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The blend is decent but there’s very little added to this to justify the price, and it seems unlikely to work judging from the low dosage strength and mixed customer reviews. The label also suggests that certain side effects would be the signs of a major health issue. To get a great summary of this male enhancement product we recommend looking at the table of contents.

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Progene Daily Complex Overview

If you were to look at the ingredients you’d think they put a lot of attention to make sure this would have all-around benefits. That’s until you notice that they use a weak proprietary blend, far too limited to suggest it would deliver as strongly as their website makes it seem.

They also added a banned ingredient which is not accepted by many athletic agencies, and which can potentially produce serious side effects.

Customers also had mixed experiences, far too many to consider this well-rounded enough for real support.

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Progene Daily Complex Claims

The intended benefits come from the boost of testosterone. By maintaining healthy testosterone levels this can effect men’s health in numerous ways including boosting mood and supporting a healthy sex drive.

They so that as men age there is about a 1 to 2% drop each year. Supposedly by taking about 2 to 3 tablets daily this will work to maintain healthy levels, which can affect metabolism, stamina, physical performance, motivation, and overall muscle mass. While this is all true, thy fail to mention how Progene Daily Complex will reverse this loss. They have a “what can you expect?” section yet they only mention how men lose testosterone over time, no actual proof is given.

A comparison chart and testimonials are the only proof cited.

The most surprising thing about this is s that hey use a total of 18 ingredients all blended into a single 200 mg blend. That’s all you get, some of these ingredients won’t have much of an effect unless individually they’re added in about 200 mg. If you do the math this may mean that there is only about 11 mg of each ingredient. This is a joke; you can’t expect much support from only 200 mg.

There are 6 complaints featured on the Better Business Bureau where you see issues related to billing and customer service. Some also said that they were told they would be given a free trial but later they were charged.

A study was offered where users can participate for free, many claimed they were charged for this and had to pay extra money without their knowledge. A sudden charge appeared on their billing statement which they did not expect. Repeat problem customers were excused by customer service representatives saying customers were slightly too late to get a refund, which many felt was not true.

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Progene Daily Complex Ingredients

  • Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)
  • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate
  • Thiamin (thiamin mononitrate)
  • Niacin (Niacinamide)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI)
  • Folate (folic acid)
  • Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin)
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic Acid (d-calcium Pantothenate)
  • Zinc Citrate
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Tongkat Ali 50:1 Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • DHEA

Proprietary Blend, 200 mg

  • Global Herbal Blend (Sal Palmetto Berry, Damiana Leaf, Sarsaparilla, Jamaican Ginger Root, Muira Puama Aerial Parts Extract, Eleuthero Root, Korean Ginseng, Chinese Red Panax Ginseng, Tienchi Ginseng, Oat Straw, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Lycopene, Mucuna Pruriens Seed, Withania Somnifera, Licorice Root, Tinospora Cordifolia Leaf, Nutmeg seed, Tribulus Terrestris Root)

There are plenty of ingredients added but what’s odd is that they used a blend of additives that are blended together in a 200 mg mix. You won’t often find so many ingredients packed into a single proprietary blend, mainly because it often won’t be strong enough to deliver benefits.

They have Withania Somnifera, an adaptogen herb that is used for stress relief. General aphrodisiacs are also used including Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Tongkat Ali, and different forms of ginseng.

Many vitamins and nutrients are also added which can affect energy levels, and which can support the making of testosterone.

Guarana is a plant extract that has stimulants in it like caffeine; there is no mention of the total amount added to it. There is only 10 mg of this ingredient, so it likely means that it would be low, but it’s impossible to know for certain what is to be expected.

A lot of this is what you’d hope to find in a supplement like this, but they do add low amounts and food coloring which really isn’t necessary. Food coloring is an inactive ingredient that can help improve the appearance, but there is a controversial history.

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The Science Behind Progene Daily Complex

The only science provided is the mention that as men ages their testosterone levels drop. This is strange since they mention this section will explain how Progene Daily Complex will work, but nowhere on this page is there an explanation as to what’s possible.

They do offer a testosterone kit where you send a saliva sample and they determine your levels, but this is expensive and not a guaranteed way of knowing at what range it rests at.

A total of 10 questions are provided with questions about whether or not energy levels and general performance has either decreased, which is intended to determine if the user should start supplementing. This isn’t very scientific however since these questions all could be answered yes if the user is having other issues not related to testosterone.

The major questionable ingredient added to this is DHEA, a steroid hormone produced in the body. When used as a supplement this can have led to several changes in the body, not all of them are considered safe. Keep in mind there is 50 mg of it in every standard serving, which increased to 75 mg if you take what’s recommended for larger males. Web MD has said that taking 50 mg to 100 mg daily for a long time can raise the risk for side effects including:

“acne, hair loss… high blood pressure”

It is also banned by sports leagues including WADA due to its performance enhancing benefits. Examine makes it clear that the optimal amount needed for testosterone enhancement is:

“not clear”

They admit that there is yet to be standard dosage strength for this benefit. This then raises the question to the makers of it, how did they determine how much to add to it?

