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When a supplement is banned because of adding ingredients that can lead to serious health damage it’s impossible to recommend it. Just as bad is when they reformulate only to add ingredients that you can’t find any information about. We found this and a lot more about this male enhancement product which you can learn about by going through the table of contents section.

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Novedex XT Overview

There’s good reason why the FDA called out this supplement and said it was “potentially hazardous”, they discovered in 2024 that this had banned substances. The fact there are still websites which offer it is a major concern. By this fact alone it’s clear that many websites are still looking to make a quick dollar off the potential customer’s lack of information about this brand.

They did make a change to their formula but in remaking it, it was clear that only 1 out of 4 of the ingredients has any research, and this reach is lacking. All signs point to this being a cheap and unnecessary supplement.

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Novedex XT Claims

This is meant mostly as a way to help block estrogen and to prevent estrogen from reducing testosterone. This is then intended for overall muscular gains, lean muscle mass, and all without the side effects of other estrogen reducing blends.

The official website says that this had:

“clinical chemistry panels”

This was in order to determine for certain that it would deliver the effects customers are looking for. They provide a good understanding for how it will affect the body by going into deep detail about how it is intended to work. This is meant to block certain receptors while activating others to maximum overall testosterone.

They especially market this for what they call “post-cycle therapy” or (PCT). This means it is made for people coming of a steroid cycle, allowing them to stop the natural loss of testosterone which happens when steroids are no longer taken.

What’s problematic was that this had to be reformulated due the use of the banned substance known as DMAA, which can cause side effects such as heart attacks. This is why the original had to be taken off the market, even though it is still on some 3rd party websites.

The major problem with the new blend is that there is no information about many of these ingredients, the only source of information is claims about what they can do, but the official website never mentions where these extracts come from. We did learn that they use a DHEA metabolite which means it’s a slightly weaker extract of this chemical. However information about this key ingredient is not known, so we can’t know for certain if it would be safe or effective.

All the great sounding science does not mean a thing if the official website cannot say where they take their ingredients from. We will explain later on that there is no actual science to support any of the ingredients for human use. Without more data we can’t say what may be likely.

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Novedex XT Ingredients

  • 3b-hydroxy-androsta- 1,4,6- triene-17-one
  • Androsta-3,5- Diene- 7,17-dione
  • 3b- hydroy-andrasta-4
  • 6-diene-17-one

There’s a major issue with these ingredients from the simple fact that finding information about each is difficult to find. Androsta-3,5- Diene- 7,17-dione for example can only be learned bout by websites which sell supplements, you can’t find any information from unbiased websites which present only scientific information. All that’s known about this is that it’s claimed to stop estrogen production.

This is actually what’s known as a metabolite and it comes from 7-Keto DHEA.

3b- hydroy-andrasta-41,4,6- triene-17-one is another ingredient which we can’t find any information about ,when you type this in all you get are other suggestions by Google, meaning that this specific ingredient name has no little available sources.  There was a website which looks to sell Novedex ST and they say that his additive is intended for the body to convert into testosterone.

The only source for information on 6-diene-17-one is from the fact that it is used in this brand.

We can’t really know about the specifics and whether or no these ingredients are any good without a further explanation. It’s left for the consumer to do their research to find out about this brand, and when you look into it, it’s clear that there isn’t much known.

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The Science Behind Novedex XT

The only scientific source for details is about the ingredient Androsta-1, 4, 6-triene-3, 17-dione or (ATD). There was a study performed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club which found that his is used to help reduce estrogen. The problem they found was that this was:

“abused… in human sports”

They basically said that this had a been used found horses to help elevate their testosterone levels, but that science was lacking show if it would be safe and effective for humans. Their main concern was use for horses, and therefore they did not spend much time talking about the possible human effects.

A major problem with this blend is that he official website for Gaspari Nutrition does not mention what these ingredients are meant to do. For the average person this would sound like some sort of scientific experiment instead of a natural supplement.

It is known that there is a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA which is a kind of steroid. Since it’s only a metabolite instead of an actual full extract, it’s hard to know if it will actually have the same kinds of effects. It is known however that this form of DHEA is intended to boost metabolism, weight loss, and support hormonal levels. This is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency however due to safety concerns.

