How to treat dog diarrhea naturally at home – 7 quick tips

how to treat dog diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common problem in both human beings and animals. This condition is featured with frequent liquid or loose bowel movements.
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It could be resulted by something as simple as the change in the diet plan or a more serious ailment or infection. This problem might be sudden onset and happens in a short period of time or lasts for several weeks to months. When it comes to diarrhea in dogs, there may be some common causes, which are food intolerance, change in diet, ingestion of poisonous substances, allergic reaction, liver or kidney disease, stress, colitis, or certain medications. The general symptoms of diarrhea include frequent stools, loose or liquid, in additions to other less common ones such as flatulence, mucus or blood in stool. Dehydration, lethargy, vomiting, fever, reduced appetite, weight loss or an enhanced urgency to defecate might also associate with diarrhea.
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So, how to treat dog diarrhea naturally at home? In reality, diarrhea could be treated at home, if you could confirm that the dog has not taken a toxic substance and also not suffering from any serious medical condition. By taking the right action, you could help uncomplicated, straightforward hits of diarrhea settle down without the help of the vet. Take a look from to see the most practical, safe treatments for dog diarrhea!

How To Treat Dog Diarrhea Naturally – 7 At-Home Treatments

1. Give Your Dog A Fast Of 12-24 Hours

how to treat dog diarrhea-give your dog a fast of 12-24 hours

The availability of food in the gut leads to contractions of the bowel well to push along. However, in case that the dog suffers from diarrhea, these contractions could be over-enthusiastic and push food through too fast in the incidence of diarrhea. Thus, it is necessary for you, as a dog owner, to help your dog withhold food for about 12-24 hours in order to let the over-sensitized bowel wall relax, calm down and act normally.

2. Supply Fresh Drinking Water

how to treat dog diarrhea-supply fresh drinking water

During this duration of fasting, you should let your dog have access to fresh, clean drinking water. Control the water intake to warrant that it is going down. If he drinks well, the risk of dehydration is dramatically decreased.

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3. Go For Bland Food After Fasting

how to treat dog diarrhea-go for bland food after fasting

The next step on how to treat dog diarrhea is to ease the dog off the fasting period by using bland food. Remember that after fasting, you should not put your dog straight back onto his normal diet. Rather than, you should offer him the food which is gentle on his stomach and relatively easy-to-digest. Follow some recommendations below:

  • Avoid red meat, or fatty foods
  • Offer the dog chicken – the real meat, not than the chicken-flavored one. Avoid chicken skin.
  • Combine the chicken with pasta, mashed potatoes, and boiled white rice.
  • Avoid dairy products and milk, because a lot of dogs have a lactose intolerance which can trigger diarrhea. It also means that there should not have mashed potatoes.
  • The bland food manufactures a low amount of stool, so it is not necessary to expect the dog’s feces to look entirely normal.

4. Ration Your Dog’s Portion Sizes

how to treat dog diarrhea-ration your dog’s portion sizes

As the dog ends his fasting period, you then can feed him the same volume of food as his daily diet often is. Nevertheless, it is better to split his diet plan into 4 smaller portions and spread the meals during the daytime. That way, you can help prevent the reoccurrence of diarrhea.

5. Properly Use Probiotics

how to treat dog diarrhea-properly use probiotics

Probiotics are the bacteria useful to digestion which speed up the process of recovering from diarrhea. Helpful bacteria could be lost during the episodes of diarrhea. In such situation, it takes time for the digestion to reach full effectiveness. A supplement of probiotics increases the bacterial population. In general, probiotics are mixed into the food of your dog one time per day, for about 5 days.

Remember that the natural bacteria within the bowel of the dog differ from those in human being’s. Thus, you should not give the human probiotics to dogs.

Various canine probiotics are easily available without the need of prescription from the pharmacist or main pet stores.

6. Avoid Using Medications For Human Diarrhea

how to treat dog diarrhea-avoid using medications for human diarrhea

As mentioned earlier in this list of tip on how to treat dog diarrhea at home, the bacteria in the dog’s bowel is different from those in human’s; therefore, you should not give your dog medications used for human diarrhea. In fact, giving your dog such drug that can decrease bowel movement might hide serious problems till it is too late. If the original diarrhea signs and symptoms are not constant for 2 to 3 days with the tips mentioned earlier, chances are the dog has a certain problem that needs veterinary attention.

7. Give Your Dog Canned Pumpkin

how to treat dog diarrhea-give your dog canned pumpkin

In regard to tips on how to treat diarrhea at home, giving your dog 100% unadulterated canned pumpkin is a good option. This does not mean that you should use pumpkin pie which loads with flavors and sugars. The majority of dogs love the type of pumpkin; nevertheless, it is a remarkable fiber which manages the gut, shading the stool.

Aside from useful methods to treat diarrhea above, you should learn some preventative measures to prevent dog diarrhea:

  • Avoid letting the dog have access to spoiled food, garbage, etc.
  • Give your dog updated vaccinations
  • Avoid letting the dog ingest feces from other animals
  • Manage stress in the environment of the dog
  • Watch out if your dog eats anything on the stress while walking him.

There, you have learned most necessary methods and preventative measures for dog diarrhea. Apply them properly to help your dog recover from diarrhea in such fastest and safest ways.
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