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No actual proof is provided by the company other than testimonials, though they make it appear like it’s proven to work. You’d think this is a far better male enhancement and testosterone booster than it actually is. To go past the hype and see what this can really do, check out the full table of contents.

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Test Worx Overview

There is a lot on the website which at first glance makes it appear like it’s going to work. They help explain the science part of it, and they even give a good explanation.

But when you try and find proof you’ll end up empty handed, there isn’t much added to this. They never actually provide evidence that it works, and the ingredients are fairly basic. Not at all as impressive as they would like to make it seem.

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Test Worx Claims

In about 2 weeks they say motivation, energy, and many other benefits will be seen. They suggest that in order for it to be maximal, exercise and diet are advised. They do say that results can come without it, but that it helps to maximize overall testosterone levels.

The benefits are intended to be better “sleep efficiency”, “well-being”, “focus and clarity”, and “energy and stamina”. You’ll even be able to recover from workouts better, because muscles are intended to be repaired much quicker than normal. Their 9 ingredients are supposedly backed by science which is clinically proven.

Though they do add common ingredients which have been reviewed, they fail to actually cite any of these studies. It seems great but without being able to know for certain if this is true, it’s hard to see much value in it.

There was an interesting find we uncovered after review this. They have lot of great reviews on Amazon, but as a few customers mentioned many came from customers who only reviewed this product. This isn’t always proof that the reviews are forged, but it’s very suspicious that so many customers would claim to see great benefits when there are nearly a thousand negative experiences. It’s far too mixed to consider it likely reliable.

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Test Worx Ingredients

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

Proprietary Blend, 950 mg

  • L-Arginine
  • Maca Root
  • Nettle Root
  • LJ100 Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (40% saponins and 22% Eurypeptides)
  • Tribulus Terrestris

The B vitamins and Zinc can support energy levels as well as testosterone. They also include aphrodisiacs like Tribulus Terrestris, and Maca Root.

The L-Arginine can be useful for pumping more blood in the body, which can than transfer into the genitals for a larger and longer lasting erection.

LJ100 is the patented form of tongkat ali, a natural herb that is an all-around effective aphrodisiac. This version of it is intended to provide a carefully selected form of it which is optimized for more effect. It’s generally used for libido and testosterone enhancement, but the patentees say it can boost mood, support healthy aging, replace hormone replacement, and reduce stress levels for weight loss.

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The Science Behind Test Worx

There is a science section and while they do have good explanation into what free testosterone can do, they never actually give any insight into especially how this supplement will work to enhance testosterone. They also make the scientific claim that many customers see benefits in about 2 weeks yet they do not give any proof.

They even add how no side effects have been shown, but that some did see mild side effects initially. This is already a weird statement since they claimed no “harmful side effects” were seen, but somehow they expect customers to think that the side effects were pleasant.

They say it may raise aggression and agitation, and that it may produce acne but to combat this they advise a pill a day instead of the regular 2.

The way this is meant to work is by reducing the binding of SHBG to the body, which can make testosterone inactive. They claim that clinical studies into ingredients show that it can make free testosterone appear, which the kind most usable by the body is. This then will effect:

“Energy, mood, maintain muscle mass… much more”

They also say that clinical studies show results within 6 to 8 week trials, which is why thee supplements come in a 6 week supply. It’s important to realize they never actually provide proof for any of this. All they offer are claims, though free testosterone does work in this way, they never cite any of their claimed studies.
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The font of the bottle says this has:

“clinically proven LJ100”

What’s odd abut this is that it makes it seem like they only use a clinically studied ingredient, yet their official website makes it appear as though hall the ingredients have studies to support their use.

They also try to make it seem like a great product by mentioning the fact they use “biologically active EuroPeptides”

Peptides are amino acids which are common in many foods. This makes it seem far more impressive than it actually is. All it really means is that the plant based extracts used contain short chained amino acids, something virtually all similar brands can claim to make it sound more scientific than it actually is.

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Word on the Street about Test Worx

“Not the worst product but I didn’t see any results from it, not a lick of change for me”

“Saw a bit more energy and a boost in sex drive for me, I take it with another similar supplement to enhance the effects”

“After 6 weeks I can say that this didn’t work at all. No improvement of energy, libido, mood, muscle growth, nothing”

“I was promised the best and I did not receive the best, really disappointed with the lack of benefits”

We mentioned previous that it may be that they use forged reviews, and the reason is because those who didn’t like it complained about their disappointment. Typically a brand which is so favorited by customers would have very little to likely no bad experiences. Far too many people complained about symptoms, which may mean they do in fact use fake reviews.
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It’s impossible to prove but it’s really suspicious.

