12 Tips On How To Stop Mouth Breathing At Night

how to stop mouth breathing at night

6. Getting A Proper Sleeping Position

As mentioned above, the sleeping position plays an important role in how to stop mouth breathing. Sleeping on your back is not suggested. The reason is that when you do so, you are forced to breathe more heavily, which becomes impossible to breathe only through your nose. Consequently, you need to open your mouth and take a breath as well. Therefore, you should avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, you can sleep on your side. This can be good for not only mouth breathers but also for people’s back. Personally, I think that sleeping on your left side or right side can improve the sleep quality. You will sleep deeper and better.

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7. Reducing Stress And Anxiety

As you know, stress and anxiety can be a reason for mouth breathing, actually. When you finish a hard working day, at night, you are more likely to breathe through your mouth because you are tired and need to take heavy breaths. According to a document from University Hospital Southampton, when people get anxious, they tend to have difficulty in breathing [4]. In some serious cases, breathing difficulties can result in bad consequences that you need to be aware. Regarding mouth breathers, anxiety and stress force them to open their mouth to breathe. Therefore, if we cannot reduce these conditions, we also cannot stop mouth breathing.

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8. Getting A Balanced Diet

Do you hear that every issue is resulted from out mouth? It is both kidding and truth. Getting a balanced diet plays a vital role in our health. It is also important in ensuring that you are properly breathing. Getting a balanced diet will reduce your risks of obesity. Excessive weight can make your breathing more difficult as it increases the pressure on your lungs and nasal cavities. Therefore, keeping your weight stable will keep your airways open and you can breathe more easily while you sleep.

These suggestions are only options when trying to find how to stop mouth breathing. It may be difficult to get rid of this habit, especially when you may not know that you are doing it. However, it is important to make an effort to break the cycle. This will help you get a better night sleep and a productive and healthy life.

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9. Removing All Known Allergens

how to stop mouth breathing - removing all known allergens

Another tip on how to stop mouth breathing is to remove all known allergens. Mouth breathers who are allergic to anything should remove all of them from your bedroom. Your pet might be a potential risk, which means it affects your sleep. Sometimes, green trees are also problems. Too many trees in your bedroom will get in a huge amount of oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night. That forces you to take heavier breaths to get enough air for the respiratory health. Consequently, you have to breathe through the mouth. Therefore, mouth breathers cannot stop the condition.

Besides, carpets and rugs in the bedroom should be removed too. Harbor dust and bacterial will reduce the quality of air. Although this is not a significant problem, sometimes, it might have a strong impact on your breath. As a result, you should take it into account and reduce the risk as much as possible. That would be s proper answer for the question how to stop mouth breathing.

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10. Doing Regular Exercises

You might be surprised that one of the best ways on how to stop mouth breathing at night is doing exercise. Such mind-body exercises as yoga often include breath work, which can help you focus on breathing through your nose. In addition, regular aerobic conditioning can also help train your lungs and heart. Thanks to exercise, your sympathetic nervous system will work harder, which constricts your blood vessels in the nose.

Doing breathing exercises can help us have a healthy and proper breathing habit so that we can stop mouth breathing. Actually, according to a study published in the International Journal Of Yoga, breathing exercises can have good effects on asthma patients [5]. That also contributes to reducing mouth breathing, thus, you should do exercises regularly.

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11. Using A Nasal Spray Or Putting On A Chin Strap

Dr. Steven Park, a New York-based sleep and breathing expert suggested that using these over-the-counter devices is a good way on how to stop mouth breathing while sleeping. Chin straps causes you to breathe through your nose by securing the mouth shut when you sleep while nasal sprays help to open up the constricted nasal passages so you don’t need to use the mouth as the primary airway.

12. Seeing A Myofunctional Therapist

Last but not least, seeing a myofunctional therapist can be another tip on how to stop mouth breathing, actually. In an article posted on the Dentistry by Angie Lehman, nowadays, more and more people are seeking for the myofunctional therapy to deal with dental and oral problem [6]. Mouth breathers are also suggested to see a myofunctional therapist to seek for advice.

In general, problems with general health, speech, orthodontic treatment, dental health, swallowing and breathing may persist throughout life if the breathing pattern is not re-trained. Hence, a consultation with a myofunctional therapist is recommended as a way on how to stop mouth breathing at night. Myofunctional therapists are skilled at helping children and adults gain control over muscle patterning habits and learn how to breathe in a healthy way.

The article is fully loaded with information about how to stop mouth breathing at night. Especially, 12 tips recommended are very effective and proven 100% natural and safe to apply. Hopefully, they are helpful for mouth breathers.  If you find this article useful and informative and you do not want to make use of this amazing article alone, you should share it with those are struggling with mouth breathing as well to make use together. These tips and techniques are safe, which will not lead to any side effect so people should not concern about this matter!

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