Six Star Testosterone Booster Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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It’s really strange that there is so little added to this, and much of it generally already found in countless other male enhancement brands. It’s cheap in price but so is the quality, and there’s a lot of negative feedback from customers who repeatedly said they saw no benefits. If you still want to learn about this supplement then feel free to look at the table of contents.

We give a lot of attention to finding brands which can truly affect male enhancement and what we found is that these top 10 are the best.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Overview

If you were to only examine the marketing you’d think this is the kind of supplement you need for more testosterone and libido. Well after looking at the really tiny ingredients list, it’s a wonder how they though they could fool customers into thinking it’s worth the cost.

2 of the 4 ingredients are common to many types of food, the rest is decent but you can find it in supplements which have a lot more added to it.
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It’s really an underwhelming supplement and worse yet, they don’t offer a money back return. If you look at the reviews you’ll see a lot of negative reviews, so overall it’s a fairly unnecessary product. You can get a lot more benefits from other products.

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Six Star Testosterone Booster Claims

This is supposedly the type of brand that is different from the rest because they decided to add a clinically studied key ingredient. This ingredient is intended to keep testosterone levels in the “normal range”. The ingredient they’re talking about and generously praising is an herbal blend, their way they talk about his is odd however since in the beginning they say that this is a single ingredient, but later on they say it is a herbal extract which can only mean the Anticatabolic Complex.

We’ll go into deeper detail about these ingredient in the next section, but already they are stretching the truth. Every single ingredient they add to their blend is actually not that rare; in fact it’s fairly common. But the problem with these additives is that they work better for brain health, which is why nootropic supplements often add them.

Another intended benefit is improving “training capacity”, which means you can work out longer and harder. This was seen in the same study they mention which was done on humans for a 7 week period. It would have been really helpful had they actually mentioned where a person can read these findings, but they do not cite any information so it’s impossible to tell if the science was actually any good and to be trusted.

They also say the mineral Boron is added in precise amounts in order to help boost testosterone “in just 7 days”. Well already we caught them in a lie because Med Line says:

“There is no RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for boron”

The reason for this is because the kind of effect it can have on human biology is not yet determined, so clearly no established proper amount is known. The only thing they do know is that at most, 20 mg is considered healthy upper limit, so no more than this should be used.

Six Star Testosterone Booster decides to add 100 mg with 5mg which is active, meaning this is the amount that would likely be absorbed by the body. There is some worry that anymore should lead to testicular harm, but this has not been fully proven yet.

Another claim that they make is that they have sold over 170 million bottles and that it’s America’s #1 selling brand. We can’t prove or discover this since the company has not decided to add any information. Finding information about the company is difficult but they do say this is made by the same people who came out with Muscletech. Little is known about this company until you do deeper research and discover that they are owned by another company.

Iovate Health Sciences is the parent company of all these brands, and they have had major issues with their quality control. This may be the reason why they never actually cite the full name of the company; instead they use Six Star which is the operating brand name. Iovate Health Sciences had to perform recall enforced by the FDA in 2024 for making a supplement which caused organ damage. The FDA said there was:

“multiple versions of the… supplement… (with concerns) related to liver toxicity”

There were a total of 23 different cases related to organ damage. The company did get bought out by another group in 2024, which may mean that they have since reformatted and changed staff, but it’s unknown if this is true. It seems highly likely that they have distanced themselves from the previous company name so people wouldn’t find their troubled history. Finding out for certain if the company is still associated with this brand is important since they have had major problems in their history. They also lot a lawsuit with the Federal Trae Commission which caused them to pay a total of $5.5 million dollars for false advertising. Since it was clear they lied about the possible health benefits, it should be known if they still have anything to do with Six Star Testosterone Booster.

Not only was our criteria very high, but we did a lot of research it help determine which of these male enhancement brands were the best by placing them in order.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

  • Calcium
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Ginkgo Extract
  • Boron Citrate

Calcium and Boron Citrate are both used for things like metabolism; calcium in particular can help with blood pressure, nutrient absorption, and for the body to work properly. Boron can be effective at increasing testosterone levels.

Ginkgo is used often for blood circulation, supporting memory, and for reusing the possibility for sexual issues. Rhodiola is good for supporting brain health, reducing fatigue in mental and physical tasks, and in helping the body deal with stress. This can be great for preventing the loss of testosterone, since the hormone cortisol can reduce testosterone levels. When cortisol is too high it can make it harder to perform with as much virility.

The inactive ingredients are fairly basic, mainly relying on often used filler which only works to help keep the texture and absorbability of the pills.

In factoring in a lot of many important details, the brands which best increased testosterone and sexual prowess are in this top 10 list.