No science is ever provided and it’s important to know if they did their research to determine what a safe amount would be.

A major issue we have to mention is the fact they use only 200 mg of a lot of ingredients. There’s not much support offered from this. Take Damiana Leaf for example, the “classical dosage” is around 2 grams worth. Muira puama as well is advised at around 100 to 300 mg according to Examine. This means that what would be a proper amount of this for noticeable effects would make up the total 200 mg blend.

This greatly reduces the potential for male enhancement, making it an unnecessary and possibly worthless blend of 18 ingredients.

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Word on the Street about Progene Daily Complex

“Gave me a good boost of energy but it failed to boost my T levels and I made sure I was tested”

“Noticed an improvement of strength in the gym, that’s about it”

“Had really bad liver inflammation that I had to be hospitalized. Only after a couple of months did I go back to normal. Do your research and be careful”

“Felt tired and really lazy after using this, it was garbage I say about it at all costs it just isn’t good”

Some enjoyed it, others had no effect and worse yet, there were dangerous side effects for certain users. There was a major mix of experiences so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what a typical effect may be.

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Is Progene Daily Complex Worth a Try?

You can find better support elsewhere. The low dosage strength of many key ingredients and the fact they use DHEA are causes for concern. DHEA may be too tough to deal with since it can cause side effects. Their main proprietary blend has a lot of ingredients that are great, but not at this dosage strength. Only 200 mg is not nearly enough for such a long list of additives, there needs to be more to ensure results are possible.

The company has had the exact same kinds of shady business practices which customers complained about. This likely means that they are consistently having the same kinds of problems with their business practices. It was clear that far too many felt cheated out of money, unable to get a return and suddenly being charged without being told they were going to pay extra money.

Because of the low dosage strength formula, the use of stimulants, possibly dangerous DHEA, and the controversial company history, it’s hard to see any good reason to try it. The company also fails to give any science to suggest by Progene Daily Complex would be the right supplement for male enhancement and testosterone benefits.

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Progene Daily Complex FAQ

  1. Are there any Progene complaints?
    Some users said it didn’t work, and there were some side effects for some. What was alarming was the fact that 3 customers said they experienced serious dangerous side effects. A customer said that they had to be hospitalized after experiencing liver problems.
  1. Can I Get Progene at GNC?
    They do sell it in their stores and online.
  1. Is Progene available at Costco?
    There is an open letter which states it’s at Costco but for unknown reasons it won’t show up on their official website so it’s unknown.
  1. Are there any Progene side effects to worry about?
    Possibly, because they use DHEA and food coloring, there are studies which show both can potentially cause symptoms ranging from headaches, acne, nausea, hormone imbalance, mood swings, and much more.
  1. What are the full Progene ingredients?
    There is a lot added to this and it includes L-Arginine HCI, Tongkat Ali, DHEA, Guarana, vitamin A, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin b6, vitaminb12, biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, and a huge list of ingredients under their Progene proprietary list.
  1. What is the Progene trial all about?
    No actual free trial is offered but they do have a “1 month intro” which is intended to give the basic experience. Some customers did say they were offered a trial sample but this is not featured on their website, so it may have been a special promotion. These same customers complained that they lost money and were unexpectedly charged money for what they thought was a free sample.
  1. What is Progene exactly?
    This is intended to raise free testosterone which is the kind of testosterone that is most usable by the body. They market this as being a customer approved safe approach for male enhancement.
  1. Can I get Progene on Amazon?
    Yes you can but whether or not it comes backed by a guarantee depends on the seller.
  1. What can you tell me about Progene Daily Complex?
    This is made to boost testosterone to make men feel more virile. It has natural ingredients in its active blend, and it is supposedly “doctor recommended” but there’s no proof of it. All the claims made about it are what you’d expect from something that boosts testosterone. Reviews were mixed, the company has some complaints, and you have to be careful about side effects due to the DHEA.
  1. Does Progene help to boost testosterone?
    They do have a few ingredients like Tongkat Ali which are used to boost testosterone, but it’s only added in a small amount. Most of the ingredients that could be useful are lacking, so it’s hard to see how good this could truly be. No actual science is ever given to show whether or not it can raise testosterone levels.

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So What Really Works?

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All of the ingredients are clearly carefully selected since they add it in amounts which can maximize sexual vigor. There are ingredients for more blood flow, aphrodisiac benefits, mood lifting support, and more endurance in the bedroom. This can all be used to make sex more enjoyable for the user and their partner.

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