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The FDA related issues and the lack of scientific proof to support this supplement make it a questionable choice for male virility. The fact it has to be cycled and is supposed to manipulate hormones with unstudied ingredients is yet another major problem. If you’re still interested in learning about the specifics behind this product, skim the table of contents section underneath.

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Reversitol V2 Overview

The information about this supplement is really limited, all you get are rough claims but nowhere is there any evidence. It’s impossible to truly fact check them either since a key active ingredient in this has no scientific evidence published online, so you won’t know what you’re getting with it. Yet another problem is the lack of reviews, very few people commented on whether or not it worked.

The product seems very pricy for only 5 ingredients, and some of them have been proven to be not properly absorbed by the body. With all the claims and no support it leaves major doubt on why anyone should try this. They also have had issues with the FDA which highlight how they tried to cheat the system.

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Reversitol V2 Claims

“Hormone modulation” is the main intended benefit that is supposedly possible. This is marketed as a brand used by athletes all over the world to help support their strength and muscle mass. When combined with a controlled diet they say it can help support anabolic hormones while preventing the spread of estrogen which can reduce testosterone.

They add that the stress hormone cortisol will also be regulated, which can best support hypertrophy in the cells. This translated into more usable muscle which can keep men stable.

The 3 specific benefits which are outlined in a list include a combination of more lean muscle mass, more size and strength though testosterone improvement, and controlled estrogen for “rock hard muscle”. They do offer a descriptive explanation for what it can do, but nowhere do they give any evidence to showcase how they discovered all these intended benefits.

After doing some extensive research we also uncovered 2 separate FDA related problems. First in 2024 the company went to Federal court for “unlawful manufacturing” which forced the owner to pay a $125,000 fine and 3 years of probation. They also uncovered “synthetic steroids” which are banned from supplements.

There was yet another problem in 2024 which included supplements which had used banned substances as well. They seem to have a trend in using ingredients which are not legally allowed. This included a substance which was banned due to its potential to cause serious harm. The FDA said that this is:

“not approved”

Because they uncovered this problem they required an immediate notification and response by the owners to make sure they are no longer going to use this ingredient.

A major reason why we bring this up is because we tried reviewing their formula but a key ingredient which is used inside of Reversitol V2 was not proven effective or safe. There is actually no science to support its use, and we don’t know for certain what it is extracted from. It’s clear that this is a sort of chemical, but from where it comes from is anyone else’s guess. It’s impossible to verify for certain if they are counting their trend of using banned substances, but it’s important to keep this in mind since this supplement is meant for hormone manipulation.

It’s never recommended to use an ingredient that can’t be researched; there is no reason to trust this company after they had so many major controversies. Keep in mind that there is no way to get a return of money, so in the case of side effects you’d end up risking your health with no way to return your payment.

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Reversitol V2 Ingredients

S.E.R.M Matric Proprietary Blend, 400 mg

  • 7-Methoxy-2-phenyl-chromen-4-one
  • Ellagic acid 95%

Estrogen Modulation Matrix (EMM) Proprietary Blend, 320 mg

  • Indole 3 Carbinol
  • Long Jack 100:1 (root)
  • Trans Resveratrol

Two different proprietary blends are included; the first uses Ellagic Acid which is highest in foods like blackberries, pecans, and strawberries. This is an antioxidant which is most often used to prevent disease such as cancer.

Less is known about the other ingredient in the propriety blend, 7-Methoxy-2-phenyl-chromen-4-one. The only source of information is from websites which talk about hormones, often where they are trying to sell steroid alternatives or PCT friendly products. This is used to help stop estrogen production.

Indole 3 Carbinol is also included which is naturally in a lot of vegetables like kale, turnips, cabbage, and collard greens. This is most commonly used to help support the prevention of disease, which is why it is used as a preventative against cancer.

Trans Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in things like grape skin which is slightly different than regular resveratrol, since it is supposed to be more absorbable and useful for the human body. This is also intended to increase testosterone though it can also support estrogen metabolism.

Finally Long Jack is used which is a fairly common aphrodisiac which can help increase testosterone, libido, and overall male vigor.

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The Science Behind Reversitol V2

As far as egallic acid goes, this is not well-absorbed and this is why Web MD made it clear that this is:

“quickly eliminated”

The body would not be able to properly absorb this, making it useless. They even ad that it may not even be safe since studies on it are lacking. The FDA has their opinion on this ingredient by saying that:

“consumers should avoid”

It’s clear this ingredient isn’t nearly as good as the company would have you believe.

Trans resveratrol in supplement form is another questionable ingredient which according to Quack is lacking sufficient evidence. They say there isn’t much known about the:

“absorption and clearance”

A major flawed ingredient is their 7-Methoxy-2-phenyl-chromen-4-one which is lacking a lot of information. Most of the information about this only comes from websites trying to sell brands that contain it. Finding scientific details about what this is exactly is hard to find, though it is supposedly a kind of flavone. We can’t verify for certain but 2 different websites made this claim, meaning it’s a kind of pigment found in plants.

