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It’s never a good sign when you type in the name of a supplement and most of what comes up are FDA related recalls. Their tainted history and major consumer complaints make this an unnecessary supplement. If you want to learn what the issues were, look though the table of contents.

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RockHard Weekend Overview

Perhaps the strangest thing about this supplement is that the official website does not advocate it. The have no information at all to help explain what it can do, all they have is a sales page and zero evidence is given as to why you should spend your money to use it.

Worse yet, no ingredients list are provided and they have not given an explanation as to why they contaminated this supplement with a prescription.

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RockHard Weekend Claims

Their official website doesn’t mention a single intended benefit for their supplement. They feature different serving sizes but the little magnifying glass they use to look at the front of the package is useless because it’s impossible to make out what it says.

It’s more than likely general male enhancement claims but the only way to learn about what this is meant for is by examining 3 party websites.

Keep in mind none of these supposed claims have been proven by anyone, and it’s unknown if the company still stands by their previous claims. Supposedly this can boost testosterone, make erections stronger which makes sense because of the name, and keep blood flow and stamina consistent.

Results are meant to last for “up to 72 hours”. Once again there is no way to confirm or deny if the company still stands by their previous claims, and there is no way to know if the ingredients have changed.

What we do know is that the company had a major likely reason why they have since stopped making claims. 2024 was not their year after the FDA forced a nationwide recall after it was found they added Sildenafil, or Viagra as the brand name is known as. It’s already dangerous enough to take a prescription without a prescription, but this can potentially amount to side effects such as:

  • Blindness, diarrhea, swelling, rash, bloating, flushing, difficulty breathing, pain, redness, anxiety, heat complications, stoke, and much more.

The company is still at it with questionable practices by offering a “sample”. What this really means is that you get a month long supply which after 30 days if you don’t cancel they will charge $39.99 every 30 days. They also have a compounded interest rate at “1.5% per month” So if you fail to pay they will send a collection agency forcing you to pay for what was first deemed as a free sample.

Of course they make it seem like they’re generous by offering a return within 30 days with receipt but only if it what you send back are “unopened containers”. You also wouldn’t know about this unless you read the terms and conditions, nowhere on their free sample page they mention the need for an auto shipment plan.

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RockHard Weekend Ingredients

Nowhere on their official website do they even mention one type of ingredient, nor do they describe at all what kinds of effects are to be expected. After doing some good research we found that they use the following:

  • Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)

Proprietary Blend, 850 mg

  • Maya Root
  • Epimedium Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Huanarpo Macho Bark
  • Chuchuhuasi Bark
  • Long Jack Root Extract
  • Rutaecarpine Root Extract

Maya, Epimedium, Long Jack Root and Tribulus Terrestris are generally well-regarded aphrodisiacs which can boost sexual desire.

Chuchuhuasi and Huanarpo Macho Bark are both rarely used in male enhancement products. It’s known that Huanarpo Macho Bark is intended for testosterone enhancement. Chuchuhuasi is meant more for general wellness.

Rutaecarpine Root is most commonly used to reduce blood pressure; inflammation, pain, and other cure all benefits.

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The Science Behind RockHard Weekend

Rutaecarpine Root has little evidence to support its use according to the trusted Web MD website which adds there is no information to prove it effective for anything.

Both Chuchuhuasi and Huanarpo Macho Bark are lacking real studies and finding any clinical studies on them is at this time, not available online. All you can read are 3rd party websites which sell it claiming they have amazing benefits, though no science is ever provided. So whether or not it is reliable, safe, and useful is at this time, unknown.

The rest of the mentioned aphrodisiacs have a wealth of studies to help support their use.  Let’s take Long Jack Root which is used to increase erection strength and boost fertility. One source in Examine says it is:

“very effective boner pill”

One major problem that needs to be addressed is whether or not RockHard Weekend continues to use the same blend of ingredients, all the available information is only second hand on unaffiliated websites which happened to review it before the company pulled their marketing claims. Realistically any supplement that does not actually provide any evidence for rarely used ingredients should be called out.

There is no actual science ever presented on the official website, making it impossible to know if customers can expect what other websites claim is added to this. The risk is too high for getting a potentially useless blend of ingredients which differ from what was previously used. Practice extreme caution with this brand, no good reason is given as to why it should be trusted.

