How to prevent miscarriage in first trimester & second trimester

how to prevent miscarriage

According to a woman, who has experience two early miscarriages, she said that having a miscarriage is really hard. So, she wants to share her experiences with every other woman about how to prevent miscarriage, particularly in first trimester and second trimester. By following 20 steps shared by her, you could decrease your chances of miscarriage and create a healthy baby. However, before diving into the steps, you might need to understand basic knowledge about causes of miscarriage and recurrent miscarriages:

Causes Of Recurrent Miscarriages:

There are a lot of possible causes of miscarriage so they might not be well understood. Most of the miscarriages that happen in the first trimester of pregnancy are resulted by chromosomal abnormalities in the baby. Other causes of miscarriages contain:

  • Hormonal problems
  • Infection
  • Exposure to workplace or environmental hazards like toxic agents or high levels of radiation
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Lifestyle factors, like drinking alcohol, smoking, using illegal drugs
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Diabetes which is not controlled
  • Disorders of the human immune system, containing lupus
  • Radiation
  • Severe malnutrition
  • Certain medications, like acne

In addition, as women age, their risk of having miscarriages tends to be higher. There is no proof that physical and stress or sexual activity can result in miscarriage.

Now, you have known basic information about miscarriages. It is time for you to find out how to prevent miscarriage in first trimester and second trimester effectively by reading the following list, made by!

How To Prevent Miscarriage In First Trimester And Second Trimester – 20 Tips

1. Get A STD Check

how to prevent miscarriage-get a std check

Untreated sexually transmitted diseases could enhance the odds of a miscarriage. Hence, you should make sure that you consult your doctor to check for STDs like syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV, because these diseases might enhance the odds of miscarriage.

2. Know The History Of Your Vaccination

how to prevent miscarriage-know the history of your vaccination

Some illnesses could enhance the odds of miscarriage, despite many of those illnesses could be prevented via simple vaccinations. If you are not sure of your vaccination history, it is better for you to check your vaccination record.

When checking your history of vaccination, you might need to go through blood testing in order to determine if you received certain vaccinations as a kid. Doctors recommend women to get vaccinated before they plan to conceive so you had better check that record early.
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3. Be Aware Of Some Chronic Conditions

how to prevent miscarriage-be aware of some chronic conditions

Do you know that some chronic conditions could lead to a higher risk of miscarriage? Fact is, epilepsy, thyroid disease, and lupus are such diseases which are thought to boost the risk of miscarriage. However, it is completely likely that you could still have a healthy baby if you have one of those diseases. Make sure that you disclose to your doctor your family history of disease.

4. Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

how to prevent miscarriage-cut down your caffeine intake

If you are trying to have pregnancy, you should not drink over 2 cups of coffee each day, approximately 200mg. The caffeine is a drug which could impact your hormones levels and might be not health if taken in large amount.

5. Exercise Lightly During Your Pregnancy 

how to prevent miscarriage-exercise lightly during your pregnancy

Many women think that they should not move or do exercise during pregnancy to prevent miscarriages; nonetheless, it is not true. It is extremely beneficial for pregnant women and their baby to get light or moderate exercise daily. Yet, do not over-exert yourself as it might come with opposite effects. Extreme exercise increases your odds of miscarriage as it increase your body temperature and decrease the blood flow available to the fetus. In addition, avoid those contact sports which might be associated with falling or jolting, potentially injuring your baby.
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6. Take Folic Acid

how to prevent miscarriage-take folic acid

Of course, it is necessary for pregnant women to take folic acid. However, in order to know how to prevent miscarriage, it is necessary to take at least 600mg of folic acid a day. Begin this dosage 1-2 months before planning to conceive. In reality, folic acid could help decrease your chance that the baby has defects.

Refer the ideal sources of folic acid for pregnant women here.

7. Avoid Raw Meat And Unpasteurized Dairy Products 

how to prevent miscarriage-avoid raw meat and unpasteurized dairy products

This is crucial for pregnant women if they want to prevent miscarriages. Infections resulted from these products contain toxoplasmosis and listeria, increasing your odds of miscarriage.  Despite this case is rare, these infections could be avoided by just making sure that your meat is well cooked and your dairy products are well pasteurized.

8. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, And Illegal Drugs

how to prevent miscarriage-avoid alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs

This sounds too familiar with those pregnant women. Yet, it needs to be stressed more due to the damage it causes to your baby. In addition to being unhealthy for mom and baby’s body, using these products could also enhance your risk of miscarriage.

