Libido Max Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The lack of a proper explanation and the use of a questionable stimulant really make this a poor choice. You end up with a basic formula and an odd dosing instructions rule.
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Look at the table of contents to see what this is all about.

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Libido Max Overview

You get a lot of common blood flow enhancing ingredients, two aphrodisiacs, a stimulant and a few general energy enhancing additives. It’s got the potentially harsh Yohimbe in a questionable dosage and for whatever reason; they estimate you can take either 1 to 4 capsules a day.

It’s just asking for possible side effects to play around with stimulants like this in an unknown amount.
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Libido Max Claims

They keep it brief and plain. It’s supposed to be “doctor developed” though by what doctors it’s never revealed. They also say sexual potential will be increased with botanicals and nutrients. It has a 3 part system which includes:

  • Better performance
  • Healthy blood flow
  • More pleasure and vitality

Really vague and not descriptive as to what the ingredients provided can do to in the body, and no evidence is ever provided. They do advise only taking it in limited doses to really judge if you need the extra support. You can take it his for 90 days continually without taking a 2 week break. For what reason they never explain but it likely has to do with tolerance since they decided to add a stimulant in Yohimbe.

The real problem here is that you are using a stimulant mixed into a blend that can be used in either 1 serving or 4. There’s no way to really know for certain if this is a safe way to take it, it’s basically a guessing game where you hope there won’t be any side effects.

The official website is also really limited. All you get is a few sentences and a supplements facts list. Clearly not enough to help prove its worth, it’s like the marketing team got lazy and didn’t want to prove its value.

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Libido Max Ingredients

  • BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (95% piperine)
  • Ginger Extract (5% gingerols)

Proprietary Blend, 865 mg

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride
  • Ashwagandha Powder
  • Epimedium (10% icariins)
  • Tribulus Extract (40% saponins)
  • DMG
  • Yohimbe Extract (2% alkaloids)
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Cayenne Powder
  • CDP-Choline
  • Asian Ginseng Extract (80% ginsenosides)
  • NADH

L-Arginine Hydrochloride is a great way to enhance your blood flow which is why many male enhancement products choose to use it.

NADH is a special form of niacin that can boost energy and reduce blood pressure. Niacin is rich in many foods.

Ashwagandha Powder is not often added to supplements like this but it does have the ability to help the body adapt to stress, working as an adaptogen.

The rest of the ingredients aren’t considered bad other than Yohimbe, a stimulant that can potentially deliver harsh effects we’ll explain in the next section.

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The Science Behind Libido Max

Epimedium is a common find in a male enhancement supplement since there is a lot of science to support its use. Let’s take one study by the University of California Knuppe Molecular Urology Laboratory:

“great positivity for… penile tissue”

This was in rats that had nerve injury so it even works in this case. Another such aphrodisiac is Tribulus Terrestris which can improve libido and the quality of erections.

It’s important to keep in mind that the official website for Libido Max has no science. They do say its doctor formulated but this can mean a lot of things, and it really matters what kind of medicine they practice. For all we know it could be chiropractors who know nothing about supplements, there’s no way to know.

It’s important to practice caution in using Yohimbe. There’s a reason why several trusted sources like Web MD highlight a ton of possible side effects including heart attack and stroke. On they continue by adding:

“banned in many countries”

“Reports of inaccurate labeling”

This means that many brands often have either much less or much more than what’ claimed on the label. Keep in mind Libido Max blends their formula in a proprietary blend, making it impossible to know if they add Yohimbe in a likely safe amount.  This is the likely reason why there is a safety warning on Libido Max, and also why they limit the dosage.

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Word on the Street about Libido Max

“Felt so horny after using this but I had blurred vision and a ringing in my ears, my taste buds were off too everything had a funny taste”

“Keep this away not only did it do nothing but it’s too intense”

“Had to stop after a week because I had a bad headache and I felt real sick off of this”

“Dizziness, headaches, and a sense of illness came from this it’s safe to say you should avoid it”

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Is Libido Max Worth a Try?

There’s better and likely safer brands out there. The unknown amount of Yohimbe alone is cause for concern. Worse yet all you get to support this are vague claims about how it’s formulated by doctors and offered in a 3 step system. No explanation is ever provided to explain exactly what any of this truly means.

