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The formula is really lacking, you’re not getting much in this which is likely why so many said it failed to work. No money back return is offered either and there is not a good enough reason why anyone should try this. If you’d like to get the details behind this product, we recommend checking below for the full table of contents.

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Vitali-T-Aid Overview

Basically the intended benefits are what you’d expect in a supplement like this. They specially market it for male libido but the formula is really lacking, so many ingredients are added in such a small amount that it’s unlikely to deliver on the claimed benefits.

The only ingredient included in large amounts is questionable since there are studies which show its natural herb extract is not actually proven effective. The data is clearly lacking and this may be why there were a lot of unsatisfied customers who wanted a return. The problem with that is that they would be unable to since there is no money back return.

This is overhyped and really not worth using, they had the right idea with some of the ingredients but they add very little of it.

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Vitali-T-Aid Claims

The explanation is simple; this is supposed to help boost libido and sex drive, free testosterone when combined with exercise, and all with a natural drug free formula. This is supposedly going to help with muscle mass as well, but they do say that this is only seen in men who use “resistance training”

Another way of wording this is that men are going to have to put in the work by lifting weights otherwise the testosterone will not be active and made useful. They even add how this was even in clinical studies of a “plant based key ingredient”

The ingredient they are talking about is Testofen, and in the studies section the company talks a lot of about this ingredient. Since this is a patented additive, its’ easy to cite studies because the company that makes it has to publish their findings, it’s the only way they won’t be called out by the FDA.

The boost of testosterone is a key intended benefit which they say is essential for affecting overall virility in men. They even say this is what helps:

“make men, men”

This is certainly true, testosterone is an essential hormone which if it’s lacking will make it harder for men to perform in all aspects. This can help benefit mood, weight, energy, and overall vigor. In order for this supplement to work they suggest men take 2 capsules on am empty stomach with a glass of water.

The information is clear and easy to understand, but they rely too much on a patented ingredient to really consider this an optimal supplement, other brands use this exact same ingredient but they sell it for cheaper. They also suggest that this will affect free testosterone within 6 weeks of use. They do not say this is for certain, only that a study by the patented groups said that when combined with resistance training, it can affect testosterone levels.

It would have been best had they not spent so much in trying to push this sole ingredient, instead of relying on the rest of the blend. It’s also hard to take the seriously when they don’t offer a money back guarantee. This likely means they do not trust this product enough to back it up with a refund policy.

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Vitali-T-Aid Ingredients

  • Testofen (Fenugreek Seed PE with 50% Fenuside)

Male Wellness Blend, 100 mg

  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris Whole Plant Extract (standardized to 45% saponins)
  • L-Arginine
  • Astragalus Root Extract

What immediately stands out about this formula is the fact they only add 100 mg of 5 different ingredients, making it incredibly basic. This may mean there is only 20 mg of each ingredient, which would not be enough to make it effective. They’re good ingredients but at this dosage strength it’s clearly not strong enough.

L-Arginine can be useful for blood flow which affects the ability to keep an erection. Tribulus Terrestris and Testofen are both use for virility and testosterone production. Testofen is the patented extract of the fenugreek herb which is often added.

Panax Ginseng can provide multiple benefits which is why it is used as a general wellness boosting ingredient. This can affect energy and circulation, which can boost endurance and overall vigor.

Astragalus is a useful herb that can boost the immune system and support health in many other ways. Saw Palmetto is also commonly used for its ability to support the prostate and enhance testosterone.

The inactive ingredients have a lot of things in it which are common and expected, but unfortunately they decided to use FD&C Blue #1. This additive is not only unnecessary but it’s never a sign of a good supplement. Ingredients like this make the formula cheap and it has the possibility to cause side effects. There’s good reason why so many different groups have tried to ban this unnecessary additive.

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The Science Behind Vitali-T-Aid

It’s good that the majority of ingredients have science to back them up. The website for Vitali-T-Aid also makes a good effort in mentioning studies for all the ingredients. Astragalus for example has been researched for its ability to be:

“cardio protective, anti-inflammatory”

They even say it has been shown to have many health benefits.

Tons of science is also available to help support the use of the amino acid L-Arginine. This is a very important ingredient which is why Examine mentions it is essential for:

“blood flow and nitric oxide”

The benefit this can provide for men is better endurance during workouts as well as an improved ability to keep an erection. As blood flow rushes to the body this can amount to more stimulated sexual organs.

Panax ginseng is a multiple benefit ingredient which Examine says is good for:

“mood, immunity, and cognition”

Another well-rounded ingredient is tribulus terrestris which a study by the School of Exercise Science and Sport Management in Australia said could support:

“strength and free fat mass”

They saw a significant improvement of strength and there are also other studies which highlight how it can be effective at supporting libido and testosterone.