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Word on the Street about RockHard Weekend

“Soon after I took it my stomach felt like crap and I had a feeling like it was on fire for a good amount of time. Real painful and uncomfortable”

“I was hoping to get a good night of sex but after I took it I immediate had the worst stomach pain you could ever imagine, unbearable and totally unpleasant to say the least”

“Took about 30 minutes of it to finally kick in and it did work initially but it wasn’t so great after repeat usage”

“Because of the recall I don’t see any real reason why anyone would want to use this, what a waste of time and money this is not good at all”

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Is RockHard Weekend Worth a Try?

This is not worth it at all. You don’t even know if the claimed ingredients are still used in this supplement. The company gives all the reasons why you shouldn’t trust them after their recall was enforced in 2024.

They have since pulled all their marketing and for whatever reason continue to sell it on their official website. Perhaps it’s to go on reputation alone but in any case, there is no good reason why you should trust that their supplements are any good. Their return policy is only offered for unopened packages, and they also make it hard to trust them by not actually explaining at all what their supplements are meant to do.

The cost is also high for such a small serving size.

They should explain what they have done since the recall to make sure there wouldn’t be any similar quality control issues. Without much more information its unknown if they can be trusted.

If what other 3rd party website say is true, then they also use a very simple formula that if you really wanted to try, you could find in countless male enhancement products. Avoid this, there’s nothing good to be said about this company.

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RockHard Weekend vs Viagra

There was the illegal use of a prescription drug in RockHard Weekend, and Viagra is a well-known prescription drug. Since you can only get a hold of Viagra if a doctor advises it, this often means there are associated potential side effects.

Viagra is a popular drug but it can have the risk for dangerous side effects if not carefully dosed. Cardiovascular related issues related to stoke and heart attack have been shown, and it’s generally not advised to take it continuously unless told to do so by a healthcare practitioner.

RockHard Weekend vs Extenze

It’s never a good sign when two brands have had similar issues related to quality control. For Extenze there was a major issue with counterfeit versions with unknown ingredients and without an explanation if they had proper safety protocols.

Extenze also had to pay $6 million due to deceptive marketing and false advertising. Yet another lawsuit was filed for false advertising. Side effects were also a major possible side effect which you can read about in detail on their Wikipedia page. They both share Tribulus Terrestris and general male enhancement ingredients.

RockHard Weekend vs Stiff Nights

You have to be very careful with Stiff Nights; the recall they had to enforce in 2024 was due to the contamination with a prescription drug. How this was ever leaked is never explained since the official company is not represented online. Somehow they have decided to operate as a company without an official website.

This means you can’t call and ask what happened with this recall, have they made major changes to ensure it wouldn’t happen again? Until more is known there is simply no good reason to trust that this would deliver safe effects.

Questionable herbs are added, all of which are lacking sufficient clinical studies.

RockHard Weekend FAQ

  1. Is RockHard Weekend available at CVS?
    Not at this time, there is no indication that it is offered either online or in any CVS retail store.
  1. Do Rock Hard weekend pills work?
    There’s no way to know what’ added to this without an official supplements facts list from the official website. Many customers were so upset about the company itself that few mentioned their experiences. Generally, the few reviews were very negative with people saying it didn’t work.
  1. What is the price for Rock Hard pills?
    An 8 count sells for $29.99, 3 counts serving for $18.99, and they offer a free sample. No returns are offered for opened packages.
  1. What can you tell me about the Rock Hard Weekend drink?
    It costs $9.99 for a 2 count shot, it has the same basic formula though less is added, and this is meant to provide extra strength. Experiences were very poor and little is known about it other than they provide it in a mixed berry flavor. Preservatives are also added to keep the formula from expiring sooner. Much like RockHard Weekend pills, there is no way to know for certain if they continue to use the same ingredients, the official website does not say anything about it.
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  1. Where can I find the Rock Hard pills for sale?
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    So far it appears you can only find it on their official website and they do not offer any discounts offers other than a controversial free sample offer.
  1. What do the Rock Hard Weekend Reviews in 2024 have to say?
    It’s incredibly difficult to find many experiences online, at this time it only appears only 3 customers have left an opinion on it. It’s unknown what year they were posted but the consensus is all negative. No effects at all and only side effects were mentioned.
  1. Is Rock Hard Weekend available at Walmart?
    No, they do not have it on their website of their retail markets. All sales are only available on their official website.
  1. Can I find Rock Hard Weekend at Rite Aid?
    The only source for this supplement is through their official website, no sales are offered anywhere else.
  1. What do customers have to say about Rock Hard Weekend on Amazon?
    You can’t find it anymore on Amazon. If you type it in on their search bar you’ll get other male enhancement products but not this specific brand.
  1. Where to buy Rock Hard Weekend?
    At this time the only place to get a hold of it is on their official website, and no returns are offered for opened packages.

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