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Test Worx vs TestoFuel

The consensus for customers was that TestoFuel did not work; Some also had side effects including changes in mood and even headaches. There was only a small amount of customers who saw any benefit from it.

On the official website they admit the biggest flaw of this product. It won’t work unless customers make sure to introduce a diet and exercise plan. So you can’t expect any positive changes unless there is effort done on the consumer. This may also mean that no benefits are likely, only if there is change on the consumer’s lifestyle plans.

Test Worx vs Prime Male

A lot of different ingredients are used in Prime Male. This is mostly some nutrients and a few different herbs. A unique thing about the company is their odd return policy. The only way you can get your money back is if you documented your diet and exercise plan, and make sure to send it to them.

A few customers complained and felt cheated out of their return since they were denied/ This leaves it open to interpretation, and the company can always say the information wasn’t enough. Very few commented on the product itself, many just complained about the business.

Test Worx vs Nugenix

There’s not really much to Nugenix, it’s fairly simple and it relies heavily on a patented form of fenugreek which was subject to lawsuits. The company has a very poor reputation with a lot of customers complaining about being mistreated, and of being ripped off.
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This ranged from customers who felt they should have been given a refund, where never shipped product, and were unrolled into a plan they never signed up for.

The reviews were also mixed; many felt it offered no male enhancement support.

Test Worx vs P6

Cellucor P6 as some basic ingredients, it focuses on amino acids and nutrients. There are also some fatty acids, natural chemicals and 2 total herbs. After looking at what’s added it’s hard to see why they would charge so much for this. Some websites charged upwards of $175 for a month long supply.

There were too many customers who said it did nothing, making it appear to be far too mixed in its possible results to consider it for reliable male enhancement. Some of their ingredients may cause side effects, ad many of them are rarely used for this reason.

Test Worx vs Ageless Male

Popularity doesn’t always translate into actual male enhancement support, which is exactly why Ageless Male failed to disappoint. Their ingredients are also odd; they add a lot of rarely used additives which are mostly for hormone production and inflammation reduction.

They even admit how results are not guaranteed for all and that there is a possibility no change will occur. There were many mixed experiences from customers. Far too many people sad=id it did not produce benefits. Because the consensus was so mixed it’s hard to see much value in it.

Is Test Worx Worth a Try?

The lack of support makes this unimpressive and unnecessary. There were a lot of negative reviews and the official website hypes this up to much without citing proof. In examining this further we concluded that the ingredients are fairly basic, and not at all as impressive as they would like customers to think it is.

There’s also the many scientific sounding claims which when you break it down, are clearly exaggerated to make it seem like it’s much better than it actually is.

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Test Worx FAQ

  1. Can I get Test Worx at GNC?
    They do not offer it at GNC stores or their website.
  1. Where can I find a Test Worx coupon code?
    There is no such coupon code that we are aware of.
  1. Is Test Worx on Amazon?
    Yes they do offer it there.
  1. Does Test Worx cause any side effects?
    Looking at the reviews alone, a few customers did complain about
  1. Can I get a hold of Test Worx on Vitamin Shoppe?
    No, they do not feature it there so it’s not available.
  1. Is there info about Test Worx at Reddit?
    No commentary is available about Test Worx, only about the other brands.
  1. What’s the total recommended Test Worx dosage?
    They advise taking 2 capsules on an empty stomach daily with a total of 8 glasses of water through the day. You have to cycle it with 5 days continuously, then waiting 2 days and starting the cycle again.
  1. What do Test Worx reviews say about it?
    There was a mix of opinions. Many said they liked it, but a total of 761 users complained about it on Amazon. This was divided between people who did see benefits, and those who saw zero changes in any way. What’s odd is that many of the positive reviews come from people who only reviewed this supplement, which may mean they are forged.
  1. Are there any Test Worx clinical trials?
    They claim they have clinical studies to back up the ingredients, but they fail to mention where they can be found. They only go on to explain the science behind how it’s meant to work, but this is a basic explanation for how free testosterone works. They do not mention any proof to back up the claim this can work within 2 to 3 weeks.
  1. What does the bodybuilding website have to say about Test Worx?
    Only a single thread was available from a 29 year old who said it made them more aggressive saw a bit of acne, and it increased their metabolism and hunger.

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So What Really Works?

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