28 Useful Ways On How To Treat A Hoarse Voice Fast And Naturally

14. Lozenges

Lozenges are very good way on how to treat a hoarse voice naturally. All you should do are opting a lozenge into your mouth and sucking the juice until you feel the better result. And because lozenges can be used to prevent your throat dryness, you should bring some lozenges along with you. Let try it to relieve the inconvenience from the hoarseness.

15. Essential Oils

Essential oils are famous for their benefits for health and beauty as well among which they will help you kill virus and bacteria causing hoarseness because of their antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is considered as the effective solution on how to treat a hoarse voice. You can follow the below directions:

  • Add a few drops of chamomile oil orlavender oil into a pot of boiling water
  • Cover the pot with the towel trying to inhale the fumes that come from the pot
  • Repeat 2 times a day for a couple of days in order to get rid of a sore throat and hoarseness in the voice completely.

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16. Breathing

Dryness in your throat can cause the hoarseness, so you should moisturize your mouth as soon as possible. You can breathe deeply through the nose frequently as a way on how to treat a hoarse voice. In fact, breathing is not only necessary for survival but also helps you get rid of the blockages in the airways and keep your throat moist. It will be a significant treatment for your hoarseness. You can find a peaceful place and do some yoga poses; meditation is also a good option to choose.

17. Cinnamon

how to treat a hoarse voice - cinnamon

You may use cinnamon as an effective way on how to treat a hoarse voice. In fact, cinnamon is very beneficial in curing the hoarseness symptoms. It also has the ability to clear all kinds of congestion thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in it. Besides, it will improve your blood circulation and heal the tissues and membrane present in your larynx. This spice also assists you in preventing health conditions such as a cough and cold as well as providing you with a relief from inflammation in your throat.

Method 1: Mix a bit of cinnamon powder with honey and consume this mixture several times per day to get its benefits.

Method 2: Add a bit of cinnamon powder in the boiled water and drink this cinnamon water after it becomes cool.

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18. Change Your Habits

Some bad habits can cause you to hoarseness, so you may have to change them as a way to prevent and deal with the condition. There are some tips for you as follows:

  • Avoid shouting, singing, or yelling for a long time. Instead, you should speak softly.
  • Avoid talking too much and using medicines for a long time also can cause a hoarse voice.
  • Avoid smoking when you get the hoarseness. Moreover, you should stay away from smokers.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because it can make your throat dry.
  • Let rest your voice when it is ill.
  • Avoid dust and avoid living in a dry place.
  • Avoid using decongestants, which can dry out and irritate your throat.

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19. Treat Cold Completely

The cold or a sore throat can be the cause of a hoarse voice indeed. Therefore, you should soothe the cold completely before finding that you have got hoarseness. Actually, you can treat cold or a sore throat effectively with natural ingredients at home. Whenever you reduce other problems that can cause hoarseness, you will have a better chance to treat a hoarse voice.

20. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking a lot of water is a great solution to soothe your cold, a sore throat, and also a good way on how to treat a hoarse voice. The reason is that water can keep your vocal chords moist and it will reduce the hoarseness effectively. You should drink enough water every day and do not addict to caffeine and alcohol, which make your throat dry and make the hoarseness worse. You totally can drink warm water through the day to get rid of the hoarse voice naturally. Furthermore, you can add more water by eating fruits, vegetables, liquid in your meals.

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21. Quit Smoking And Restrict The Consumption Of Alcohol

This way on how to treat a hoarse voice involves the changes in daily habits. If you have smoked cigarettes or weed, you should immediately quit because smoking is directly linked to the decreasing quality of voice. In fact, the chemical content in tobacco or weed is believed to irritate the larynx and it has been also proved that smoking can irritate the vocal cords, which in turn strains the quality of voice that is produced. [9]

In addition, if you smoke for a long enough time, you are likely to suffer from cancer. Your speech will be slowed if the larynx is irritated by the particles from smoking. It is more serious that majority of smokers are alcoholics meaning they tend to worsen their situation. And the overconsumption of alcohol also dehydrates the body meaning the larynx will be affected in the long term.

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22. Remove Vocal Hemorrhage

While vocal hemorrhage can be one of the causes of hoarseness, you should prevent or treat the condition as a way on how to treat a hoarse voice. It is because a sudden loss of voice can be associated with the damages of blood vessels presented on the surface of the vocal fold. If you have a sudden change in the voice quality especially after screaming or yelling or any strenuous uses of voice, you may have a vocal hemorrhage. It is the condition in which the tissue of the vocal fold is likely to be filled with blood.

