Maxman Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This was tested and found to contain a prescription ingredient twice by two different government groups including the FDA. Already this is a major failure of quality control, and the customer feedback for this is limited.  If you still want to read more about this product we recommend our table of contents.

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Maxman Overview

Two separate recalls were forced, once in 2024 and another in 2024. Already there is no good reason to believe anything the company has to say. They have no website and the only source for it is on 3rd party websites, none of which back it up by providing a guarantee of its safety.

No return is offered and it’s unknown if the batches sold are free from the banned substances which were found through official government studies. Because of all these important factors, there is not a single good reason to try it.
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The possible damage that can occur is far too risky.

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Maxman Claims

Since the only source for information is 3rd party websites, there is no good reason to trust they’re actually telling the truth. Supposedly this is a safe and side-effect free way to boost blood flow, making a penis stronger and bigger.

This is even said to:

“Increase.. length by up to 36%”

“width by up to 25%”

This is also going to enhance the:

“appearance of penis”

Orgasm will be improved leading to more satisfying sex, while also helping support endurance.

The 3rd party website which has the most information goes into detail how both sexual arousal and blood flow will lead to the walls of the penis expanding. Their explanation is what you’d expect from a supplement sued to enhance erections.  Another claims that there are 3 years of research and that it is:


All this is supposedly possible but no actual testimonials or scientific evidence is given to showcase what each ingredient may do, or what kind of research went into it.

Worse yet the Department of Health section of the Australian Government said that this can:

“pose a serious risk … to your health… should not be taken”

The reason why they concluded it should be avoided is because they determined it had sildenafil, a prescription ingredient which is used to prevent erectile dysfunction. Using a drug like this without a prescription and without knowing the full dosage strength can be very dangerous.

In 2024 another version of Maxman was called out by the FDA for the exact same issue, the same prescription ingredient was used. This is clear evidence that the company did not learn their lesson , and likely used prescription drugs to make this appear stronger than it actually is.

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Maxman Ingredients

  • Avena Sativa
  • Rowdy Weed
  • Guarana
  • Ginseng
  • Maca Powder

If these ingredients are all what’s truly used then there isn’t much included. The only way we know that these additives may be used is because a 3rd party website mentions this is what’s added.

Another 3rd party website claims there are far more ingredients used than the additives mentioned in another. We can’t know for certain who is telling the truth, all the details about this brand come second hand from companies which have no relation at all to the creators. This may mean it is discontinued ,which may mean that you  are getting bottles that are no longer made fresh.

It’s impossible to fully describe what the ingredients may do without knowing for certain what is added and in what dosage strength. These are all key details to know about a supplement in order for there to be a good prediction about what’s possible.

The fact they use Guarana means that it may contain caffeine and other stimulants, it’s unknown what the total amount may be. Rowdy Weed is another way of saying horn goat weed, a basic aphrodisiac ingredient.

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The Science Behind Maxman

There is a descriptive explanation about how this is meant to work. A 3rd party website mentions how this can be useful at supporting overall blood flow and arousal, which can support the creation of erections.

All this comes from the clamed 3 years of total research. It may be impressive if all this is true, but you get no actual citations to showcase the specifics. Because they have had 2 government recalled recalls, it raises questions about the attention to detail.

Not a single source is provided to showcase if they are telling the truth. Their accountability is in question and so far they have no given a single reason why they should be trusted No official website is ever provided, and there is no explanation provided on why they have decided to use a prescription drug twice in their short history.

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Word on the Street about Maxman

 “after about a year of use I found it to be just what I needed. I really liked the changes I saw”

good for what I needed it for, it also worked for my female partner”

“Not sure if these reviews are real or not but I saw no benefit from it. I’m thinking these reviews were paid for”

It’s difficult to find reviews, only a hand full was available at this time. Some seemed very awkward and may be forged, it’s impossible to tell but the good experiences came from websites selling it, and they didn’t explain much of what they experienced.

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Is Maxman Worth a Try?

Not a single reason is provided why anyone should use it. Any company that has a total of 2 recalls for the exact same illegal reason should be questioned. There is no longer an official website, and you can’t learn about the company responsible for this brand. It’s important for them to provide some kind of statement to showcase why they have had the exact same issue in contaminating a prescription drug in their supplements.

This is a major safety concern and it’s why the Australian government banned it in their country.

