Tag: Animal Care & Pets

Animal Care & Pets is one of the main tags of our blogs, which offers various natural remedies for cats or dogs, food & recipes for animal or pets, etc.

As you know, conventional veterinary medicine often uses drugs having the potential harm to the animal or pets. These medicines can result in side effects and residual disease. Generally, most of us have heard about natural alternative treatments, but do not know how to use these remedies. This Animal Care & Pets tag will show you how. You will know various natural remedies for treating specific problems such as:

  • Home remedies to get rid of fleas on dogs, cats, and in house
  • Home remedies for kennel cough in dogs

and so on.

These home remedies are safe and side effect free. They also use ingredients available in your kitchen or any store or market.

This Animal Care & Pets tag will provide you with many food recipes for your pets. Food has the capacity to harm or heal your pet, relying on the quality and type of nutrition you provide. Through different posts in this tag, you can learn about how to make recipes for your pets.

In this tag, you will also learn about how to prevent or get rid of insects naturally such as how to get rid of bed bug bites on your skin naturally, how to get rid of roaches, etc. Most of us often use a commercial pesticide in order to kill insects. However, these remedies can harm your pets, your children, as well as the environment. Instead of using a toxic product to get rid of insects, you should try an organic remedy instead.

This Animal Care & Pets tag also shows you many easy and simple methods related to animal care & pets.

In fact, this tag on VKool contains treatment strategies, a detailed dosage guide, and the diseases and remedies specific to your pets.

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