Vocal hemorrhage is considered a vocal emergency that should be treated with complete cure. In that case, you will be recommended to having a voice rest or further instruct on how to treat a hoarse voice.

23. Cardamom

how to treat a hoarse voice - cardamom

Do you know that cardamom is usually used in healing a hoarse voice? It can help you soothe the mucous membranes and fight inflammation naturally. How to treat a hoarse voice without taking any drug? Let follow these directions with cardamom:

Method 1: Simply chew some cardamom to moisturize your throat.[10]

Method 2: Combine some crushed cardamom seeds with a tablespoon of honey and get it immediately

Method 3: Mix a teaspoon of cardamom and a teaspoon of cinnamon into a cup of hot water, strain and gargle it twice daily.


24. Treat Allergies Causing A Hoarse Voice

If allergy causes hoarseness, you should do some certain treatments on the allergy as a way on how to treat a hoarse voice as soon as possible. Under the effects of allergic actions on the larynx, your voice will be strained even the mild cases will be worse. In fact, some people are sensitive to allergens, which make them careful in getting rid of allergens from the environment.

You may wonder how to treat a hoarse voice by treating allergies then you should consider how allergen affects your voice when they get into your throat irritating and drying your throat and decide to use just simple methods or medication to deal with it. If a serious condition of allergies occurs, you have to see a doctor to get quick treatment indeed.

25. Treat Strep Throat

The hoarseness is sometimes caused by a strep throat in which a bacterial infection occurring in the throat. The bacterial infection, in fact, is caused by bacteria called strep with some symptoms like pain and inflammation in the throat. Unfortunately, strep can impact on both the children and adults at any ages though it is more common for children from the ages of 5 to 15.

If the strep throat is completely untreated, your throat will become swollen and tend to spread to the larynx. This in turn makes the vocal cord affected and cause hoarseness in voice, so you should move it completely as a way on how to treat a hoarse voice.

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26. Deal With Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD)

Dealing with Gastroesophageal reflux is also one of the ways on how to treat a hoarse voice of the condition affects you. In fact, a hoarse voice is considered a symptom of gastro-esophageal reflux as well. It is because with this condition, the patients often experience acid reflux coming up from the stomach to the esophagus and the acid may irritate your vocal cords and make your voice hoarse. [11]

There are some other symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux such as heartburn, regurgitation, and mucus in the throat. The condition can even make your voice worse in the morning but improve during the day. In case you get a deteriorating hoarseness, you should contact your medical provider quickly to have necessary treatments.

27. Treat Acute Laryngitis          

Acute laryngitis is a condition in which the swelling occurs in the vocal folds, especially when a common cold. This condition is caused by viral infection in the upper respiratory tract and can cause serious injury in the vocal folds and acute laryngitis whose outcome is hoarseness. So, treating your laryngitis is also a way on how to treat a hoarse voice.

28. Deal With Neurological Disorders

Neurological diseases like stroke or Parkinson can be the cause of a hoarse voice. If you are difficult to breathe that is associated with hoarseness, you can get a hoarse voice because of the disorders. In fact, the disorder can make your vocal folds weak and harder to speak. [12] 

In these cases, you need to seek medical help, especially when the condition persists more than 3 months. The method on how to treat a hoarse voice along with the development of a neurological disease, in fact, involves the diagnosis from a neurologist.

How To Prevent A Hoarse Voice?

Although there are various ways and remedies on how to treat a hoarse voice, you should also pay attention to prevent the condition which may be more effective indeed. [13] There is a recommendation for you to prevent the risk of hoarseness as below:

  • Avoid some kinds of beverage like alcohol and caffeine
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid passive smoke
  • Humidify your home
  • Avoid spicy foods and pay more attention to your diet
  • Try not to use your voice too loudly or too long
  • Seek professional help when your voice is injured.

To know more about other health problems & effective homemade treatment solutions, go to our main How To page. After reading the writing of top 28 ways on how to treat a hoarse voice fast and naturally, hope that you have learned some useful treatments to get rid of the symptoms effectively at home. However, the writing is solely for the informational purpose, so you need to get advice from your doctor before applying any home remedy. If you have any question, please leave them below.

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