Side effects were a major problem for customers which forced many to stop taking it. To be fair some did say it made them more sexually responsive but this often came at the cost of many odd side affects you don’t often hear about. A different sense of taste and sudden loss of energy were the uncommon symptoms you can read about.

The same set of ingredients are common to countless male enhancement products, there’s no reason to favor this over others.

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Libido Max vs Viagra

One major difference you can find is that Viagra is only offered as a prescription. Because of how they affect cardiovascular health, neither of these is recommended for users with heart conditions. It’s not uncommon for there to be real issues related to high blood pressure and much more.

Both of these are intended to keep erections going, but Libido Max is intended to provide much more to further improve libido. You can’t expect any sexual excitement from Viagra since it’s strictly to keep blood flow going.
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In either case you have to stop taking these brands if there are any heart related side effects.

Libido Max vs Extenze

Yohimbe is added to both of these supplements which already makes them suspect. You don’t want to use this kind of ingredient without knowing for sure if you won’t be sensitive to its potential side effects. It’s a major reason why there are warning labels that mention it’s possible to experience cardiovascular related side effects.

Extenze has a lot more added to it, both are often available in 3rd party stores, though Extenze claims a lot more intended benefits.

Libido Max vs Libido Max Red

Made by the same company and both have 30 to 75 count servings. Libido Max Red is meant to increase nitric oxide and they advise using it an hour before exercise. They can be taken together for a synergistic effect.

The only difference being the large amount of inactive ingredients, food coloring, beet powder, and Black tea extract. You get additional antioxidant support and the nitric oxide boosting power of beet. This can enhance blood flow for endurance both in the bedroom and in other physical tasks.

Libido Max vs Magnum Blood Flow

Magnum Blood Flow is also made by the same company but the key difference is that his is specially formulated for nitric oxide production. This allows men to last longer in all physical tasks.

This has a lot of the same ingredients except more aphrodisiacs are used and a different stimulant is added. Theobromine is mixed instead which is likely safer than the Yohimbe in Libido Max, but both can potentially cause side effects. They fail to mention if both brands can be mixed together.

Libido Max vs Vimax

Vimax doesn’t have stimulants and it contains largely different types of ingredients. There are also a lot of safety concerns with Vimax since they had an FDA related recall issue. Their supplements contained a prescription drug for male enhancement. There also aren’t any 3rd party reviews for Vimax.

Libido Max at the very least hasn’t had any recall and they don’t use such a basic mix of ingredients.

Libido Max FAQ

  1. Does Libido Max make you bigger?
    The most you can expect from a male enhancement is more blood flow so erections are stronger but it won’t keep the penis longer or wider when not erect.
  1. Has there been a Libido Max recall?
    They haven’t had any such issues at the time of this review.
  1. Can I find Libido Max at Walgreens?
    30 soft-gels are sold for $8.99 on their website.
  1. What are the directions for Libido Max?
    One to 4 soft-gels are recommended either divided in the day or up to 4 in one sitting right before having sex.
  1. Can I take Libido Max with Viagra or are there concerns?
    Their official website doesn’t mention anything about mixing this with other brands, but they do say it can affect heart conditions. This is a similar effect to Viagra so it’s probably best to not mix them.
  1. What do the Libido Max reviews have to say about it?
    Overall some customers saw a change but many said the side effects made it real difficult to continue using it.
  1. Where can I find Libido Max for sale?
    The official website has no discount offer but you can find it at Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Amazon.
  1. Is there a Libido Max forum?
    No official forum is available but there is discussion on men’s health related forums. Mainly people ask if it actually works and the response is often lukewarm.
  1. Is Libido Max sold at CVS?
    They sell a 30 count package for $10.99 on CVS.
  1. What does the Libido Max Power Extending Formula actually do?
    They say this comes in a 3-part response system; first to enhance vitality, second for more blood flow, and finally enhanced pleasure. It’s not fully explained what makes it extend its effects however, since no information is provided on their official website.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz was the best for male enhancement for several reasons. Customers saw real changes, there were no side effects from the reviews available, and they use a wholesome blend of ingredients which have studies to support their use.

Whether it is an improved mood, more blood flow to the penis, or enhanced sexual desire, all the ingredients have a possible benefit to help make it easier to have sex. There’s also a lot of positive feedback from users saying it made them feel healthier and more vibrant. Get right to the heart of the matter by learning more about Viritenz here.

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