9. Avoid Poisons And Radiation

how to prevent miscarriage-avoid poisons and radiation

Avoid getting x-rays of any type during your pregnancy. Also, do not get close to materials like lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, and benzene as these substances might cause harm to your baby.

10. Manage Stress

how to prevent miscarriage-manage stress

Not only does managing stress help you have a healthy body and mind, but it also helps you reduce the risk of miscarriage. Keep calm during your pregnancy by following some meditation techniques, helping you relieve stress. Or, go for deep breathing, visualization, yoga, painting or even gardening.

Check out some exercises for post-pregnancy period here.

11. Take Progesterone

how to prevent miscarriage-take progesterone

Progesterone, a female sex hormone, causes secretory modifications in the uterus lining which are essential for a fertilized egg to alive. One of the results of miscarriages might be due to lack of progesterone secretion. Remember that during the first trimester, progesterone might help decrease your risk of miscarriage. So, consult your doctor about taking progesterone.

12. Plan A Healthy Fertility Diet

how to prevent miscarriage-plan a healthy fertility diet

Have more organic fruits and veggies. Also, avoid eating conventional produce which include pesticides and herbicides that might negatively affect your fertility.

13. Opt For Grass-Fed, Raw, Whole-Fat, Organic Dairy Products

how to prevent miscarriage-opt for grass-fed, raw, whole-fat, organic dairy products

When it comes to dietary tips on how to prevent miscarriage in first trimester and second trimester, you should pay attention to this tip. It is because conventional dairy products might include hormones as well as antibiotics which could enhance estrogen levels within your body, thereby harming your fertility. In case you do not favor dairy products, you could avoid dairy altogether and choose nut-based milk. Avoid drinking soy milk.

14. Consume Cold Water Fish

how to prevent miscarriage-consume cold water fish

You should add more cold water fish with high content of omega-3 fatty acids in order to prevent miscarriage effectively. Such fish is rich in vitamin A, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, helping increase the production of hormone, decrease inflammation, and warrant a regular menstrual cycle.

15. Eat Organic, Grass-Fed Meat

how to prevent miscarriage-eat organic, grass-fed meat

You should avoid consuming antibiotics and hormones found in which might enhance estrogen levels by opting for eating just organic, grass-fed meat. Protein is necessary during pregnancy, yet make sure that you avoid conventional meats. Also, make sure that you just consume the poultry meat which is marked as cage free, organic and free range as well.

16. Opt For Whole Grains

how to prevent miscarriage-opt for whole grains

Instead of choosing processed grains, you should go for whole grains. Whole grains are rich in fiber as well as necessary vitamins. Particularly, fiber is crucial for the diet of pregnant women as it helps the body eliminate excess hormones and keep the blood sugar at the healthy level. Processed grains lack of the essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy.

17. Add More Fiber To Your Meal 

how to prevent miscarriage-add more fiber to your meal

In regard to learning tips on how to prevent miscarriage, consuming more fiber is very important. In addition to regulating the hormone and blood sugar levels, fiber can enhance a healthy process of digestion. Consume more fibrous fruits, dark greens, beans, vegetables, and whole grains as well.

18. Decrease Refined Sugar Intake

how to prevent miscarriage-decrease refined sugar intake

Yeah, among dietary tips for pregnant women, limiting consumption of refined sugar is always important. Processed sugars which are often found in popsicles, bottled juices, packaged desserts, could disrupt the blood sugar levels and might weaken the immune system.

19. Drink Plenty Of Water

how to prevent miscarriage-drink plenty of water

It is estimated that women need 2.2 liters of water each day. So, you should do following that recommendation. If possible, you should avoid tap water which might include unwanted minerals from the agricultural runoff.

20. Abdominal Massage

how to prevent miscarriage-abdominal massage

Another good tip on how to prevent miscarriage is to boost the blood circulation to the uterus. This will help promote the healthy conception. When it comes to supporting reproductive circulation, there are 3 choices for massage. You could find a therapist about massage who specializes in fertility or abdominal massage. By applying the recommended simple massage routine, you can increase the circulation to the uterus, clear the congestion and adhesions.

20 important tips and tricks on how to prevent miscarriage in first trimester and second trimester above should be mixed and applied well with the consultation of your doctor. However, do not overdo anything in this pregnancy period as it might impact your baby significantly.
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