Guest Post Guidelines And Suggestions

Dear Guest Bloggers and potential VKool’s long-term contributors,

If you would like to submit your own guest posts for potential publication, that is awesome. Please make sure you read this page and understand all the requirements carefully as it offers you all the essential information for your post to be published. 

In order to help you with your writings, below, we have put together a few basic guidelines as well as suggestions for guest posting.  These requirements increase your chance of getting the post approved and helping us to get your article published as soon as possible.

A Few Caveats For Your Posts

• Do not allow articles or posts from companies aiming to get a link to products and services. 

• Within 10 days while we are reviewing your submission, please do not send us “reminder” emails just to ask if we could accept your guest posts. 

• In order to guest blog here you have to use WordPress.

Advantages Of The Guest Posts

  1. Position yourself in the industry as a well-known blogger. 
  2. Drive yourself organic and targeted traffic. 
  3. Get yourself more blog exposures back to your site (through author bio at the end of a post)
  4. Get featured without paying fees.

For some reasons, we may decline to use your post because we may have more available posts than we can use, or we simply have released a number of articles and posts on the topic. That also depends on quality of your article and the relevance of the topic you choose. We may also decline to use your article if it covers information that we have already used on or what that can be seen elsewhere on the Internet. That aims to present our readers with quality guest posts that present fresh perspectives, new ideas, and innovative approaches.

Rules & Requirements

There are some basic requirements for any guest bloggers as well as articles to be accepted or published on VKool. Please read carefully and be sure these following things before sending your submission to us:

Rule #1: Don’t duplicate keyword phrases that we have used/published on (Do your research by Googling “keyword phrase” to see if we have published something similar.) This will help us prevent duplicate content.
Rule #2: You must have a track record of writing great content (Provide a few guest post examples that you  contributed in fairly popular websites/blogs)
Rule #3: Watch outgoing links (Only 1 link linking back to your site in the author profile), we could include multiple relevant links for the readers  & we would delete your affiliate/promotional links.
Rule #4: The content must be detailed, unique, and present practical advice with the readers in mind (We normally accept guest posts that are over 1500 words). For any article, one that shorter than 1500 words could be rejected without noticing. (Seriously, don’t make us reject a piece over this.)

Rule #5. Your article must relate to health, business, entertainment, lifestyle etc (categories can be found in the primary Menu:-)
Rule #6: Your article must be unique or written in your own voice. Remember that there are many tools to check if your articles are written uniquely by you.
Rule #7: Your article must be original only for VKool. That means your articles have not been published and will not be allowed to use or post even on your own blog or anywhere else. We reverse the right to fully own the content.
Rule #8: You need to help build and support the community (make sure you reply to comments, share the content via your social networks to make sure you’re proud of your content published on
Rule #9: You need to help build and support the community (make sure you share the content via your social networks to make sure you’re proud of your content published on

Necessary Formatting And Markup

If possible, we encourage you to write the content in plain text format (WordPress), it would be much faster to approve your post. In addition, it would be really great if before submitting any of your post to us you could follow these points below.

• Font: We do not accept to use bold font in the prose.

• Subheadings: in the post, any subheadings should be wrapped in <H2>, <H3> tags, or just in bold type, so that they can easily stand out.

• Links: mark up your links and also link texts using HTML, by all means if you wish to do. Or not, you can use the URL in the brackets right after the text you wish to choose as the link text within your prose.  We do not publish affiliate links in the guest posts, so please do not include them.

• Images: Please include links to download images under your content headlines, so we know where to insert the images in your post. Keep in mind that you must either own the copyright to the images you submit in your posts or credit the image sources. We don’t accept images that are smaller than 690px in width, as we want your post look as good as every other post on VKool. Besides, we do not publish the author head shots, so that do not send them to us.

Note On Links

You should keep in mind that this relevancy is very crucial. We might allow a link back to your blog if you cover a comprehensive post for the topic, otherwise, DON’T. It’s also easier to include a link back to your blog in the content when you’re a frequent contributor with an author profile at

We do not permit posts that include calls to action to check out a product or service you offer or just to visit your blog. 

If your post includes an irrelevant link back to your blog within the content of the guest post, we may remove it or reject your post. You should remember that people would like to check out who you are through your author bio with your helpful, quality and informative post (So feel free to make your author bio stands out)

How Do You Get Started?

1. Write an excellent guest post that is related to VKool’s topics.

2. Professional formatted with font and Images, your post will be published under an Admin account (make sure your author bio is included at the end of a post). We will make sure to give a credit link back to your blog at the end of the post.

3. Whether your article is accepted or not, we will definitely read, review, edit then contact you. 

4. If you would like to become a long-term contributor at VKool, we could give you an author/contributor account. However, let’s get to know each other first, should we?

As a frequent contributor, you can get the author box, which has max two back links to your websites. Please don’t submit a guest post with unrelated links, or your guest post will not be approved. That is simply because we are glad to consider you an author with a professional organization of guest posts.

You are welcome to contact via the email admin@vkool[dot]com if there is any questions, suggestions, or concerns in your mind or if you just want to contact us with your own post.

Thank you for being here with us!

Advertising Disclosure

Displayed content is offered by businesses which have been compensated. There is a potential effect on how, what, and where products may appear. All effort is made into providing full transparency, not all available products or companies are highlighted. Published material is offered without any slant or bias no matter what affiliation there is with sponsorship or association.