Whether or not this actually works or would be safe to take is unknown. We couldn’t find any clinical studies on it which is a major red flag. The official website for Reversitol V2 also doesn’t mention where they get this from, or whether or not they performed any clinical studies on it.

They do decide to add long jack which does have a lot of credibility and which is used as an effective male enhancement ingredient. There’s good reasoning why Examine has concluded that this is a great:

“pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac”

They go on to add that there is a lot of evidence to support its use.

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Word on the Street about Reversitol V2

“Helps to lean you out and it seems to be better than other brands I’ve looked at”

“Really pricy though it was useful for my needs. Not sure if I would pay for this again”

“Gave an increase of both strength and energy but it wasn’t too much of a difference to be honest”

“After a cycle I started to take this and while it wasn’t a major difference, I did like that it gave me a nice boost”

Less than 10 reviews are found online so it’s difficult to get an accurate assessment for what this can actually do. The fact that there is so little to go on further complicates things, you can’t know for certain what you might be getting with this questionable formula. The few experiences available highlight that it’s not as good as they would have you believe. Not everyone saw a great improvement that is suggested on the official website.

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Is Reversitol V2 Worth a Try?

The hype makes it seem like it would be worth using, but there isn’t much value in this. The fact you can’t find any scientific studied for a main active ingredient is enough to discount this product. There’s absolutely no way to know for certain if it’s actually going to be a safe or effective additive.

Yet another major issue is the 2 separate FDA related issues filed against the company. They make it clear that they have not done the effort to ensure that they can be trusted. It’s hard to see much value in this when they have repeat controversies.

Few people had anything to say about it but the experiences varied. The claims made by the official website all make it sound like an optimal supplement but they never provide actual evidence to support their claims. Without more data there is no ways to fact check and know for certain if they are telling the truth.

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Reversitol V2 vs Erase

Erase Pro + is made for the exact same reasons as Reversitol V2, this is intended to help stop estrogen while increasing testosterone. They specially add how this can help reduce body fat to help men get six pack abs. This is all marketing hype however, there is no evidence that spot reduction works.

The ingredients used are also questionable since cause customer’s symptoms. They go on to cheapen it by adding some unnecessary food coloring. A lot of users also had similar complaints; they generally said it provided no support and that it made them hold onto more water weight. More people did use it for post cycle therapy, and some did find it kept them regular.

Reversitol V2 FAQ

  1. Is Reversitol V2 on Amazon?
    Not currently, there are no listings from Amazon available now.
  1. What are common Reversitol V2 reviews?
    No common reviews are available since there was a mixture of different opinions. Some felt it helped them feel virile, while others saw no noticeable changes at all. It’s impossible to know for certain by judging the reviews what’s a likely experience.
  1. Does Reversitol V2 work as an estrogen blocker?
    That’s what it’s made for but in judging the many reviews, it was clear that many didn’t see the support they were looking for.
  1. Will Reversitol V2 cause side effects?
    There are some ingredients in this which studies show may result in side effects. This may cause symptoms including nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue, mood changes, increased estrogen, and headaches. There weren’t enough reviews to determine if side effects are likely however.
  1. Can I get Reversitol V2 at Vitamin Shoppe?
    They do offer shipping and sales in their actual physical locations.
  1. Does Reversitol work for treating gyno?
    The official website would have you believe it can offer this kind of support but there’s no evidence of it treating this issue. We can’t say for certain whether it will or won’t work, but gyno is a major issue which is often treated with weight loss.
  1. Is there red wine extract in Reversitol?
    There may be confusion with the name since resveratrol sounds similar to this brand name, which is an antioxidant in red wine. They do use trans resveratrol but this can come from different sources, not just wine.
  1. Will Reversitol V2 work as a PCT?
    A PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is used after steroids and it’s hard to say if a supplement will offer the support needed to have hormone levels regulated .The website for Reversitol V2 doesn’t say it’s for PCT, but they do suggesting it can keep testosterone regulated and estrogen low however.

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So What Really Works?

The best product for male enhancement that we’ve reviewed after much analysis is a brand known as Viritenz. The reason why we picked this over other supplements is because of several reasons. User feedback was incredibly positive, all the ingredients can offer great support, and when mixed together, it helps to optimize all-around male enhancement.

There are some aphrodisiacs for example which can make libido increase, support blood flow, and support erections. The testosterone boosting ingredients can also keep men virile and able to maintain endurance and peak physical performance. The quality is kept consistent since the owners make sure to produce the entire formula in a facility that is registered with the FDA. None of it is cheap filler or stimulants either, only natural ingredients that highlight the quality. For a closer look into the kinds of benefits that Viritenz can provide for male virility and peak sexual function, we recommend viewing this review of it.

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