyelashes against germs that can lead to painful infections or eyelash-damaging infections. Also, you should throw away your mascara after you have an eye illness.

5. Avoid Using Fake Eyelashes

Another way on how to make your eyelashes longer that you should know is to avoid fake eyelashes. Using eyelashes extensions or fake lashes may be a quick solution to this problem, but overtime, it will only cause damage to your eyelashes. And when you take them off, you will remove some real eyelashes as well. Therefore, it is best to avoid using fake eyelashes and just use them if necessary. Actually, avoiding using fake eyelashes can help you make your eyelashes healthier and longer, so do not ignore it.

6. Avoid Eyelash Curlers

When it comes to ways on how to make your eyelashes longer, avoiding eyelash curlers may be helpful. You do not need to remove eyelash curler from your makeup routine completely, just be careful when exercising. Your eyelashes are delicate, so pressing them hard for a long time or moving the eyelash curler while your eyelashes are still clamped inside may cause damage to them.

7. Avoid Excessive Eye Rubbing

Another one on the list of ways on how to make your eyelashes longer that you should not skip out must include avoiding excessive eye rubbing. Remember not to rub your eyelids too often, especially during allergy season. Bring Visine or other allergy medicines with you to relieve irritation and redness. Actually, periodic rubbing can cause your eyelashes to loosen and fall out more. Addition to this, this will also add more dirt, dust as well as other follicle clogging problem to the eyelids. If you would like to have eyelid massage, this is okay, but remember that your hands need to be cleaned first and then avoid rubbing your eyelids too vigorously.

8. Avoid Tugging The Eyelashes

Most of the people do not want to yank out their eyelashes, but they might do that without even realizing it. Actually, our eyelash roots are very delicate and they can fall out without much force. Tugging at your eyelashes either with a lash curler or your fingers is not good, and you should stop doing that immediately.

9. Eyelid Massage

how to make your eyelashes longer - eyelid massage

The eyelash growth will be effectively promoted by making your eyelid massage. Also, it increases the blood flow to hair follicles, which means more nutrients reaching these hair follicles. Addition to this, this method will promote the hair growth and prevent the eyelashes from breaking and thinning. For this aim, you place some drops of essential oil, petroleum jelly, or Shea butter on your eyelids. Use your fingertips to gently massage along your eyelids and lash line in small circular motions. Try to massage for 5-7 minutes twice a day for a few months.

Actually, eyelid massage is one of the best ways on how to make your eyelashes longer, so you should try to follow this method as soon as possible.

10. Vitamin-Rich Diet

A balanced diet can help to keep all of the bodily functions running properly, including the ability of growing eyelashes. For a better boost, be sure to consume more of the foods that contain B-complex vitamins, especially biotin. According to a study, B vitamins can make your eyelashes and hair grow faster.

Actually, some studies show that a biotin deficiency can cause premature or eyelash loss, so you need to consume more biotin-rich foods for stronger and healthier eyelashes. Biotin can be found in some natural sources such as liver, yeast, salmon, cauliflower, carrots, bananas, egg yolks, legumes, sardines and mushrooms.

Addition to this, you should also add more silicone-rich foods to your daily diet to boost up the hair growth overall. You can find silicon in some natural food sources such as cabbage, asparagus, cucumbers, green beans, olives, rice, beer and oats.

11. Take Biotin Supplements

Biotin [5] is an essential part of physiological processes. It plays a vital role in promoting hair texture, thickness and growth and if you have biotin deficiency, you can have higher risk of hair thinning or even hair loss. Biotin supplementation will ensure a faster hair growth both in the eyelashes and on the scalp. Daily intake of biotin supplement as directed on the bottle is recommended.

12. Trim Your Eyelashes

This is the last but very important way on how to make your eyelashes longer that you should know and then try to follow this tip, especially if you want to possess longer eyelashes naturally. Trimming your eyelashes is really helpful. You can trim them once every 2-3 months. Remember to just trim ¼ of them. This method will stimulate the eyelash follicles and make them grow faster. However, do not try this way without the supervision of a specialist.

Caring for the eyelashes is as important as caring for the hair. Be patient when applying these home remedies at home as the final result will be worth it. After reading this article and discover 32 ways on how to make your eyelashes longer, you should spend time reading another articles that will reveal tips and tricks to help you apply mascara for flirty lashes – the 9 Applying Mascara Tips And Tricks: Secrets For Flirty Lashes article. This is actually a great article that includes some of the best ways to help you apply mascara to have flirty eyelashes, so all of the readers of VKool.com should not miss out this recommended article, but spend time reading and then following these tips for good.

Hope that this article can help you know how to make your eyelashes longer within a short period of time. If you know anyone around you who are trying to make their eyelashes longer at home, remember to share this article with them and then stimulate them to apply one or more of these tips as soon as possible.

Have you ever tried any ways on how to make your eyelashes longer as I mentioned above? If you have any experience, or any idea about other home remedies for longer eyelashes, please share with us by leaving your comment in the comment section below.

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