All you get are general claims made about just how effective it may be. Any website can make this claim and since it all comes from a 3rd party source, they aren’t responsible for any possible issue which can result from use. There is no guarantee to certification that the batches sold are free from the prescription drug, and you aren’t’ able to get a return in case side effects become an issue.

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Maxman vs Viagra

The active ingredient that makes up Viagra was found in Maxman; the only difference is that you can only get Viagra through prescription because of safety reasons. You won’t know what the total amount of sildenafil you’re getting in Maxman.

This ingredient may cause side effects even when taken in controlled amounts. That’s why it’s critical for users to take it under the prescription of a certified medical doctor.
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Viagra is only recommending for a short period due to it having potential side effects.

Maxman vs Vimax

These 2 supplements share an unfortunate history; both have been revealed to have used prescription ingredients which can potentially lead to side effects. The FDA made sure to release a public warning, advising customers to seek medical attention in the case of any side effects.

The reason why this may be dangerous is because when you’re taking unknown amounts of a prescription you’re liable for serious symptoms. Even when used in prescribed amounts knowingly there is a possibility for side effects, especially for certain customers. Vimax also has an unimpressive and basic blend of ingredients.

Maxman vs Robust

Finding information for Robust is difficult since it appears it has been discontinued. There are still websites which sell it, but they do not back it up with a return policy, all sales would be considered final.

There is little known about the ingredients and for unknown reasons there are 2 websites which claim to offer information about it, but when you click it shows that it has been pulled and there is no details provided anymore. All you get are general claims to suggest how effective it may be, no proof is ever cited.

Maxman vs VigRX Plus

There isn’t much added to VigRX Plus and what’s added to it is generally found in the most simple of male enhancement brands. Many customers had the exact same kind of experience. There wasn’t any change at all for most users.

There were also issues related to nausea, sickness, headache, and some even lost their libido. In general many had nothing but negative things to say which his odd considering there aren’t typically harsh ingredients. The company also has an odd issue with quality control.

Maxman vs Cialis

The only purpose Cialis has is preventing erectile dysfunction by supporting blood flow. This also has effects on blood pressure but that’s a separate possible benefit. It can make men keep their erections so they don’t go limp as quick as they may have; it also is effective whenever aroused. This means you have to become aroused first, it won’t actually boost libido.

The problem with Cialis is that there are possible side effects, the price is higher than a supplement, and it’s only for short-term use.

Maxman FAQ

  1. How to use Maxman exactly?
    It’s impossible to tell, there is no reliable information which helps explain how to use it. All you get are difference claims about what it may do, but nothing on the specifics of how to properly use it. Hopefully it’s printed on the box so customers can review it, but at this time its unclear how to use it properly.
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  1. What’s the Maxman capsules price?
    No longer is there an official website, you have to rely on 3rd party websites like EBay and a few random websites. You can pay upward of $19.99 per capsule, or $49.99 per bottle. It’s unknown if these prices are what the creators originally had in mind.
  1. Do Maxman capsules have side effects?
    After it was revealed that the makers added a prescription drug, whether or not side effects were possible suddenly became a major issue. This drug has the possibility to cause serious long term damage that would be impossible to predict.  The risk factor is too high to consider this a safe product.
  1. Can I get Maxman pills on EBay?
    There is a single provider which sells a single capsule for $19.99; they do not offer a money back return however. This is exceptionally high for a single serving.
  1. Where can I get Maxman capsules to buy online?
    A few 3rd party websites still sell it but they look very off, the websites look dated and unprofessional. None of them provide a safety or money back guarantee of any kind.
  1. What’s the total Maxman capsules price in India?
    There I a website which sells it worldwide but shipping prices depend on region. Individual bottles sell for $49 there, which would be 3,124 Indian Rupees.
  1. What’s a solid Maxman capsules supplier?
    Unfortunately it’s unknown if the few 3rd party websites which sell it are actually providing versions of this which are free from the declared banned prescription ingredient. We can’t say 100% whether or not it has it, and none of the websites offer a guarantee of any kind. All sales would be final; it’s left on the customer to make a decision.
  1. How to use Maxman iv capsules?
    The lack of dosing instructions is frustrating to say the least. It may be that it’s 2 capsules daily since this does have 60 pills, but this is just a guess based off of what supplements typically offer. There is no other information about how long to use it for, whether it can be taken any time of the day, and if it can be mixed with alcohol.

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So What Really Works?

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