Home remedies for boils on buttocks and cysts on face, back or leg

A boil is a skin problem that occurs when a bacterial infection attacks a hair follicle. A boil forms as a small, painful red nodule and it can increase in size. A boil can be painful and may be accompanied by inflammation and fever.

At the early sign of boils, you can apply home treatment. There are various ingredients, which can provide a relief from discomfort, pain and speed up the process of healing. The key of healing is to ease a boil and soften it so that infections and bacteria will drain out of the affected swollen area.

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Home Remedies For Boils And Cysts On Face And Body

I. An Overview About Boils

1. What Is A Boil?

Skin abscess or boil is primarily a skin infection. Boils are hard and large pimples with white pus filled in the centre. The formation of a boil starts with redness and tenderness on the skin. Normally, bacteria, white blood cells and protein get filled in the boil centre and forms white pus. They are painful and tender-to-touch. Boils can be found in various forms such as pilonidal cyst, cystic acne, and furuncles (carbuncle) and Hidradenitis suppurativa. Boils can appear at different places on the body such as head, scalp, breast, back, face, underarms, buttocks and groin. They are contagious.

2. Symptoms

home remedies for boils

Now, let’s take a closer look at common symptoms of boils. We of course know how boils look like. Yet, we may remain uncertain about boil types. Their appearance depends on different skin conditions and some dietetic factors in each individual. Below are some symptoms and warning signs of common boils and cysts:

  • Boils become bigger
  • Lymph is swelled
  • Boils form and develop with a head or a red nodule on the skin
  • Boils or cysts gets filled with white pus
  • Boils and cysts are very itchy
  • The skin in the affected area becomes painful and gets hard
  • Boil appear single or collectively

These warning signs can be accompanied with some symptoms as follows:

  • High fever (particular in children)
  • Red streaks on the skin
  • The boil doesn’t drain out after several days
  • Severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Diabetes
  • Change in appetite
  • Heart disorders

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3. Causes

Boils are often caused by specific bacteria, called Staphylococcus aureus. These harmful bacteria enter through small cuts or hair follicle on the skin. Boils may be also caused because of blocked sweat glands. Other causes of this skin condition are:

  • Poor immune system
  • Poor hygiene
  • Alcoholism
  • Diabetes
  • Friction from tight clothing
  • Poor nutrition
  • Exposure to toxic or harsh chemicals
  • Chemotherapy

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II. Home Remedies For Boils

1. Indian Lilac

home remedies for boils

The anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and antiseptic agents of Indian lilac can help treat boils and other various types of skin conditions.


  • Firstly, grind a handful of Indian Lilac leaves to have a paste
  • Then, apply the paste on the affected area

Alternatively, you can:

  • Boil a handful of Indian Lilac leaves in water until the water level reduces to 1/3
  • Then, use this condition to rinse your skin gently

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2. Black Seed

home remedies for boils

Next to home remedies for boils, try black seed. This is a popular natural treatment for various skin infections and conditions, including boils. The medicinal compounds in black seed give quick relief from pain and discomfort caused by boils.


  • Firstly, take some black seeds and grind them to have a thick paste
  • Then, apply the paste on your skin

Alternatively, you can:

  • Apply the oil of black seed on the effected area

On the other hand, you can also:

  • Add 1 1/2 tsp of black seed oil to a drink
  • Then, drink the solution twice daily for a few days until your boil is gone

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3. Bread Poultice

home remedies for boils

Bread poultice is very beneficial among home remedies for boils and cysts.


  • First, take some pieces of bread, then soak it in warm water or warm milk
  • Next, apply the bread to the affected area for several minutes

This can help reduce inflammation on your skin and heal the boil fast. Do this twice a day until your boil gets healed.

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4. Jelly Jar

home remedies for boils

Beside bread poultice, you can try using a jelly jar to treat your boil fast.


  • Take a vessel, then put a cup in it to boil for several minutes
  • Next, take out this cup with tongs.
  • Before the cup gets cool, place it on the boil
  • Then, apply it on the affected area that can help increase your blood pressure around the pus.
  • Wipe out the white pus, and wash the affected area

5. Turmeric

home remedies for boils - turmeric

Next to famous home remedies for boils, consider using turmeric. This is a natural blood purifier with anti-inflammatory agents; thereby turmeric is beneficial in treating acne, boils and other skin conditions.


  • First, stir 1 tsp of turmeric powder into half glass of milk or warm water. Drink this mixture 3 times per day for 4 to 5 days

Alternatively, you can:

  • Make a thick paste by mixing equal amounts of turmeric and fresh ginger
  • Then, apply this paste in the effected area
  • Next, cover this area with a soft and clean cloth

6. Bacon

home remedies for boils

Surprised? Of course, you can try bacon for treating your boil fast. Here are detailed steps.


  • Take some bacon or salt pork. Use a clean and soft cloth to cover the bacon or salt pork.
  • Then, put this cloth on the affected area directly

This treatment seems to be untidy, yet if practiced several times a day, it will help drain out pus from your boil effectively.

7. Garlic

home remedies for boils - garlic

Continue the list of the best home remedies for boils and cysts on face, back or leg, make use of garlic. This spice can treat boils in different ways.


  • Make a thick paste from 2 to 3 garlic cloves, then apply the paste in the effected area

Alternatively, you can:

  • Heat 1 clove of garlic and place it in the affected area for at least 10 minutes a few times per day

On the other hand, you can also:

  • Eat 2 to 3 cloves of raw garlic daily that will produce good results like the two treatments above.

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8. Tea Tree Oil

home remedies for boils - tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. The regular use of this oil can speed up the process of healing and give a quick relief from pain and discomfort that are caused by your boils.


  • First, dab a cotton ball into the tea tree oil
  • Next, apply it directly on the affected area
  • Do this 5 to 6 times per day for a few days until your boil is completely gone

Notice: Don’t digest tea tree oil internally

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9. Cornmeal

home remedies for boils

Next to home remedies for boils, consider cornmeal as a natural absorbent for your skin infection.


  • Firstly, boil half cup of water
  • Next, add cornmeal to have a thick paste
  • Then, apply this paste to the affected area
  • Cover it with a clean and soft cloth

Do this a few times per day until your boil becomes soft and your skin infection drains.

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10. Castor Oil

home remedies for boils

Last but not least, among home remedies for boils, try castor oil as an antiseptic for your skin healing.


  • First, dab a cotton ball into several drops of castor oil
  • Next, gently apply the cotton ball in the affected area directly
  • This can help draw out poison right out of your boil effectively

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Bottom line:

There are top 10 home remedies for boils and cysts on face, back or leg. Hope that you can make use of some these treatments for having boil-free skin as soon as possible. To give us your comment, drop it at the end of the post!

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