Accelerin Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This simple formula only contains 3 different nutrients which are all easily replaced when you eat whole foods. There really isn’t much support offered in this and we can’t see any good reason why anyone would need to supplement with it. The information we cover in this Accelerin review makes it clear as to what it has to offer.

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Accelerin Overview

Accelerin is a nootropic supplement that relies on a simple formula for what’s claimed to be effective cognitive support. Even though the ingredients added can contribute to healthy brain function, they’re easily replaceable as most of it is already found in foods.

What makes this an especially troubling supplement is that the dosage strength should be carefully considered since in high amounts it can actually cause cognitive related side effects. The ingredients are also fairly common and really aren’t needed in additional amounts. There’s really no good reason to look further into this, it’s incredibly basic for a nootropic and clearly not reliable enough.

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Accelerin Claims

Unfortunately the official website only allows people to examine this supplement if you have an account with them. The only way to learn about this is by looking at the only 3rd party source which sells it, and they don’t say much.

All that we know for certain is that it’s meant for cognitive support; there is no way to learn about the specifics as to how it works. At the very least it would have been helpful had there been more published claims beyond what the main intention. There’s no telling if they target this for mood, long-term brain health, stress relief and many of the other important functions offered by nootropics.

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Accelerin Ingredients

  • Aspartic Acid
  • Potassium Aspartate
  • Magnesium Aspartate

Aspartic Acid is a simple amino acid that can affect memory while reducing fatigue. It is considered non-essential since it is naturally produced by the body. This also helps to form many essential amino acids. It is especially rich in vegetables and meats and it can help stimulate hormones in the brain.

Potassium Aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate are minerals which are chelated, meaning they are meant to be properly absorbed by the body. This is especially useful at reducing fatigue when the body is stressed out. Proper dosing can vary depending on gender, age and weight.

It is known that both of these can be dangerous to neurons in high amounts, which means they should be carefully handled and only used if they are in the proper dosage strength.

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The Science Behind Accelerin

We’d only be able to determine what is possible by doing a review of the ingredients ourselves. As we mentioned in the previous section, what’s added to this is fairly basic. It relies on different versions of common additives which are already part of the human diet. Aspartic acid in particular is unnecessary in additional amounts, and the other 2 minerals are already commonplace in food.

The real issue here is that the company responsible is self-described as a homeopathic. This is not an accepted science backed approach to health. Homeopathy is actually considered a pseudoscience, since there are no studies to back up many of the supposed cure all benefits provided by this form of medicine.

The definition of this from shows that it’s meant to treat abnormal diseases. You’d be unable to find certified clinical studies which reveal support for this form of supposed science. This calls into question the true ability of this supplement, since there is no telling what it can truly do.

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Word on the Street About Accelerin

“good energy with no side effects”

“could be stronger… expensive”

There’s only 2 official reviews offered and they’re posted on a 3rd party website. We can’t get much of a consensus without reading many more reviews. In order to fully understand what a supplement is capable of, there should be at least a handful of reviews. All we have to go on are 2 undescriptive reviews, with both bad and good things said.

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Is Accelerin Worth a Try?

This is far too basic and not well-rounded enough to expect nootropic benefits. The company responsible also is known to produce homeopathic remedies, which is a major red flag. This unproven supposedly scientific way of supplementing is not respected or treated as truthful by trusted sources. You won’t find any actual scientists which approve of these formulas.

The company also has no information on their website; instead they have a page for people to sign up with them, though they give no reason why anyone should. This formula is also reliant too much on simple ingredients which you’d be able to find by simply eating common cheap foods.

We don’t know if a return is offered either, and the official company website lacks any actual proof or description for what this supplement can offer.

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Accelerin vs Cogniflex

Although the nootropic formula in Cogniflex is decent, it’s also fairly mild and predictable for a supplement. They also decided to add in caffeine which is unnecessary and troublesome. Because it has caffeine users have to be careful about cycling and the time they decide to dose. Taking it too close to bedtime can disrupt heathy sleep patterns.

Accelerin vs Addium

Addium uses the claim that it is a “Limitless” pill, which is a reference to a Hollywood movie about a fictional drug. The supplement is extremely poorly rated and many said that it offered no change. There are hundreds of negative relies from dissatisfied customers who felt it was not worth using. Because of the many complaints, it’s hard to see much value in it.

Accelerin vs Geniux

As of this review information about Geniux is limited and it’s unclear where it can be purchased. A review site claims that they offer a free trial of it but they fail to actually provide it, instead when you click to get the trial they will redirect to another brand. This supplement also has a lot of questionable marketing which makes unprovable health claims.

Accelerin vs OptiMind

OptiMind is a fairly simple nootropic blend which relies on stimulants. The limited use of this fails to provide optimal enough support. The other ingredients are also what you’d expect from a nootropic formula which although decent, isn’t unique enough. The formula must also be taken in controlled amounts to prevent the possible stimulant like side effects.

Accelerin FAQ

  1. Does Amazon offer Accelerin?
    They do not sell it at this time.
  1. What is the total Accelerin cost?
    $37.20 from the official website.
  1. What are the Accelerin ingredients?
    Potassium, magnesium and aspartic acid.
  1. Is there an Accelerin Reddit discussion?
    None at this time.
  1. Where can I find Accelerin pills?
    The best source is their official website.

So What Really Works?

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There are ingredients which can directly affect blood circulation, the regulation of stress, and overall cognition. The benefits were often seen in the many users who mentioned how it gave them a noticeable boost. We also enjoyed the fact that there’s a solid dosage strength which can help cognition. Even more is revealed about Memotenz when you click on this link.

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