The problem in determining its worth is that it often is studied by companies who have an interest in making a profit of this, which is why Examine has said that he studies are of:

“questionable quality”

As far as determining how much a person would take, they admit that he optimal amount is not determined so it’s unknown how much should be taken.  The safety was also called into question since the website Web MD has made it clear:

“There isn’t enough information”

We would have liked to see a lot more information, there isn’t; a single explanation by the creators to justify why they added these ingredients. Finding information is also incredibly difficult, most sources about this blend are from website which hare clearly advertising this supplement. They do not give a proper description to showcase where the company is sourcing these additives, and it’s unknown where the majority of this comes from.

You can’t even get a proper explanation for what these ingredients are meant to do, this is frustrating since it really makes it impossible to just anything of what is said on any website.

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Word on the Street about Novedex XT

“Saw an improvement of strength initially but after a while I got back to normal. I had to boost the dosage strength and it made my gas stink”

“I felt like it actually decreased my desire to perform in the gym, made it really hard to stay consistent”

“no matter what I did it felt like I didn’t see any real noticeable benefits, in fact it may have made me feel worse”

“Made me gain a lot of weight and I started to get a better return to form when it came to my gym presence”

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Is Novedex XT Worth a Try?

There really isn’t a good enough reason why anyone should try this, especially when they’re is limited information about the ingredients. You can’t find any information about the ingredients and their effects on human’s health. It’s also very questionable since they make this for people coming off steroids.

No actual evidence is provided on the official website and this is also very expensive for a testosterone booster.

The company had to recall this supplement and they have reformulated it which showcases their creation of potentially harmful product.

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Novedex XT vs Nolvadrex

Nolvadrex was made specially to help block the production of estrogen with potent effects. This was originally found in 1961 but it has since been added in this specific brand name.

This can only be used if a doctor prescribes it, and though it is sold online, these websites are not legitimate and cannot promise that it’s actually made with quality ingredients. These websites suggest men who are using steroids to cycle by using this, but it’s not advised to take advice from people who aren’t medical doctors. People look for an alternative to Novedex XT since it also has banned substances, but it’s not advised to take any prescription without the full support of an established physician.

Novedex XT vs Arimidex

A big difference between Novedex XT and Arimidex is that Arimide is made specially as a prescription to help reduce the amount of estrogen there is in the body. IT’S actually meant for women as opposed to men, but some men may abuse it to help reduce their estrogen.

The problem with this is that since it is only intended for women, the only way for men to get it is through means which wouldn’t allow for a real prescription. Using a brand like this may be very dangerous since it can potentially cause serious side effects. Prescriptions can be very harsh and there is no promise that this would deliver safe effects.

Novedex XT FAQ

  1. What are some common Novedex XT reviews?
    For the new version there were mixed results and whether or not it was good depending on what you were looking for. Weight gain was the most common effect with people gaining a lot of mass, especially when combining exercise.
  1. Is Novedex XT banned now?
    Not the reformulated version but many of the 3rd party websites which do offer it only sell the banned blend.
  1. What are the full Novedex ingredients?
    The reformulation included 3b-hydroxy-androsta- 1, 4, 6- triene-17-one, 3b- hydroy-andrasta-4, 6-diene-17-one, and Androsta-3, 5- Diene- 7, 17-dione.
  1. What are some Novedex XT side effects?

    Massive weight gain was an issue, gas, and sudden need to urinate.
  1. Can you tell me about the Novedex XT reviews in 2024?
    Most of the information is dated since the official company was forced to recall their supplement.

    Only a few reviews are available online and some said it helped make them feel stronger and that it gave them muscular gains. Many used it to gain a lot of weight.
  1. Which is the proper Novedex XT dosage?
    It’s recommended to take a total of a tablet in the morning and another in the afternoon with no more than 4 pills in a day.
  1. Is Novedex XT an effective testosterone booster?
    The known banned substance is used exactly for this purpose but there is good reason why it is no longer accepted in supplements, the effects can be devastating and seriously damaging to long-term health. There is no way to regulate this and it’s clear that only old batches of this are sold which may affect how it works in the body.
  1. Where can I get Novedex ST for sale?
    There are some 3rd part websites we’d rather not name since they are selling banned substances which can be very dangerous. These websites also do not offer a money back return policy.
  1. What is the Novedex XT original formula?
    Finding information about this is hard to do because there isn’t much said about their previous brand. After looking at a 3rd party website it is known they used 3, 17 – Keto-etiochol-triene, 6, 17, Keto – etiocholeve-3-oltetrahydropyranol, and 3, 5, 7- Trihydroxy-4-Methoxyflavone.
  1. What do people have to say about Novedex XT on bodybuilding?
    The most people had to say about it was that they were surprised it got recalled, and some said it was clearly an illegal substance which should have never been included.

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So What Really Works?

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