How To Improve Liver Function & Digestion For Weight Loss

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Updates: 16/17/2024

Doing exercises and eating right can help your liver and digestion function better. But, how to do well? Read this article to know exactly how to improve liver function and digestion for weight loss naturally!

21 Tips On How To Improve Liver Function And Digestion For Weight Loss Naturally – Get More Knowledge Of These Health Issues

1.  Eat More Vegetables, Fruits And Fiber

Livers need high amounts of minerals and vitamins to perform its functions.  Therefore, your diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber. These foods are healthy and good for your livers and digestion. Vegetables should be always used in your meals as it helps you digest better and release toxic from your body. You can eat as much vegetable as you wish while you have to limit eating the high protein and fatty foods such as meat, butter, and cheese.

2.  Limit Processed Foods And Artificial Food Additives limit processed foods and artificial food additives

Your livers are responsible for filtering food additives, so you should limit processed foods, preservatives, artificial food additives and colors from your diet so that your livers can have a break.

No matter how busy you are, you should spend some time on preparing an organic meal rather than fast-food meal. Organic foods are easy to digest and do not contain much preservative, so they are healthy to eat. Fast foods usually contain a lot of preservative, which are not good for your health. Some types of preservative are so harmful that they can poison food consumers. If it is not really necessary, you should not use food additives as many of them are not really safe for you.

3.  Eat Many Fresh Beets And Carrots

You should eat as many fresh beets and carrots as possible as both of them can help cleanse and rebuild powerful livers. In addition, you should also eat a lot of green foods as they are also good for your digestion and liver function. The chlorophyll that makes plants green can help cleanse your livers efficiently.

4.  Eat Two Spoons Of Ground Flaxseeds Every Day

You should also eat two spoons of ground flaxseeds each day as they can bind to the hormone receptor sites, which prevent the excess hormones, including the synthetic xenoestrogens from plastics and many other chemicals from floating in your bloodstream.  One of the five hundred jobs that livers function is to filter your excess hormones.  If you eat flaxseeds or flax oil, you can help your liver function better. Flaxseeds can be scattered on cereal, salads, toast, or blended into smoothies.

5.  Use Herbs To Strengthen Your Livers

There are a variety of herbs that can help strengthen your livers such as milk thistle, globe artichoke, dandelion root, turmeric, greater celandine, slippery elm, balmony, barberry, blue flag, black root, boldo, wahoo, fringetree bark and vervain.  You can consume milk thistle and turmeric regularly to help strengthen your liver function.

6. Decrease Refined Sugar, Artificial Or Synthetic Sweeteners In Your Foods how to improve liver function

You should also decrease the amount of refined sugar you eat each day and avoid artificial or synthetic sweeteners. Many people are using synthetic sweeteners to make the foods they cook more delicious without caring about the bad effects that artificial sweeteners can make on their health. Seasoning is one of those sweeteners. The more seasoning you eat, the worse you will feel at your chest. This kind of sweetener can even decrease your memory, cause headache, vomiting, and many other symptoms. Therefore, you should learn to stay away from food additives as much as you can. Keep reading to find out more techniques on how to improve liver function and digestion for weight loss.

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7.  Eat Foods Containing Much Lecithin

Lecithin helps your livers metabolize fats as well as reduce cholesterol. Lecithin contains phosphatidylcholine and the fatty acids that can keep your liver cells healthy. It also helps prevent fatty scale from forming in your livers. Lecithin can also helps decrease high blood pressure as it gives the blood vessels time to relax for better blood flow. Lecithin can be taken from organic soy foods such as soy milk, miso, tofu and organic eggs.

8. Eat A Lot Of Garlic, Broccoli And Onions

You should eat a lot of garlic, broccoli and onions as they consist of sulfur that is needed to increase the enzyme activity that increase liver cleansing. If you do not have sufficient amount of sulfur, phase 2 of your liver detoxification will be unable to keep pace with phase 1 that means many toxins will become even more harmful in your body.

9.  Eat Small Meals Rather Than Large Meals

You should eat small meals rather than large meals. The meals you eat should contain the foods, which are easy to digest. Eating large meals will force your digestive system to work hard that causes you to be tired and inactive. When you are inactive, you just want to sleep or sit on chair. As a result, you cannot lose weight as you wish.

10. Eat Steamed Vegetables, Raw Fruits, Bitter Greens, And Raw Salad Greens

You should also eat steamed vegetables, raw fruits, bitter greens, and raw salad greens. The bitter greens can even help you cleanse your livers better. Steamed foods are easy to digest, so when you eat them, your digestive system will not have to work too hard to process them. Eating steamed vegetables and raw salad is a good way to improve the function of your digestive system. You will find out more tips on how to improve liver function and digestion in the next part of my writing.