The ingredient we didn’t like was Testofen, this patented ingredient is researched but these studies were funded by the company that makes it. This makes it possible biased and not to be trusted. There is good reason why there were multiple lawsuits filed against the company over claims that it was not proven to work.

These class action lawsuits were filed because there were claims that the science did not support the use of this additive, and that it wasn’t effective for testosterone and male virility. This is the main ingredient in this supplement which has a total of 600 mg per serving.

Fenugreek itself, which is what Testofen is a patented version of, has been said to require more studies to know if it can truly boost testosterone according to Examine. Web MD also said there was “insufficient evidence” to support its use for exercise performance, infertility, sexual problems, and other types of conditions. They even outlined possible side effects:

◦ Bloating, facial swelling, allergic reaction, diarrhea, gas, smelly urine, and upset stomach.

The other ingredients are added in such little amounts that they are unlikely to be effective. At the very least they’re not going to be as good as other brands which use similar ingredients but with more added to it. It’s never explained why they would decide to add so little of these important additives.

There’s also the FD&C Blue #1, an unnecessary and possibly dangerous food coloring. Allergies and other possible side effects can result. High amounts of this can be dangerous which his why the FDA found that it could cause:

“Toxicity, including death”

There is never a good reason why ingredients like this should be included the only actual use of it is to tint the capsules so they appear blue. No benefit is offered to the customer and it makes the supplement a blend consisting of artificial additives that serve no health purpose.

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Word on the Street about Vitali-T-Aid

“they require you to take a lot of it for a long time and it simply doesn’t work. This is a cash grab plain and simple”

“Delivered the benefits I was looking for”

“Waste, complete waste of my time and money I felt it did nothing at all”

“Tried quite a few bottles and I’m sorry to say it did not work in any shape or form”

A common problem people had was that they tried to get their money back and many didn’t know the company does not have a guarantee. This was a problem for the many users who admitted they did not see any results even after finishing more than bottles worth. A customer eve said he tried it for 3 total months and they still didn’t see any changes in any form.

There were a lot of negative reviews found on several websites which repeat the exact same issues. Many failed to see an improvement of their libido or sex lives in any form.

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Is Vitali-T-Aid Worth a Try?

Don’t consider it, it’s not as good as they would have you believe and in fact it’s a poor supplement. Even though they do add some ingredients in this which are generally good for male enhancement and testosterone, much of this is added in too small of an amount for it to really provide effects. The only ingredient they add a lot of is a controversial patented additive which has been hit with multiple lawsuits.

The fact is that the herbal fenugreek which is what Testofen is an extract of is not well-studied enough, and it appears that it has not been proven effective for many of its intended benefits.

A key indicator was the customer reviews for Vitali-T-Aid which highlighted that it was not as effective as people claimed. There were many people who took a lot of bottles and they still saw no benefit from it. It’s not surprising however even you look at the ingredients, there isn’t much included within this.

They also fail to mention whether or not they offer a money bac guarantee, which likely means they do not. Many customers repeated the fact that they could not get their refund which they felt they were due since it did not work as directed.

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Vitali-T-Aid FAQ

  1. What are common Vitali T Aid reviews?
    It was very mixed but people who disliked it often said it was really bad. There was a common consensus that it did not offer any noticeable support, even for those who took more than single bottles worth. Of course these customers were upset since they were unable to get their money back.
  1. Is Vitali T Aid available at Walmart?
    Walmart does sell it and you can find it in their stores as well as on their website.
  1. Can I get a hold of Vitali T Aid at CVS?
    Yes, you can get it shipped from their website or find it at their brick and mortar stores.
  1. Is Vitali T Aid at Amazon?
    They do offer bottles of this on Amazon.
  1. Does Vitali T Aid work?
    If you take customer reviews seriously then it’s likely this will not have a positive effect. Quite a lot of people said it didn’t work as directed. The company also does not offer a money back return, a likely sign that they do not trust their product enough.
  1. Will Vitali T Aid provide a boost?
    The formula isn’t added in optimal amounts and the reviews people gave it were often negative, making it an unlikely candidate for male enhancement.

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So What Really Works?

The data revealed there was no more comprehensive supplement than the natural formula in Viritenz. They hit all the right notes by making a natural only product that is produced in a registered GMP approved facility. The ingredients are all what you’d hope to find in a supplement, every single ingredient is added in the right amount and they are all supported by science.

The customer feedback was generous with people saying it gave them more testosterone as they felt more lively and energetic. Workout performance was also enhanced with people saying they were able to last longer in the gym. This also helps to boost sexual function by improving libido and sexual endurance. There’s a deeper explanation of Viritenz which we offer in this complete review available in the link.

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