The Science Behind Six Star Testosterone Booster

Calcium is an important mineral that is necessary for important body functions, the same can be said about boron. An important consideration to factor in about calcium is that the University of Maryland Medical Center says it’s best to:

“get calcium… through food”

They do advise getting it in supplement form if necessary, but there are any foods which already contain calcium in differing amounts.

Typically boron is added in extra amounts in order to help improve testosterone levels.

Ginkgo biloba is a useful herbal ingredient most often used for brain health. This can also effect blood circulation which translated into improved body functions in the eyes, legs and of course, the brain. This is why you’ll often find this included in nootropic supplements. It’s not a bad ingredient, but it’s more for general circulation. The same goes for rhodiola rosea, it’s most commonly used in nootropics and is intended for preventing fatigue.

Examine did reveal in their studies that his can help athletes but its effects on male virility are far less studies. It’s likely that this ingredient was meant to help focus the mind and body, and make it easier to perform in exercise since the company uses a lot of marketing with strong men.

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Word on the Street about Six Star Testosterone Booster

“It’s not really much; it’s actually just a few minerals which you can find in cheaper pills. Doesn’t seem like a good purchase”

“My workouts got notably better I was able to beat my plates and started adding more plates”

“Not really sure if it had the effects it was supposedly going to bring because it felt like it was just in my head, nothing major”

“Pills were small land easy to take but it’s not a miracle drug. Felt like even for tis cheap price its nit any good. Don’t buy it”

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Is Six Star Testosterone Booster Worth a Try?

Even at this price it’s not worth trying, the ingredients are too simple.
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There really isn’t anything in this which you’d wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere, half the ingredients are fairly common in foods. The total added boron is far too much, and the company claims they add it in optimal amounts even though this has never been proven with science.

They talk about how their supplement is backed by ingredients which where clinically studied and they even talk about some of the specifics, yet they never cite these findings to help people understand if they’re actually telling the truth.

With the very simple formula it’s not a mystery why so many customers said the exact same thing; they didn’t find the support they were looking for. Some also said it actually made them feel worse, and that the three were side effects. To be fair there were users who did see an improvement, but it’s not going to be as compressive as other brands.

Taking this all into considering showcases the fact that this is not nearly as good as they would have you believe. Real male enhancement is hard to find in this since only a single aphrodisiac is used, and this is often used more for blood circulation so it’s not as good for boosting libido.

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Six Star Testosterone Booster vs Alpha Test

Alpha Test has some general aphrodisiacs though there is very little included in it. The only unique thing is the use of a patented Ayurvedic herb, and broccoli powder. Both of these are rarely added.

Most agreed that it didn’t offer the support they were looking for, meaning their testosterone didn’t improve and they didn’t feel sexually reinvigorated.
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The company also got in some trouble, having to pay off a class action lawsuit for lying bout their supplements, and the FDA forced them to recall their products. The reason for this was due to contaminations.

Six Star Testosterone Booster FAQ

  1. Does Six Star Testosterone work?
    You can never say whether or not a product will or won’t work for everyone, but in looking at reviews, there were nearly 300 negative reviews from people who didn’t see any benefits so there is a major risk of losing money since no money back return is provided.
  1. Can I find Six Star Testosterone Booster at Walmart?
    They do provide it at Walmart both in stores if they have it in stock, and online.
  1. What are common Six Star Testosterone Booster reviews?
    A total of 276 critical reviews can currently be found on Amazon which is a major amount. When a supplement has this many issues it’s clear that it is not as effective as it’s claimed. Some did find benefits from it however including more muscle mass, more energy, and a general boost in virility.
  1. What are the full Six Starr Testosterone Booster ingredients?
    Boron, calcium, rhodiola, and ginkgo are the sole active ingredients. Other inactive ingredients are also blended in, but it’s all basic and what you’d expect in a brand like this.
  1. Is there a Six Start Testosterone Booster powder?
    They do sell this and it’s meant to deliver the same benefits, but in a form that can be taken at bedtime with water. The ingredients are fairly similar, though they add fenugreek as the only herb instead of ginkgo and rhodiola. They also add more filler and unnecessary ingredients like red food coloring, 2 artificial sweeteners and an artificial flavor.

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So What Really Works?

Our criteria factors in all the important details needed to find great male enhancement products and Viritenz offered the best support. The possible benefits included an increased change in male testosterone which affects mood and overall energy. Libido was also increased from the added aphrodisiacs which can result in more sexual vigor.

The quality is kept up to a high standard because it’s made in a clean facility which is further certified with a GMP rating. Each ingredient is clearly added in amounts which were carefully selected since after reviewing it, we saw that they add the dosage strength in great amounts. You can further learn about Viritenz and what male enhancement change can be experienced.

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