11. Eat Complete Raw, Unsalted Seeds And Nuts how to improve liver function

You should eat complete raw, unsalted seeds and nuts as their essential fatty acids and their usable protein are very good for your livers. Raw seeds contain natural oils, which are good for your health. Instead of eating animal fat, you should eat seeds to compensate natural oils for your body. Natural oils are easy to digest and do not cause obesity.

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12. Avoid Fatty And Heavy Foods

You need to avoid fatty and heavy foods as they usually force your livers to work more. Moreover, you need to avoid margarine, shortening oils, commercial oils and any foods made from them.

13.  Eat At Least Three Hours Prior To Bedtime

You should eat at least three hours prior your bedtime so that your livers have adequate time to perform its function during the night. If you eat late at night and go to sleep, it will be difficult for your livers and digestive system to function well. Therefore, your health will be badly affected, and your belly will also be bigger than you want.

14. Decrease Portion Sizes

The best way to boost your digestion is to decrease the work the digestive system has to do each day by decreasing portion sizes. By reducing portion sizes, you can also lose weight efficiently.

15. Exercise Regularly

You need to exercise regularly if you want to improve your digestion and lose weight successfully. Moving your body results in getting things to flow in your circulatory and digestive systems easier. At least half an hour of cardiovascular workout each day will help improve the muscles of the digestive system. As a result, you will be able to digest food better and eliminate waste more efficiently. Regular exercise is the key to all efficient weight loss programs.

16. Practice Yoga practice yoga

Practice yoga can also help you improve your digestion and burn fat. Some yoga activities help speed up the blood circulation to your digestive system. Yoga postures like the cobra pose, bow pose, side-angle pose and downward facing dog have beneficial effects on your digestive system. Yoga is a beneficial addition to all weight loss programs.

17. Add A Probiotic To Your Diet

You should also add a probiotic to your diet. The typical probiotics are yogurt, kefir, coconut water, kombucha, tempeh, soy, miso and some other fermented foods. Those foods contain similar bacteria that are necessary for your digestion, such as bifid bacterium and lactobacillus.

If you want to efficiently improve your digestion and lose weight, you should ensure to get 3 tablespoons of yogurt each day. Though most yogurts should contain active organisms, you still need to check on the label carefully to ensure that it consists of the necessary microorganisms for your digestion.

18. Drink Much Water Every Day

You should drink much water every day. The combination of water and high-fiber will elevate your digestion efficiency. Doctors advise you to drink two lilts of  water per day. Experiment with that amount to find out if your body needs more. The more exercises you do, the more water you should drink to make sure that there is not a shortage of water in your body.

19. Avoid Cigarettes And Alcohol

You need to avoid taking cigarettes and alcohol, as they are harmful for your livers and digestion. Smoking is also causing lung cancer on many people every year. Not only do smokers get the disease, but also many passive smokers suffer from lung cancer. If you smoke at home, your family members will be passive smokers who may get lung cancer as you do. Drinking alcohol is the main cause of liver cancer that many men are suffering from today. The more alcohol you drink, the harder your livers have to work, and when it cannot work well, you will get some liver diseases.

The chemicals contained in cigarettes and alcohol can cause nausea and eliminate the effects of the good diet you follow. Caffeine can even increase acidity in your stomach that may lead to high possibility of acid reflux and heartburn.

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20. Decrease Stress And Pressure how to improve liver function and digestion for weight loss naturally

You need to decrease stress and pressure in your life. A lot of research has concluded that stress can cause weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, and a weak immune system. As a result, you may infect helicobacter pylori that cause ulcers. When your immune system is not enough to fight against disease, your health will be badly affected. When you are weak, your digestion may not function well.

Yoga, meditation, massage, and some other relaxation method can help you handle stress and improve your digestion efficiently.

21. Keep Tracking Your Digestive Habits

You should also keep tracking your digestive habits. You may use a notebook to take note what you consume each day and any symptom you may experience. You only need to replace 1 to 2 components in your diet with more appropriate ones to strengthen your overall digestion.

Until now, the question of how to improve liver function and digestion for weight loss naturally has been answered thoroughly. You should learn from the answer to that question to have a better health.

After reading this writing, you must have known how to improve liver function and digestion for weight loss naturally. If you have any question, leave your comment below, and I will get back to you soon.

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